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physical and dipole
A major practical drawback to this band is that because of the length of the waves, full size resonant antennas ( half wave dipole or quarter wave monopole antennas ) cannot be built because of their physical height.
Generally speaking, a large-panel dipole radiator is more demanding of a proper physical placement within a room when compared to a conventional box speaker, but, once there, it is less likely to excite bad-sounding room resonances, and its direct-to-reflected sound ratio is higher by some 4 – 5 decibels.
The potential energy includes all energies given by the mass of particles, by the chemical composition, i. e. the chemical energy stored in chemical bonds having the potential to undergo chemical reactions, the nuclear energy stored by the configuration of protons, neutrons, and other elementary particles in atomic nuclei, and the physical force fields within the system, such as due to internal induced electric or magnetic dipole moment, as well as the energy of deformation of solids ( stress-strain ).
The ESR is a derived quantity with physical origins in both the dielectric's conduction electrons and dipole relaxation phenomena.
The underlying concept is to achieve gain over the simple dipole, possibly by folding one or more dipoles into a smaller physical space, or to arrange multiple dipoles such that their radiation patterns reinforce each other, thus concentrating more signal into a given target area.

physical and consists
This phase consists of four items: urban land use, rural land use, physical features and public utility service areas.
Problems and Solutions ( Quaestiones ) consists of three books which, although termed " problems and solutions of physical questions ," treat of subjects which are not all physical, and are not all problems.
The fact that in equivalent baseband models of communication systems, the signal spectrum consists of both negative and positive frequencies, can lead to confusion about bandwidth, since they are sometimes referred to only by the positive half, and one will occasionally see expressions such as, where is the total bandwidth ( i. e. the maximum passband bandwidth of the carrier-modulated RF signal and the minimum passband bandwidth of the physical passband channel ), and is the positive bandwidth ( the baseband bandwidth of the equivalent channel model ).
There are two parts to Einstein's theory: the first part consists in the formulation of a diffusion equation for Brownian particles, in which the diffusion coefficient is related to the mean squared displacement of a Brownian particle, while the second part consists in relating the diffusion coefficient to measurable physical quantities.
A quantum description consists of a Hilbert space of states, observables are self adjoint operators on the space of states, time evolution is given by a one-parameter group of unitary transformations on the Hilbert space of states, and physical symmetries are realized by unitary transformations.
Rather, neutral monism claims the universe consists of only one kind of stuff, in the form of neutral elements that are in themselves neither mental nor physical.
Teasing typically consists in a impersonation of someone monkeying around with his exterior attributes, tics, physical blemishes, voice and mannerisms, quirks, way of dressing and walking, the phrases he typically repeats.
If either party consists of two or more members, all will come to attention, but only the most senior member of the party will offer ( or return ) the physical or verbal salute.
* The material cause is the physical matter, the mass of " raw material " of which something is " made " ( of which it consists ).
De providentia consists of apologetic discourses, proving the divine providence from the physical order ( chapters i-iv ), and from the moral and social order ( chapters vi-x ).
Unlike parallel systems, in which the processors are tightly coupled and constitute a single database system, a distributed database system consists of loosely coupled sites that share no physical components.
# Hardware, which consists of all the physical aspects of an information system, ranging from peripherals to computer parts and servers.
Line coding consists of representing the digital signal to be transported by an amplitude-and time-discrete signal that is optimally tuned for the specific properties of the physical channel ( and of the receiving equipment ).
Whatever physical media a channel consists of, the transmitted signal will be attenuated and corrupted with additive noise.
Such a model consists of ( possibly simplified ) laws of physics that govern the sound production, and will typically have several parameters, some of which are constants that describe the physical materials and dimensions of the instrument, while others are time-dependent functions that describe the player's interaction with it, such as plucking a string, or covering toneholes.
Preparatoria traditionally consists of 3 years of education, divided into 6 semesters, with the first 4 semesters having a common curriculum, and the latter ones allowing some degree of specialization, either in physical sciences ( electricity, chemistry, biology, etc.
One contemporary treatment for GID consists primarily of physical modifications to bring the body into harmony with one's perception of mental ( psychological, emotional ) gender identity, rather than vice versa.
Those in the community who disagree with the diagnosis of GID also state that the treatment for this disorder consists primarily of physical modifications to bring the body into harmony with one's perception of mental ( psychological, emotional ) gender identity, rather than vice versa.
An X. 25 WAN consists of packet-switching exchange ( PSE ) nodes as the networking hardware, and leased lines, plain old telephone service connections or ISDN connections as physical links.
However, a study of Dalton's own laboratory notebooks, discovered in the rooms of the Lit & Phil, concluded that so far from Dalton being led by his search for an explanation of the law of multiple proportions to the idea that chemical combination consists in the interaction of atoms of definite and characteristic weight, the idea of atoms arose in his mind as a purely physical concept, forced upon him by study of the physical properties of the atmosphere and other gases.
" Mill's low reputation as a philosopher of logic, and the low estate of empiricism in the century and a half following him, derives from this failed attempt to link abstract thoughts to the physical world, when it is obvious that abstraction consists precisely of separating the thought from its physical foundations.

physical and two
But it has been during the last two centuries, during the scientific revolution, that our independence from the physical environment has made the most rapid strides.
These illiterate boors conscripted from villages all across the Czarina's empire had, Suvorov may have told Lewis, just two things a commander could count on: physical fitness and personal courage.
The mapping of important physical features such as slopes and types of soil and the collection of all available information pertaining to public utility service areas are being conducted as staff projects and, like the other two inventory projects, are scheduled for completion July 1, 1961.
The most active preparations obtained by these two groups of investigators appear to be similar in potency, composition and physical properties.
This conclusion is based on two propositions: that man by the use of his reason can ascertain God's purpose in the universe and that God makes known His purpose by certain `` given '' physical arrangements.
The standard ampere is most accurately realized using a watt balance, but is in practice maintained via Ohm's Law from the units of electromotive force and resistance, the volt and the ohm, since the latter two can be tied to physical phenomena that are relatively easy to reproduce, the Josephson junction and the quantum Hall effect, respectively.
On Sunday January 7, it was announced that Randy Johnson would return to the Diamondbacks on a two year contract, pending a physical.
Antibodies can occur in two physical forms, a soluble form that is secreted from the cell, and a membrane-bound form that is attached to the surface of a B cell and is referred to as the B cell receptor ( BCR ).
These two isomers of butene are slightly different in their chemical and physical properties.
The oldest known physical representations identified as symbols for abstract concepts are abstract engravings found on two pieces of ochre in Blombos Cave, South Africa, in 2001.
The Big Bang theory depends on two major assumptions: the universality of physical laws and the cosmological principle.
While their coordinate distance ( comoving distance ) remains constant, the physical distance between two such comoving points expands proportionally with the scale factor of the Universe.
Instead, space itself expands with time everywhere and increases the physical distance between two comoving points.
While the British military historian Sir John Keegan suggested an ideal definition of battle as " something which happens between two armies leading to the moral then physical disintegration of one or the other of them ", the origins and outcomes of battles can rarely be summarized so neatly.
If that steady-state signal was interrupted, it indicated one of two things: either the operator was about to start transmitting, or something else had happened to break the connection — such as a physical break in the telegraph line.
And, based on the findings of placebo-controlled studies, they do not recommend use of benzodiazepines beyond two to four weeks, as tolerance and physical dependence develop rapidly, with withdrawal symptoms including rebound anxiety occurring after six weeks or more of use.
Jesus explained to Nicodemus that this doctrine was in error — that every person must have two births — the natural birth of the physical body, the other of the water and the spirit.
An object thus has two types of properties, intrinsic ( physical ) and objective ( observer specific )
* Chromatography is a physical method of separation that distributes components to separate between two phases, one stationary ( stationary phase ), while the other ( the mobile phase ) moves in a definite direction.
The 6 physical keys are intended to be on the back of the device and to be operated with the six free fingers of two hands holding the device.
The school's poor conditions, Charlotte maintained, permanently affected her health and physical development and hastened the deaths of her two elder sisters, Maria ( born 1814 ) and Elizabeth ( born 1815 ), who died of tuberculosis in June 1825.
Though physical confrontations between the two species are usually dominated by the larger wolves, coyotes have been known to attack wolves if they outnumber them.
And since for normal files, two bytes of each physical sector were used by DOS as a pointer to the next physical track and sector of the file, only 254 out of the 256 bytes of a block were used for file contents.

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