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Two and Witches
Two of the Pendle witches, tried at Lancaster in 1612, in an illustration from William Harrison Ainsworth's 1849 novel, The Lancashire Witches ( novel ) | The Lancashire Witches.
Two Catholic Inquisitors wrote the Malleus Maleficarum ( Latin for ' The Hammer Against Witches '), that was used by many Inquisitors and witch-hunters.
Two Witches are mentioned by name in the Narnian books, the White Witch ( Jadis: Empress of Charn, or the " White Lady ") and the Lady of the Green Kirtle ( or " the Green Lady ").
* Akelarre ( Witches ' Sabbath ) Two paintings by Francisco Goya.
... And Oceans, 45 Degree Woman, Afterworld, Amorphis, Barathrum, Bury Me Deep, D-Ray, Dark Tranquillity, Divine Decay, Gandalf, Itä-Saksa, Jimsonweed, Lullacry, Nightwish, Painflow, Purity, Sentenced, Soul Above, Tarot, The 69 Eyes, Throne of Chaos, Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus, Twilight Opera, Two Witches

Two and Finnish
Quite a few of the names mean " five-six " in different languages, including both the robot Fisi ( fi-si ), the dead Lady Panc Ashash ( in Sanskrit " pañcha " is " five " and " ṣaṣ " is " six "), Limaono ( lima-ono, both in Hawaiian and / or Fijian ), Englok ( ng < sup > 5 </ sup >- luk < sup > 6 </ sup > < nowiki >- wikt: 六 # Cantonese | 六 < nowiki ></ nowiki >, in Cantonese ), Goroke ( go-roku < nowiki >- wikt: 六 # Japanese | 六 < nowiki ></ nowiki >, Japanese ) and Femtiosex (" fifty-six " in Swedish ) in " The Dead Lady of Clown Town " as well as the main character in " Think Blue, Count Two ", Veesey-koosey, which is an English transcription of the Finnish words " viisi " ( five ) and " kuusi " ( six ).
* Two Finnish icebreakers have been named after the artifact:
Two years later, the Finnish language University of Turku was founded alongside it.
In Finland, the Elämän Sana (" the Word of life ") group, as the most " mainline " of the different branches of Laestadianism, has been prominent within the hierarchy of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland: Two members have been elected bishops of Oulu, and one has served as Chaplain General ( head chaplain of the Finnish Defence Forces and the equivalent of a Major General ).
Two Finnish archbishops, Martti Simojoki and Mikko Juva, were former military chaplains, their terms of archepiscopy covering two decades.
Two of them are Maximilian von Alopeus and his brother David Alopaeus, born in a Finnish family in Viipuri and both later serving many posts in Imperial administration, including ambassador in some Central European countries.
Two of the Albatross aircraft were gifts from persons supporting the White Finnish cause, while the third was bought.
* June 14 – Two Soviet Ilyushin DB-3T bombers shoot down the Finnish Aero O / Y Junkers Ju 52 airliner Kaleva shortly after it takes off from Tallinn, Estonia.
' Tiga-belas ' and ' Veesey-koosey ', the names of supporting and main characters of the Instrumentality story Think Blue, Count Two, also mean ' thirteen ' ( Indonesian tiga and belas ) and ' five-six ' ( Finnish viisi and kuusi ), respectively.
* Two Finnish jaeger ( jääkäri ) battalions
Two famous Finnish melodic death metal bands, Kalmah and Eternal Tears of Sorrow have been formed in Pudasjärvi.
Two notable Finnish authors, Sally Salminen and Anni Blomqvist, were born in Vårdö.
Heikoin Lenkki was the Finnish version of the internationally recognized show The Weakest Link, which debuted on BBC Two in August 2000.
* Swedish: Two varieties exist, though only one written standard remains ( regulated by the Swedish Academy of Sweden ): Rikssvenska, the official language of Sweden, and Finlandssvenska which, alongside Finnish, is the other official language of Finland.
While a Finnish study failed to find any effect on sleep or other cognitive function from pulsed RF exposure ,< ref > most other papers have found significant effects on sleep .< ref > Two of these papers found the effect was only present when the exposure was pulsed ( amplitude modulated ), and one early paper actually found that sleep quality ( measured by the amount of participants ' broken sleep ) actually improved.
Two MetNet Mars landers developed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, were planned to be included as payload of the Fobos-Grunt mission, but weight constraints on the spacecraft required dropping the MetNet landers from the mission.
Two of the most notable suomisaundi labels in Finland are Exogenic Records and Freakdance Records, but many of the popular Finnish trance-artists might not have recorded, making their music only available as MP3s on the Internet.

Two and Gothic
* Skarda, Patricia L., and Jaffe, Norma Crow ( 1981 ) Evil Image: Two Centuries of Gothic Short Fiction and Poetry.
Two centuries of Gothic control of Iberia incrementally suppressed the ancient institutions, classic learning, and manners of the Roman Empire.
Two notable exceptions are the classically grand parish church of West Hackney, St James's, on Stoke Newington Road, which dated from 1824, and St Faith's, a Victorian Gothic church by William Burges.
Two further Gothic churches in Lancashire, not for the Commissioners followed in 1824: St Saviour's Church, Ringley, partially rebuilt in 1851-54 and Barry's neglected Welsh Baptist Chapel, on Upper Brook Street ( 1837 – 39 ) in Manchester ( and owned by the City Council ), is currently open to the elements and at serious risk after its roof was removed in late 2005.
* Harold Truscott, " The Music of the Symphony " in Havergal Brian's Gothic Symphony: Two Studies, David Brown, editor.
Two new windows were added to the church the 14th century and two more including the Perpendicular Gothic east window of the chancel in the 15th century.
Two of the panels attributed to Maitani, " Scenes from Genesis " and " The Last Judgment ," are delicate bas-reliefs unified by an ascending vine that suggests a French Gothic influence.
Two Gothic Lolita girls in Harajuku, Tokyo
Two buildings in brownstone Collegiate Gothic style.
Two Victorian Gothic cottages remain at 106 and 112 Sherland Avenue.
Two smaller but well known structures designed by Davis include one built for John Cox Stevens in 1845 ; Stevens was the first Commodore of New York Yacht Club and the small Carpenter Gothic building on his property near Hoboken was given to NYYC to be used as its first clubhouse.
Two Byzantine fleets were destroyed near Naples in 542, and in 546, Belisarius personally commanded 200 ships against the Gothic fleet that blockaded the mouths of the Tiber, in an unsuccessful effort to relieve Rome.

Two and rock
Two Common Blue Butterfly | butterflies lap at a small lump of feces lying on a rock.
Hay and Ham hired new bandmates to tour behind the record, including jazz / fusion bassist Jeremy Alsop, progressive rock drummer Mark Kennedy ( ex Ayers Rock ), and guitarist James Black, who respectively play on seven, eight and one of the ten tracks on Two Hearts.
*" Mother Superior ", a song on the album Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow by the progressive rock band Coheed and Cambria
Two recent Prime Ministers, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, achieved celebrity status, like rock stars but have been criticised for their more ' presidential ' style of leadership ..
Two of the band's tracks were included in the recent Rhino Nuggets Box set Children of Nuggets which compiles and documents the Paisley Underground and garage rock of the 1980s.
Two of the other band members, John O ' Neill and Damian O ' Neill formed That Petrol Emotion, a highly regarded, pioneering rock act which released fifteen singles and six albums between 1985 and 1994.
* Two groups of Iris species, family Iridaceae: subgenus Xiphium ( the " Dutch " irises ) and subgenus Hermodactyloides ( the miniature " rock garden " irises ).
Two days prior, he was interviewed by Vince Font of the progressive rock podcast Prog ' opolis, which was aired a week later on The Dividing Line Broadcast Network ( DLBN ) as " My Lunch With Fish ".
Two of the three planets ( Cottman II and Cottman III ) which are closer to the system's star are gas giants, the third ( Cottman I ) is a barren, scorched rock too close to its star to sustain life.
Two of their sons later formed a rock band, " The Webb Brothers " which later included the couple's third son, James.
Two vertical diabase dikes, made up of highly impermeable igneous basalt parent rock, cut through the limestone bedrock in the area and form a subterranean " V ", with Boiling Springs located at the interior tip of the V.
In August 1964, Checker Records released the album Two Great Guitars recorded by rock and roll pioneers Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley which is one of rock music's first recorded guitar jam sessions.
Tolkien's description of the physical layout of the city of Minas Tirith itself is followed relatively faithfully in Peter Jackson's film The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, ( the city also has a cameo in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, when Gandalf goes there to discern the identity of Bilbo's ring, and it also can be seen in the distance for a few seconds when Faramir takes Frodo, Sam, and Gollum to Osgiliath in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers ) Jackson's version interprets the top of the rock as flattened and paved, and also the location for the coronation of Aragorn.
In recent years, a variety of Canadian indie music has reached the scene with varying styles of folk rock such as Attack In Black, Great Lake Swimmers, City and Colour, The Wooden Sky, Joel Plaskett and Two Hours Traffic
Two years later, Fonda appeared in the 1999 Steven Soderbergh neo noir crime film The Limey, as the money laundering / celebrity rock music producer Terry Valentine.
* British progressive rock band Soft Machine has songs " Pataphysical Introduction " parts I and II on their 1969 album Volume Two.
Spin Doctors is an American alternative rock band formed in New York City, best known for their early 1990s hits, " Two Princes ", and " Little Miss Can't Be Wrong ", which peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at No. 7 and No. 17 respectively.
Two albums, released in 1981 ; We'll Bring the House Down and Till Deaf Do Us Part adopted a hard rock and heavy metal sound, as a result of the band's revival amongst heavy metal fans, following their success at the Reading Festival.
Two years later in September 1981 Lewis produced a sequel benefit show The Secret Policeman's Other Ball that featured similar performances by other rock performers including Sting, Phil Collins and Bob Geldof.
His next film is the Canadian vampire comedy rock and roll movie Suck with actor / director Rob Stefaniuk and the upcoming Alex Wright film Two Wolves.
Two modern examples of the " cartoon rock group " could include the British band, Gorillaz — a musical project created in 1998 by British musician Damon Albarn and British cartoonist Jamie Hewlett, and Dethklok, a fictional death metal band created by Brendon Small.
2 Tone ( or Two Tone ) is a music genre created in England in the late 1970s by fusing elements of ska, punk rock, rocksteady, reggae and New Wave.
The Banana Splits ' bubblegum pop rock and roll was provided by studio professionals, including Joey Levine (" I Enjoy Being a Boy ", " It's a Good Day for a Parade "); Al Kooper (" You're the Lovin ' End "); Barry White (" Doin ' the Banana Split "); Gene Pitney (" Two Ton Tessie ") and Jimmy Radcliffe provided his songs (" I'm Gonna Find A Cave ", " Soul ", " Don't Go Away Go-Go Girl ", " Adam Had ' Em " and " The Show Must Go On ") but did not contribute vocals to Splits recordings.

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