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regional and datum
Prior to satellite geodesy era, the coordinate systems associated with a geodetic datum attempted to be geocentric, but their origins differed from the geocentre by hundreds of metres, due to regional deviations in the direction of the plumbline ( vertical ).

regional and like
One particular contribution towards formalizing these differences came from Noah Webster, who wrote the first American dictionary ( published 1828 ) with the intention of showing that people in the United States spoke a different dialect from Britain, much like a regional accent.
The success of the ensemble was emulated by other regional conductors, and a rich tradition of a cappella choral music was born in the region at colleges like Concordia College ( Moorhead, Minnesota ), Augustana College ( Rock Island, Illinois ), Wartburg College ( Waverly, Iowa ), Luther College ( Decorah, Iowa ), Gustavus Adolphus College ( St. Peter, Minnesota ), Augustana College ( Sioux Falls, South Dakota ), and Augsburg College ( Minneapolis, Minnesota ).
By promoting integration through organizations like Mercosur and UNASUR, Brazil has been able to solidify its role as a regional power.
The branch winners are entered into 16 regional competitions which are then visited by several individuals who select the ones they like best.
Rather than largely simple domestic residences in prehistory, Medieval crannogs were increasingly seen as strongholds of the upper class or regional ' political players ' such as Gaelic chieftains like the O ' Boylans and McMahons in County Monaghan and the Kingdom of Airgíalla up until the 17th century.
In contrast, though Oslo ( Norway ) and Stockholm ( Sweden ) are quite dominant in terms of speech standards, cities like Bergen, Gothenburg and the Malmö-Lund region are large and influential enough to create secondary regional norms, making the standard language more varied than is the case with Danish.
Certain non-standard regional and economic class-associated dialects do decline the article, either in regular speech or in slang-as in expressions such as " How do you like them apples?
Expert system of this type can range from ones providing regional retail recommendations, like Wishabi, to ones used to assist monetary decisions by financial institutions and governments.
Regional bus lines have been regulated by the provincial administration to protect old transit companies, leading to cartel situations like TLO in the Turku region, but strong regional regulating bodies, like the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority ( HSL / HRT ), whose routes are put out to tender exist as well and will become the norm after the transitionary period during the 2010s.
It is more like a physical quantity, and though it can be tempting to treat height as the vertical coordinate, in addition to the horizontal coordinates and, and though this actually is a good approximation of physical reality in small areas, it quickly becomes invalid for regional considerations.
Many analyst like Amin Saikal describe the Taliban as developing into a proxy force for Pakistan's regional interests which the Taliban decline.
Many analysts like Amin Saikal describe the Taliban as developing into a proxy force for Pakistan's regional interests.
They are rather contemporary regional sports that coexist with the modern forms of martial arts sports as they have developed since the 19th century, often including cross-fertilization between sports and folk styles ; thus, the traditional Thai style of Muay Boran developed into the modern national sport of Muay Thai, which in turn came to be practiced worldwide and contributed significantly to modern hybrid styles like kickboxing and mixed martial arts.
However, regional cultural differences, like regional dialects, have been breaking down under the influence of centralized education, nationwide media, and the several decades of population movement since the Korean War.
Along with the pope and the major cities like Venice and Florence, foreign powers such as France, Spain, the Holy Roman Empire, and even Switzerland battled for regional influence and control.
There are national awards, like Canada's Aurora Award, regional awards, like the Endeavour Award presented at Orycon for works from the Pacific Northwest, special interest or subgenre awards like the Chesley Award for art or the World Fantasy Award for fantasy.
Regional stereotypes, like regional dialects, have been breaking down under the influence of centralized education, nationwide media, and the several decades of population movement since the Korean War.
Some institutions are restored historical bodies of government of the previous kingdoms or regional entities within the Spanish crown — like the Generalitat of Catalonia — while others are entirely new creations.
Sidon hosts the southern regional headquarters of a series of governmental facilities like the Central Bank of Lebanon, Électricité du Liban, Central Telecommunications Station and others.
Many analysts like Amin Saikal describe the Taliban as developing into a proxy force for Pakistan's regional interests.

regional and ED50
These regional geodetic datums, such as ED50 ( European Datum 1950 ) or NAD83 ( North American Datum 1983 ) have ellipsoids associated with them that are regional ' best fits ' to the geoids within their areas of validity, minimising the deflections of the vertical over these areas.

regional and can
Although integration is the primary purpose of these organizations, they also serve as forums in which Brazil can exercise its leadership and develop consensus around its positions on regional and global issues.
A dialect that is associated with a particular social class can be termed a sociolect ; a regional dialect may be termed a regiolect or topolect.
Though the system can have variations in local, regional, and country level, the similarities-in systems or even in ideas-that schools share also enable the exchange among students at all levels which are also playing an increasingly important role in globalization process.
The charter provides a large number of different actions state parties can take to protect and promote historical regional and minority languages.
The development of a regional system of Human Rights protection operating across Europe can be seen as a direct response to twin concerns.
For example, in the United Methodist Church, bishops are elected for life, can serve up to two terms in a specific conference ( three if special permission is given ), are responsible for ordaining and appointing clergy to pastor churches, perform many administrative duties, preside at the annual sessions of the regional Conferences and at the quadrennial meeting of the worldwide General Conference, have authority for teaching and leading the church on matters of social and doctrinal import, and serve to represent the denomination in ecumenical gatherings.
Earthquake warning systems have been developed that can provide regional notification of an earthquake in progress, but before the ground surface has begun to move, potentially allowing people within the system's range to seek shelter before the earthquake's impact is felt.
As regards clothing, at every Universala Kongreso, held every year in a different country, many of those attending can been seen wearing their national or regional costumes.
" Whilst I agree that it can take a bit of time to see it through carefully, it nevertheless, demonstrates to our regional friends that we are principled in our approach to international relations and diplomacy ," Mataitoga said.
German regional cuisine can be divided into many varieties such as Bavarian cuisine ( southern Germany ), Thuringian ( central Germany ), Lower Saxon cuisine or those of Saxony-Anhalt.
International human rights instruments can be divided further into global instruments, to which any state in the world can be a party, and regional instruments, which are restricted to states in a particular region of the world.
However, the timing of agrarian festivals can vary widely, given regional variations in climate.
Institutions can also be divided into global and regional institutions.
At a regional level, groups of states can create political and legal bodies with sometimes complicated patchworks of overlapping provisions detailing the jurisdictional relationships between the member states and providing for some degree of harmonization between their national legislative and judicial functions, for example, the European Union and African Union both have the potential to become federated states although the political barriers to such unification in the face of entrenched nationalism will be very difficult to overcome.
This standard can now be spoken intelligibly by most younger people in Mainland China and Taiwan, with various regional accents.
Some lcoal media, which takes an interest in state or provincial news can rise to prominence due to their investigative journalism, and to the local region's preference of updates in national politics rather than regional news.
Among the many ways of classifying plants are by regional floras, which, depending on the purpose of study, can also include fossil flora, remnants of plant life from a previous era.
Bone loss can be a feature of complex regional pain syndrome.
Many Central American and South American nationals can travel within their respective regional economic zones, such as Mercosur and the Andean Community of Nations, or on a bilateral basis ( e. g., between Chile and Peru, between Brazil and Chile ), without passports, presenting instead their national ID cards, or, for short stays, their voter-registration cards.
In Europe, as of 2009 the health systems are governed according to various national laws, and can also vary according to regional differences similar to the United States.
Everybody can eat delicious croissants, the regional product of Poznań.

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