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# and kernel
# A hardware abstraction layer that forms the lowest-level part of a kernel, sometimes used to provide real-time functionality to normal OS's, like Adeos.
# REDIRECT Monolithic kernel
Like the DS-XG. VxD drivers required for VL support of the DX-XG chipsets, these would work only on pre-NT kernel versions of Windows ( 9 # and ME ), and not on NT, 2000, XP, etc.
# The kernel of φ is a normal subgroup of G,
# given any morphism f: A → B in C, the equaliser of f and the zero morphism from A to B exists ( this is the kernel ), as does the coequaliser ( this is the cokernel ).
# REDIRECT Linux kernel
# REDIRECT Mach ( kernel )
# REDIRECT Linux kernel
# the quantum kernel is instead of ( the quantum kernel is nonlocal from a classical heat kernel viewpoint, but it is local in the sense that it does not allow signals to be transmitted ),
A kernel panic message is displayed via the KVM switch # KVM over IP ( iKVM ) | Java iKVM viewer console
# REDIRECT Linux kernel
# include < linux / kernel. h >
# REDIRECT Loadable kernel module
# Redirect Mach ( kernel )
# for any open set, any and any morphism of-modules, the kernel of is of finite type.
# REDIRECTreproducing kernel Hilbert space
# REDIRECT Fejér kernel
# The central processing unit ( CPU ), which is the kernel because it controls the other computer system components
* Patent # 5, 469, 571: LynuxWorks ' " Operating System Architecture using Multiple Priority Light Weight kernel Task-based Interrupt Handling.
# Either a computer will boot from a local boot device ( like a harddisk, CD-ROM or USB disk ), where it loads a small Linux kernel from that device which initializes the system and all of the peripherals that it recognizes.
# It is always very difficult to implement kernel self protection strategy with the precision needed for MLS trust, and these examples were not designed to or certified to an MLS protection profile so they may not offer the self protection needed to support MLS.

# and where
# Utilitarianism, where the practical consequences of various policies are evaluated on the assumption that the right policy will be the one which results in the greatest happiness
* Alexander # Alexander_as_a_given_name, where various Greek persons named Alexander are disambiguated
# Lack of obligation towards the signing countries of extradition of the offender committing an act against convention to the country where the aircraft is registered in order to judge one.
# Piroplasms where all the species included are two-host parasites infecting ticks and vertebrates.
# privatization and, where appropriate, liquidation of state-owned enterprises ( SOEs );
* The present-time scene where Batman / Bruce is cornered by Detective Bullock's SWAT Team adheres to a similar setting from the graphic novel as mentioned above ( the abandoned tenement fire from issue # 3 ).
# the Ambrosian, now confined to Milan, where it owes its retention to the attachment of the clergy and people to their traditionary rites, which they derive from St Ambrose.
# A destination, where the message arrives.
# is a finite relation from to, where the asterisk represents the Kleene star operation.
# Prohibits clergy from officiating where they are unknown without a letter of recommendation from their bishop.
# A definition should not be negative where it can be positive.
# North and South Kivu, where Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda ( FDLR ) continues to threaten the Rwandan border and the Banyamulenge, and where Rwanda supports RCD-Goma rebels against Kinshasa ( see Kivu war ).
# Ituri, where MONUC has proved unable to contain the numerous militia and groups driving the Ituri conflict
# Northern Katanga, where Mai-Mai created by Laurent Kabila slipped out of the control of Kinshasa.
** Anomalous dynamics ( Random walk # Anomalous diffusion ), the stochastic motion of objects with mean squared displacement ( MSD ) that deviates from the relation for normal dynamics, MSD ~ t, where t is the time the process is seen ; anomalous dynamics are either faster than normal dynamics ( MSD > t ) or slower ( MSD < t )
Detail of Galerius attacking Narseh on the Arch and Tomb of Galerius # Arch of Galerius | Arch of Galerius at Thessaloniki, Greece, the city where Galerius carried out most of his administrative actions
# Forwards: A tailored contract between two parties, where payment takes place at a specific time in the future at today's pre-determined price.
# By the location in the brain where the seizures originate.
# Inertial reference systems, where the coordinate axes retain their orientation relative to the fixed stars, or equivalently, to the rotation axes of ideal gyroscopes ; the axis points to the vernal equinox
# Co-rotating, also ECEF (" Earth Centred, Earth Fixed "), where the axes are attached to the solid body of the Earth.
* Route Nationale # 3 ( RN3 ) begins where RN1 heads northwest from Bon Repos, not far north of the road network ’ s hub.
# Shehaqim: The third Heaven, under the leadership of Anahel, serves as the home of the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life ; it is also the realm where manna, the holy food of angels, is produced.
# Nga-roto, the heaven of lakes where the god Maru rules
# Hau-ora, where the spirits of newborn children originate

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