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; and 1851
This confused arrangement ended with Granby's resignation in 1851 ; Disraeli effectively ignored the two men regardless.
López's fourth expedition landed in Pinar del Río province with around 400 men in August 1851 ; the invaders were defeated by Spanish troops and López was executed.
Besides this may be mentioned editions of the New Testament apocrypha, De Evangeliorum apocryphorum origine et usu ( 1851 ); Acta Apostolorum apocrypha ( 1851 ); Evangelia apocrypha ( 1853 ; 2nd ed., 1876 ); Apocalypses apocryphae ( 1866 ), and various minor writings, partly of an apologetic character, such as Wann wurden unsere Evangelien verfasst?
His father was born into slavery in 1851 in Pittsboro, North Carolina ; after the Civil War, he graduated from St. Augustine's College and became a prominent minister and founder of St. Michael's Episcopal Church.
The Arithmometer, invented in 1820 as a four-operation mechanical calculator, was released to production in 1851 as an adding machine and became the first commercially successful unit ; forty years later, by 1890, about 2, 500 arithmometers had been sold plus a few hundreds more from two arithmometer clone makers ( Burkhardt, Germany, 1878 and Layton, UK, 1883 ) and Felt and Tarrant, the only other competitor in true commercial production, had sold 100 comptometers.
Dartmoor Prison was reopened in 1851 as a civilian prison, but was closed again in 1917 to be converted into a Home Office Work Centre for certain conscientious objectors granted release from prison ; cells were unlocked, inmates wore their own clothes, and could visit the village in their off-duty time.
The articles comprising London Labour and the London Poor were initially collected into three volumes in 1851 ; the 1861 edition included a fourth volume, co-written with Bracebridge Hemyng, John Binny and Andrew Halliday, on the lives of prostitutes, thieves and beggars.
* Moby-Dick ; or, The Whale ( 1851 )
* John Ford Paterson ( 1851 1912 ), Scottish-Australian landscape painter ; elected president of Victorian Artists Society in 1902 ; highly regarded 1896 painting Evening in the Bush
The children were: Jenny Caroline ( m. Longuet ; 1844 83 ); Jenny Laura ( m. Lafargue ; 1845 1911 ); Edgar ( 1847 1855 ); Henry Edward Guy (" Guido "; 1849 1850 ); Jenny Eveline Frances (" Franziska "; 1851 52 ); Jenny Julia Eleanor ( 1855 98 ) and one more who died before being named ( July 1857 ).
These reforms included guarantees to ensure the Ottoman subjects perfect security for their lives, honour, and property ; the introduction of the first Ottoman paper banknotes ( 1840 ) and opening of the first post offices ( 1840 ); the reorganization of the finance system according to the French model ( 1840 ); the reorganization of the Civil and Criminal Code according to the French model ( 1840 ); the establishment of the Meclis-i Maarif-i Umumiye ( 1841 ) which was the prototype of the First Ottoman Parliament ( 1876 ); the reorganization of the army and a regular method of recruiting, levying the army, and fixing the duration of military service ( 1843 44 ); the adoption of an Ottoman national anthem and Ottoman national flag ( 1844 ); the first nationwide Ottoman census in 1844 ( only male citizens were counted ); the first national identity cards ( officially named the Mecidiye identity papers, or informally kafa kağıdı ( head paper ) documents, 1844 ); the institution of a Council of Public Instruction ( 1845 ) and the Ministry of Education ( Mekatib-i Umumiye Nezareti, 1847, which later became the Maarif Nezareti, 1857 ); the abolition of slavery and slave trade ( 1847 ); the establishment of the first modern universities ( darülfünun, 1848 ), academies ( 1848 ) and teacher schools ( darülmuallimin, 1848 ); establishment of the Ministry of Healthcare ( Tıbbiye Nezareti, 1850 ); the Commerce and Trade Code ( 1850 ); establishment of the Academy of Sciences ( Encümen-i Daniş, 1851 ); establishment of the Şirket-i Hayriye which operated the first steam-powered commuter ferries ( 1851 ); the first European style courts ( Meclis-i Ahkam-ı Adliye, 1853 ) and supreme judiciary council ( Meclis-i Ali-yi Tanzimat, 1853 ); establishment of the modern Municipality of Istanbul ( Şehremaneti, 1854 ) and the City Planning Council ( İntizam-ı Şehir Komisyonu, 1855 ); the abolition of the capitation ( Jizya ) tax on non-Muslims, with a regular method of establishing and collecting taxes ( 1856 ); non-Muslims were allowed to become soldiers ( 1856 ); various provisions for the better administration of the public service and advancement of commerce ; the establishment of the first telegraph networks ( 1847 1855 ) and railroads ( 1856 ); the replacement of guilds with factories ; the establishment of the Ottoman Central Bank ( originally established as the Bank-ı Osmanî in 1856, and later reorganized as the Bank-ı Osmanî-i Şahane in 1863 ) and the Ottoman Stock Exchange ( Dersaadet Tahvilat Borsası, established in 1866 ); the Land Code ( Arazi Kanunnamesi, 1857 ); permission for private sector publishers and printing firms with the Serbesti-i Kürşad Nizamnamesi ( 1857 ); establishment of the School of Economical and Political Sciences ( Mekteb-i Mülkiye, 1859 ); the Press and Journalism Regulation Code ( Matbuat Nizamnamesi, 1864 ); among others.
Berlin, 1851 ; 2d ed., Leipsic, 1881 88.
Berlin, 1851 ; 2d ed., Leipsic, 1881 88.
According to his The New York Times obituary published on April 3, 1872, Morse received respectively the decoration of the Atiq Nishan-i-Iftikhar ( English: Order of Glory ) medal on wearer's right depicted in photo of Morse with medals, set in diamonds, from the Sultan Ahmad I ibn Mustafa of Turkey ( c. 1847 ), a golden snuff box containing the Prussian gold medal for scientific merit from the King of Prussia ( 1851 ); the Great Gold Medal of Arts and Sciences from the King of Württemberg ( 1852 ); and the Great Golden Medal of Science and Arts from Emperor of Austria ( 1855 ); a cross of Chevalier in the Légion d ' honneur from the Emperor of France ; the Cross of a Knight of the Order of the Dannebrog from the King of Denmark ( 1856 ); the Cross of Knight Commander of the Order of Isabella the Catholic, from the Queen of Spain, besides being elected member of innumerable scientific and art societies in this States and other countries.
It was intended that the boy would become a lawyer ; but in 1851 at the age of fifteen he suffered a physical and mental breakdown.
Gould proposed that much of the research was based more upon the racial and social prejudices of the researchers than upon their scientific objectivity ; that on occasion, researchers such as Samuel George Morton ( 1799 1851 ), Louis Agassiz ( 1807 1873 ), and Paul Broca ( 1824 1880 ), committed the methodological fallacy of including their personal ( a priori ) expectations to the conclusions, as part of their analytical reasoning.
The Great London Exhibition of 1851 clearly demonstrated Britain's dominance in engineering and industry ; that lasted until the rise of the United States and Germany in the 1890s ..

; and Correspondence
* Hyman did not keep her correspondence, according to Frederick R. Schram, who found some of her letters to Martin Burkenroad in the archives of the San Diego Natural History Museum ; see Schram's " A Correspondence between Martin Burkenroad and Libbie Hyman ; or, Whatever Did Happen to Libbie Hyman's Lingerie ," in F. M. Truesdale, ed., History of Carcinology, vol.
Manuscripts 33118 ); Carlisle Correspondence ; Beresford Correspondence ; Stanhope Miscellanies ; for the Catholic question, W Anshurst, History of Catholic Emancipation ( 2 vols., London, 1886 ); Sir Thomas Wyse, Historical Sketch of the late Catholic Association of Ireland ( London, 1829 ); W. J. MacNeven, Pieces of Irish History ( New York, 1807 ) containing an account of the United Irishmen ; for the volunteer movement Thomas MacNevin, History of the Volunteers of 1782 ( Dublin, 1845 ); Proceedings of the Volunteer Delegates of Ireland 1784 ( Anon.
With special reference to the Union see Castlereagh Correspondence ; Cornwallis Correspondence ; Westmorland Papers ( Irish State Paper Office ).
The whole work was reissued in a revised and slightly abridged form by Ashley in 2 volumes in 1879, with the title The Life and Correspondence of Henry John Temple, Viscount Palmerston ; the letters are judiciously curtailed, but unfortunately without indicating where the excisions occur ; the appendices of the original work are omitted, but much fresh matter is added, and this edition is undoubtedly the standard biography.
Repton's childhood friend was James Edward Smith, who encouraged him to study botany and gardening ; Smith reproduces a long letter from Repton in his Letter and Correspondence.
Sardar Patel-select Correspondence 1945-50 edited by R. Shankar ; Anatomy of Confrontation by S. Gopal ) Under Pant's orders, Chief Secretary Bhagwan Sahay and Inspector-General of Police V. N.
; 1841 42: Correspondence between Moses Montefiore, the President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and Charles Henry Churchill, the British consul in Damascus, is seen as the first recorded plan proposed for political Zionism.
; 1915 October 1916 January: McMahon-Hussein Correspondence, agreeing to give Arabia to Arabs, if Arabs will fight the Turks.
Stokes's mathematical and physical papers ( see external links ) were published in a collected form in five volumes ; the first three ( Cambridge, 1880, 1883, and 1901 ) under his own editorship, and the two last ( Cambridge, 1904 and 1905 ) under that of Sir Joseph Larmor, who also selected and arranged the Memoir and Scientific Correspondence of Stokes published at Cambridge in 1907.
Correspondence chess is chess played by various forms of long-distance correspondence, usually through a correspondence chess server, through email or by the postal system ; less common methods which have been employed include fax and homing pigeon.
* de Bacourt,, 1789 1791 ( 3 vols., Paris, 1851 ), contains many letters of Montmorin ; " Correspondence of the Comte de Moustier with the Comte de Montmorin ," in the Amer.
Correspondence primarily consists of carbons of Higgins ’ letters, with many responses and, in some cases, extensive exchanges with Fluxus, Mail Art and Art and Language artists, Concrete and Sound poets, New Music composers, and Small Press publishers and poets ; also includes art pieces and manuscripts by these correspondents.

; and between
the bringing together around it of the secret liaison between indolent, mindless sensuality and sharp, shrewd talent, cleverness with an occasional touch of genius ( which, however, does not know `` how to attack the problem of suffering '' ) ; ;
Says he, `` I may never imagine that in the struggle between personal and supra-personal responsibility it is possible to make a compromise between the ethical and the purposive in the shape of a relative ethic ; ;
Awkwardly and laboriously, in stiff, unemotional phrases, the soldiers continue to bridge the distance between themselves and those they love ; ;
between the cities and towns of the state ; ;
by assuring good liaison between the committees and the administration ; ;
The division between the island and this shore, consists principally of an arch ; ;
Compare the vast difference in scope and beauty between his neat and witty little Classical Symphony and his big, muscular, passionate, and eloquent Fifth Symphony ; ;
If the Af bond is linear then there are three reasonable positions for the hydrogen atoms: ( 1 ) The hydrogen atoms are centered and hence all lie on a sheet midway between the oxygen sheets ; ;
On May 15, a very large increase occurred with Af of mass between Af and Af ; ;
Although Miller noted in 1907 that a difference in the pleural blood supply existed between animals, nowhere in his published works is it found that he did a comparative study of the intrapulmonary features of various mammalian lungs other than in the dog and cat ( Miller, '13 ; ;
As the historic processes of modernization gradually gain momentum, their cohesion will be threatened by divisive forces, the gaps between rulers and subjects, town and country, will widen ; ;
But in any event, full credit should be given to the Cost Section for its express and overt recognition of a vital distinction too often ignored in utility-cost analyses: namely, that between a cost allocation designed to reflect the actual behavior of costs in response to changes in rates of output of different classes of utility service ; ;

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