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daf and is
The referencing by daf is relatively recent and dates from the early Talmud printings of the 17th century.
Nowadays, reference is made in format daf a / b ( e. g. Berachot 23b ).
Meinser ( 1984 ) observed that the amount of methane gas ( VCH4 ) is related to volatile matter ( daf ).
The dafli, also popularly known as daf, dappler or tambourine, is a must for weddings.
The Pahlavi ( an ancient Iranic language ) name of the daf is dap.
The word daf is therefore the Arabicized form of the word dap.
A daf is depicted on the reverse of the Azerbaijani 1 qəpik coin minted since 2006 and on the obverse of the Azerbaijani 1 manat banknote issued since 2006 .< ref > National Bank of Azerbaijan.
The Dafyomi Advancement Forum, founded by Kollel Iyun Hadaf in 1996, is a free resource center offering English-language translations, outlines, charts, analyses and lectures on every daf, as well as answers to any question by email.
The Dafyomi Advancement Forum, founded by Kollel Iyun Hadaf in 1996, is a free resource center offering English-language translations, outlines, charts, analyses and lectures on every daf, as well as answers to any question by email.
Duff Muttu ( also called Dubh Muttu ) is an art form prevalent among Mappilas, using the traditional duff, or daf, also called Thappitta.
* The daf is a percussion instrument made of animal skin and a wooden frame like the head of a drum, with jingles on the rim, similar to the tambourine.
Other instruments include the ney, a kind of flute, and the Ghaychak, a spiked fiddle ; the circular frame drum daf is also common, as is the accordion, brought by Russians.
The madah is a kind of sung religious poetry, accompanied by rubabs and / or tanbyr with at least one daf.
In Azerbaijan, it is called ghaval and sometimes daf, and is played on festive occasions.
An event known as the Siyum HaShas marks the completion of the entire Talmud in the Daf Yomi study program, in which one daf or folio of Talmud is completed each day.

daf and tambourine
The Persian poet Rudaki, who widely used names of the musical instruments in his poems, mentions the daf and the tambourine ( taboorak ) in a Ruba ' i:
Musically, the ensemble consists of oud ( lute ), kamanja ( spike fiddle ), qanun ( box zither ), darabukkah ( goblet drum ), and daf ( tambourine ),: the players of these instruments often double as a choir.
* Trey Spruance — guitars ( electric guitar, bass guitar, baritone guitar, microtonal guitar, 12-string guitar, sympitar, Pythagorean guitar ), keyboards ( keyboard, electric piano, acoustic piano, tack piano, clavinet, organ, celesta ), percussion ( dumbek, shaker, tambourine, glockenspiel, daf, etc.

daf and used
In the 15th century, the daf was only used in Sufi ceremonies ; the Ottomans reintroduced it to Europe in the 17th century.
Instruments used in Persian classical music include the bowed spike-fiddle kamancheh, the goblet drum tombak, the end-blown flute ney, the frame drum daf, the long-necked lutes tar, setar, tanbur, dotar, and the dulcimer santur.

daf and classical
The daf still functions as an important part of Kurdish and Persian art music ( traditional or classical music ) as it did in ancient times.

daf and Iran
There are many kinds of bubens, including def, daf, or qaval ( Azerbaijan ), daf or khaval ( Armenia ), daira ( Georgia ), doira ( Uzbekistan and Tajikistan ), daire or def ( Iran ), bendeir ( Arab countries ), pandero ( Spain ).
The earliest evidence of the daf dates back to Sassanid Iran.
The art of daf playing in Iranian Kurdistan and other parts of Iran has reached us by the effort of Iranian Sufis ; especially in the 20th century by the late Sayyed Baha-al-Din Shams Ghorayshi ( 1872 – 1947 ), Ostad Haj Khalifeh Karim Safvati ( 1919 -…), Ostad Haj Khalifeh Mirza Agha Ghosi ( 1928 -…), Mohi-al-Din Bolbolani ( 1929 -…), Sayyed Mohammad Shams Ghorayshi ( 1930 -…) and Masha-Allah Bakhtiyari ( 1940 -…), Mahdi Sangi Kermanshahi ( 1991 -...).

daf and Azerbaijan
( Old site-now a dead link-that mentioned the instrument as a daf ).</ br > Central Bank of Azerbaijan.

daf and where
Another Jew leaves the States and travels to Brazil or Japan, and he first goes to the beis medrash, where he finds everyone learning the same daf that he himself learned that day.

daf and ),
Other instruments include the garmon ( small accordion ), tutek ( whistle flute ), daf ( frame drum ) and nagara ( drum ) ( barrel drum ).
The first cycle of Daf Yomi commenced on the first day of Rosh Hashanah 5684 ( 11 September 1923 ), with tens of thousands of Jews in Europe, America and Israel learning the first daf of the first tractate of the Talmud, Berachot.
He learned Persian drumming at the early age of nine and broadened his drumming knowledge by working on Azeri dayereh ( ghaval ), Kurdish daf and Indian tabla.

daf and known
A page number in the Talmud refers to a double-sided page, known as a daf ; each daf has two amudim labeled and, sides A and B ( Recto and Verso ).

daf and .
* The daf and the dayereh are Iranian frame drums.
The Moors introduced the daf and other Middle Eastern musical instruments to Spain, and the Spanish adapted and promoted the daf and other musical instruments ( such as the guitar ) in medieval Europe.
The novel idea of Jews in all parts of the world studying the same daf each day, with the goal of completing the entire Talmud, was put forth at the First World Congress of the World Agudath Israel in Vienna on 16 August 1923 by Rabbi Meir Shapiro, then Rav of Sanok, Poland, and future rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin.
He travels for 15 days from Eretz Yisrael to America, and each day he learns the daf.
When he arrives in America, he enters a beis medrash in New York and finds Jews learning the very same daf that he studied on that day, and he gladly joins them.
To show support for the idea, the Gerrer Rebbe, Rabbi Avraham Mordechai Alter, learned the first daf of Berachot in public on that day.
It has recorded shiurim on the daf on CD-ROM in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, and French.

is and large-sized
Despite being extensively hunted, the coyote is one of the few medium-to large-sized animals that has enlarged its range since human encroachment began.
The cheetah ( Acinonyx jubatus ) is a large-sized feline ( family Felidae, subfamily Felinae ) inhabiting most of Africa and parts of the Middle East.
Plus-size models are also engaged in work that is not strictly related to selling large-sized clothing, e. g., stock photography and advertising photography for cosmetics, household and pharmaceutical products and sunglasses, footwear and watches.
The international market for middle-sized and large-sized airliners is now divided between Airbus and Boeing, although Russian / former Soviet manufacturers still sell significant numbers of airliners to their traditional markets.
South Korea is the global leader in the production of advanced high-tech vessels such as cruise liners, super tankers, LNG carriers, drill ships, and large-sized container ships.
It is depicted as a yellowish, large-sized, bipedal creature possessing massive strength and as being one-armed ( their one arm being extendable and using it as a long-range weapon ).
* Boum ( بوم ) or dhangi-a large-sized dhow with a stern that is tapering in shape and a more symmetrical overall structure.
A trade paperback, sometimes referred to as a " trade paper edition " or just " trades ", is a standard-sized or large-sized paperback book.
Though not related to the wolverine, which is a large-sized deviant of the marten family, the honey badger can be considered an analogous form of weasel ( polecat ).
One anecdote is that around 1961, a certain cooperative or guild of commodities based in Shizuoka Prefecture picked large-sized green leaves of shiso and shipped them out to the Osaka market, and gained popularity, so that became the trade name for bunches of picked green leaves forever after.
A large-sized note is a bill of any denomination of U. S. currency printed between 1863 and 1929.
It is suitable for business use, large-sized models, and document creation.
A list of medium to large-sized mammals in the park is given in the following census table published in 1997:
Virtually every type of medium to large-sized oceanic animal sharing the habitat of the cookiecutter shark is open to attack: bite scars have been found on cetaceans ( including porpoises, dolphins, beaked whales, sperm whales, and baleen whales ), pinnipeds ( including fur seals, leopard seals, and elephant seals ), dugongs, sharks ( including blue sharks, goblin sharks, and megamouth sharks ), deepwater stingrays, and bony fishes ( including billfishes, tunas, dolphinfishes, jacks, escolars, opahs, and pomfrets ).
When used with modern hunting bullets, the 7. 62 × 54mmR is capable of taking game in the medium-to large-sized class.
* The present headquarters and performance place are located on the fourth floor of the harp hall of the large-sized building " ORC200 " near Bentencho Station in Benten Itchome, Minato-ku, Osaka, Japan, and the stereophonic broadcast is performed from the time transferred here.
Model 2 is recommended for medium-and large-sized applications.
The player's team is composed of seven members ; the team's captain ( a large-sized character ) and six smaller sized characters.
Salix babylonica is a medium-to large-sized deciduous tree, growing up to tall.
Onoclea sensibilis, the Sensitive fern, also known as the bead fern, is a coarse-textured, medium to large-sized perennial fern.
All structures available to the player are built on-site at a " construction yard " building, which can either be already deployed on the battlefield as the mission starts or begin as a large-sized mobile construction vehicle (" MCV "), which is capable of deploying itself into an aforementioned construction yard at a suitable location of the player's choice.
The WPG is a large-sized type with a tough but even temperament and a rough coat that primarily functions as a briar-protectant when hunting wild boar.

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