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Empty and Space
He visited the ruins of Babylon and the subterranean secret of Memphis and spent ten years alone in the great southern desert of Arabia — the Roba El Khaliyeh or " Empty Space " of the ancients — and " Dahna " or " Crimson " desert of the modern Arabs, which is held to be inhabited by protective evil spirits and monsters of death.
Numerous plays are put on every year at Eton College ; there is one main theatre, called the Farrer ( Seating 400 ) and 2 Studio theatres, called the Caccia Studio and Empty Space ( Seating 90 and 80 respectively ).
The Empty Space: A Book About the Theatre: Deadly, Holy, Rough, Immediate.
An alternate to this mnemonic is " NAVEL " for Nerve, Artery, Vein, Empty Space and Lymph, to include the deep inguinal lymph nodes located medial to the Femoral vein.
A 55-minute film titled “ Anne Waldman: Makeup on Empty Space ,” a film by poet Jim Cohn, documents the opening of the Anne Waldman Collection at the University of Michigan.
* Makeup on Empty Space, Toothpaste Press, 1984.
The show made its Seattle Premier at Empty Space Theater and ran through 1982.
* H. Genz, Nothingness: The Science of Empty Space
The exhibition Eiko & Koma: Time is Not Even, Space is Not Empty is the first series of stage performances and a gallery exhibition presented at the MCA.
In October 2003, two months later, Lycia quit their label Projekt Records, and their last album titled Empty Space was released on Silber Records.
* Empty Space ( 2003 )
It opened at the Empty Space theater in Bakersfield, California, on Halloween 2004.
Originally a theatre director of mostly new work at Williamstown, The O ’ Neill, Sundance, ACT, Empty Space and in New York at MTC, the Public, and Circle Rep, she won the Drama Desk ’ s Best Director Award for the premiere of Donald Margulies ’ Found a Peanut produced by Joe Papp at the Public Theatre in 1984.
His plays – among them, Compleat Female Stage Beauty, Mrs. Mannerly, Murderers, Mercy of a Storm, Smash Armadale, Korczak's Children, To Fool the Eye, The Falls, A Piece of the Rope, All the Way with LBJ, The Government Inspector, and Work Song ( with Eric Simonson ) – have been seen at such theatres as Yale Repertory Theatre, The Old Globe, South Coast Repertory, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Intiman Theatre, Florida Stage, The Empty Space, California Theatre Center, Madison Repertory Theatre, Illusion Theater, Denver Center Theatre Company, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Milwaukee Repertory Theater, The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Philadelphia Theatre Company, Coconut Grove Playhouse, Asolo Repertory Theatre, City Theatre, Studio Arena Theatre and dozens more in the U. S. and abroad.
The Finborough Theatre won the Empty Space Peter Brook Award in 2010.
It was also the inaugural winner of the Empty Space Peter Brook Award ’ s Dan Crawford Pub Theatre Award in 2005 which it also won again in 2008.
It has also won the Empty Space Peter Brook Mark Marvin Award in 2004.
From July 2007 until March 2008 City Theatre Dublin held a temporary residency in The Empty Space in Smock Alley, Temple Bar.
The Theatre won the 1996 Guinness Ingenuity Award for Pub Theatre and was nominated for the 1996 Peter Brook Empty Space Award.

Empty and Every
The band also support animal rights campaigns and in 2004 donated " I can smell freedom " to a benefit CD for the Southern Animal Rights Coalition, " Until Every Cage Is Empty ".

Empty and Friday
Cap ' n Jazz reunited at The Empty Bottle on Friday, January 22, 2010, as part of Joan of Arc's Don't Mind Control Variety Show.

Empty and live
In Empty Nest, it was revealed she moved back in with her father because she accumulated significant credit card debt and could no longer afford to live on her own.
* Jackson Browne on his 1977 tour, " Running On Empty ", wrote his famous song " The Load-Out " ( usually heard in a live version hybrid with a cover of the Maurice Williams tune " Stay ") in order to honor his roadies.
Fauna includes arachnids ( e. g. scorpions ) and rodents, while plants live throughout the Empty Quarter.
* The Rolling Stones: organ on " Time Is on My Side " ( 1964 ), " You Can Make It If You Try " ( 1964 ), " Empty Heart " ( 1964 ), " If You Need Me " ( 1964 ), " Stupid Girl " ( 1966 ), and " It's Not Easy " ( 1966 ); piano on " Stoned " ( 1963 ), " Around and Around " ( 1964 ), " Confessin ' the Blues " ( 1964 ), " Down the Road Apiece " ( 1965 ), " That's How Strong My Love Is " ( 1965 ), " Flight 505 " ( 1966 ), " Connection " ( 1967 ), " My Obsession " ( 1967 ), " Honky Tonk Women " ( 1969 ), " Let It Bleed " ( 1969 ), " Little Queenie " ( live ) ( 1970 ), " Brown Sugar " ( 1971 ), " Dead Flowers " ( 1971 ), " Sweet Virginia " ( 1972 ), " Silver Train " ( 1973 ), " Star Star " ( 1973 ), " It's Only Rock ' n Roll ( But I Like It )" ( 1974 ), " Short and Curlies " ( 1974 ), " Summer Romance " ( 1980 ), " Black Limousine " ( 1981 ), and " Twenty Flight Rock " ( live ) ( 1982 ).
A crossover story may try to explain its own reason for the crossover, such as " they live next door " ( one example being the casts from Golden Girls and Empty Nest ) or " a dimensional rift brought them together " ( a common explanation for science fiction properties that have different owners ).
On January 4, 2011, Metric released an iTunes Session EP exclusively on iTunes, consisting of 8 live tracks, including " Hustle Rose ", " Empty " and a cover of the Buffalo Springfield song " Expecting to Fly ", and a 30 minute interview.
Empty nest syndrome is a general feeling of grief and loneliness parents or guardians may feel when their children leave home to live on their own for the first time.
Later on he also published poetry ( Moments, To Empty Places, Ovidio's Family, Autumn Diary ...), novels ( Before the Men Mature, Judge Knorr, A Young Man's Guide to Marriage, The Heart in which I live ) and studies on Germanics ( Readings about J. W. Goethe, Goethe in Bohemia and Bohemia in Goethe ).
The 2005 reissue added live performances by Van der Graaf Generator of two songs from Peter Hammill's album The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage ( 1974 ), recorded at a concert at L ' Altro Mondo, Rimini, Italy.
In the musical Les Misérables Marius Pontmercy sings " Empty Chairs At Empty Tables " which contains lines such as " Oh my friends, my friends forgive me that I live and you are gone.
Portions of Jackson Browne's landmark 1977 live album, entitled Running on Empty, were recorded here.
# " My Heart Is Empty " ( live )

Empty and music
In 1998, Paul Dempsey released a project under the name Scared of Horses titled An Empty Flight, in which he wrote and recorded all the music, featuring vocals from a number of personalities from different indie bands.
* " The Empty Chair " ( 1986 ), computer-driven videosonic music theatre work
The band premiered the music video for the song " Empty with You " on December 9, 2009 via Twitter.
Smile Empty Soul have released music videos for " We're Through " and " Faker " from their album " Consciousness.
In the Village Voice's annual Pazz & Jop music critics ' poll, the album placed 7th overall for 1980, beating out such better selling releases as Michael Jackson's Off the Wall, Stevie Wonder's Hotter than July and Pete Townshend's Empty Glass.
" Lucky Star " was featured in the 1988 movie Running on Empty in the scene where River Phoenix's character is in music class.
* Musician Serj Tankian's music video for the song " Empty Walls ", which shows children imitating various events from the Iraq War, features a child dressed and acting like a leader with a banner behind him that says " Mishin Akomplishd.

Empty and venue
Chicago's indie rock venue, The Empty Bottle took TRS-80 under their wing shortly after hearing the band's demo and put them on the bill with artists like Sonic Boom, Acid Mothers Temple, Oval, and Laika among others, which helped grow TRS-80 a local following.

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