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Nidaros and Cathedral
From 1152 to 1537, the city was the seat of the Archdiocese of Nidaros ; since it has remained the seat of the Diocese of Nidaros and the Nidaros Cathedral.
The coronation of Haakon and Maud took place in Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim on 22 June 1906.
Category: Burials at Nidaros Cathedral
The Crown Regalia, or crown jewels, of Norway are together with some other old treasures on permanent display in an exhibition next to the Nidaros Cathedral, in Trondheim.
Statue of St. Magnus on the wall of Nidaros Cathedral.
Until 1902 Vigeland was engaged in the restoration of the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.
Nidaros Cathedral () is a Church of Norway cathedral located in the city of Trondheim in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway.
King Harald was consecrated at Nidaros Cathedral on June 23, 1991.
File: Nidarosdom 1857. jpg | Picture of the Nidaros Cathedral in 1857
File: Nidaros Cathedral Trondheim. JPG | Nidaros Cathedral in 2011
* Nidaros Cathedral Choir
* Nidaros Cathedral Boys ' Choir
* Nidaros Cathedral Girls ' Choir
* Official webpage of Nidaros Cathedral and Archbishop's Palace

Nidaros and Archbishop's
Image: Nidarosdomen oktogonfigures 0017. jpg | Exhibitionist carving in Romanesque style, Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway ( a modern replacement ; original is in the Archbishop's Palace Museum, Trondheim )
The regalia are now on display in the Archbishop's Palace, next to the Nidaros Cathedral.

Cathedral and Experience
A more complete list of major attractions along the Ring of Kerry includes: Gap of Dunloe, Bog Village, Rossbeigh Beach, Cahersiveen Heritage Centre, Derrynane House, Skellig Experience, Staigue Fort, Kenmare Lace, Moll's Gap, Ladies View, Torc Waterfall, Muckross House, The Blue Pool, Ross Castle, Ogham Stones, St Mary ’ s Cathedral, Muckross Abbey, Franciscan Friary, Kellegy Church, O ’ Connell Memorial Church, Sneem Church and Cemetery, Skellig Michael, Beehive Cells and the Stone Pillars marking an important grave.
Other public works include the creation of lighting installations at London's Southbank Centre and within Canterbury Cathedral ; " SkyChurch ", a multimedia performance space at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, Washington, and a permanent exhibit at Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum.

Cathedral and Archbishop's
He also has a residence next to Canterbury Cathedral on the site of the medieval Archbishop's Palace.
Part II of the play takes place in the Archbishop's Hall and in the Cathedral, December 29, 1170.
The King designated part of the building for use as a court house, the Cathedral Grammar School was established in the then vicar's hall and the deanery given to the archbishop, following the transfer of the Archbishop's Palace to the Lord Deputy of Ireland.
The Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Detroit serves as the Archbishop's church.
A stone's throw away are the religious buildings — the seminary of the archdiocese, the Arzobispado ( Archbishop's Palace ), and the St. Paul's Cathedral.
* Archbishop's Residence-Located next to the Vigan Cathedral, The Archbishop's Palace of the Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia is the oldest continually-inhabited Archbishop's residence in the Philippines, with the building itself dating to the 16th century.
The whole population of the city-boyars, merchants, and common citizens-then gathered at Yaroslav's Court or in front of the Cathedral of Holy Wisdom ( the latter called a Vladychnoe veche-" An Archbishop's Veche ," since it was called in front of the cathedral ).
Adjoining the Cathedral are the Parroquia del Sagrario ( one of the oldest ones in Lima ) and the Archbishop's Palace.
File: Cathedral of the Good Shepherd 6, Jan 06. JPG | Archbishop's House within the grounds of the cathedral.
It is surrounded by the Palace by Government, the Municipality of Lima, the Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace.

Cathedral and Palace
He also has lodgings in the Old Palace, Canterbury, located beside Canterbury Cathedral, where the Chair of St. Augustine sits.
Today Asmara is worldwide known for its early twentieth century Italian buildings, including the Art Deco Cinema Impero, " Cubist " Africa Pension, eclectic Orthodox Cathedral and former Opera House, the futurist Fiat Tagliero Building, neo-Romanesque Roman Catholic Cathedral, and the neoclassical Governor's Palace.
Zone One is the Historic Center, ( Centro Histórico ), lying in the very heart of the city, the location of many important historic buildings including the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura ( National Palace of Culture ), the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Congress, the Casa Presidencial ( Presidential House ), the National Library and Plaza de la Constitución ( Constitution Plaza, old Central Park ).
Saale, Merseburg Cathedral | Cathedral, and Palace
From the Panoramapunkt one can see such landmarks as the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Federal Chancellery, Bellevue Palace, Cathedral, Television Tower, Gendarmes Market, Holocaust Memorial and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.
The Palace of Facets on the Cathedral Square, Moscow | Cathedral Square of the Moscow Kremlin.
< center > A view of the Piazza del Duomo, the city's main and most central square, surrounded by several palaces and important buildings, such as Milan Cathedral, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II | Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery and the Royal Palace of Milan .</ center >
It has a large concentration of London's historic and prestigious landmarks and visitor attractions, including the Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Westminster Cathedral.
For example, planning regulations in London protect the view of various historical buildings, such as St. Paul's Cathedral and the Palace of Westminster.
* Metropolitan Cathedral, built in 1835 and located next to the Presidential Palace, on Murillo Square ;
The Winter Palace and the Smolny Cathedral in Saint Petersburg remain the chief monuments of her reign.
A cross in the Cathedral at Santo Domingo, bearing the date 1514, is said to be mahogany, and Phillip II of Spain apparently employed the wood for the interior joinery of the Escorial Palace, begun in 1584.
The Bishop's Palace next to the Cathedral was built in 1204 and continually used to the present day.
Many places usually closed to the public are opened during this week, such as the Bishop's Palace at the Cathedral.
The city features noteworthy buildings such as the Gothic Saint-Stephen Cathedral, the Basilica of Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains, its Station Palace, or its Opera House, the oldest one working in France.
Other noteworthy buildings in the square shared by the Cathedral ( Plaza Cardenal Belluga ) are the colorful Bishop's Palace ( 18th century ) and a controversial extension to the town hall by Rafael Moneo ( built in 1999 ).
' With his red Baedeker guide book in hand, he visits such well-known tourist attractions as Westminister Abbey, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sanssouci Palace, and the Piazza San Marco.
Piazza Grande, with the Cathedral and the Communal Palace.
Stones included in the wall are from such sites as the Trondheim Cathedral, Taj Mahal, Clementine Hall, the Parthenon, Hagia Sophia, Corregidor Island, Palace of Westminster, petrified wood from the Redwood National and State Parks, the Great Pyramid, The Alamo, Notre-Dame, Abraham Lincoln ’ s Tomb, the Great Wall of China, Independence Hall, Fort Santiago, the Berlin Wall, Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm, and Banteay Srei among others.
* The Alcazar Gardens was built in the plaza where the Old Cathedral and the Episcopal Palace existed before and was created on the occasion of the marriage of Philip II to Anne of Austria in 1750, removing the ruins that still existed.

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