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traditional and Lao
( Lao: ຂ ່ າ " kha "; " kha "; Indonesian / Malay: lengkuas ( Alpinia galanga ); Mandarin: 南薑 or 高良薑 ( traditional ), 南姜 or 高良姜 ( simplified ), nán jiāng or gāo liáng jiāng ( Pinyin ) or ; Cantonese: 藍薑 laam4 goeng1 ( Jyutping ) ; Vietnamese: riềng )
The tropical climate and mountainous areas gives Laos a wide variety of climates and also a rich bounty of edibles, so much of traditional Lao cuisine is composed of vegetables and herbs gathered from the wild, weeds from the rice fields, as well as vegetable plots.
The traditional folk music is lam lao ( ລຳລາວ, ลำลาว, ), although it is also known as morlam ( Lao: ໝ ໍ ລຳ, หมอลำ, ) which is the preferred term in Isan language.
Wat Xieng Thong is one of the most important of Lao monasteries and remains a significant monument to the spirit of religion, royalty and traditional art.
It can be played solo as in traditional Lao music or in combination with other musical instruments to accompany modern songs.
An increasing amount of transnational Lao ( alternative ) rock, pop and hip hop created a new ' oeuvre ' next to the traditional Lao music like morlam.
Most popular Lao pop music in the US is made by three female singers: Phone Phoummithone the young pop princess Birdie and Ketsana Vilaylack. Birdie is quickly on the rise as she balances between mainstream and traditional country Lao music.
The improved rice varieties ( in terms of yield ) adopted throughout Asia during the Green Revolution were non-glutinous, and Lao farmers rejected them in favor of their traditional sticky varieties.
Compared with traditional versions of “ Lao Zi ”, this silk version shows clearer ideas and richer contents.
Aside from the Thai, ethnic minorities such as the Lao, Lawa, Hmong, Akha, Khmer, Lisu, Karen and Lahu peoples have retained traditional musical forms.
A number of Laotian-American musicians have achieved some renown, such as the members of the Royal Lao Orchestra in Tennessee, the traditional singer Khamvong Insixiengmai of Fresno, California ; R & B, Rap, & Hip Hop artist ERANETIK of California ; hip-hop artist Khan-X of Iowa ; Supasang of California ; Gumby aka Pryce of Minneapolis ; Bird of Minneapolis ; Supamon of Providence, LaoZBoyZ of Detroit, Lao Crimino Boys of California ; and St .- 509 aka Steven T of Tri-Cities, Washington.
Compared with other ruling Communist Parties, such as the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Communist Party of China and the Lao People's Revolutionary Party, the Communist Party of Cuba retains a stricter adherence to the tradition of Marxism-Leninism and the traditional Soviet model.
Mor lam sing ( Thai / Isan หมอลำซ ิ่ ง ) is a fast-paced, racy, modernized version of the traditional Lao / Isan song form mor lam.
Mor lam ( Thai / Isan: หมอลำ ) is a traditional Lao form of song in Laos and Isan.
Contemporary forms of the music are also characterised by quick tempi and rapid delivery, while tempi tend to be slower in traditional forms and in some Lao genres.
However, these groups have always been given the place of honor in traditional ceremonies of the Lao state, because they are considered original owners of the land.
Since some years the tourism office offers guided trekking tours, a Lao cookery course and a workshop in traditional paper making.
According to Article LXXV of Constitution of the Lao People's Democratic Republic, the Lao alphabet is the official script to the official language, but is also used to transcribe minority languages in the country, but some minority language speakers continue to use their traditional writing systems while the Hmong have adopted the Roman Alphabet.
* Mor lam sing, fast-paced, racy, modernized version of the traditional Lao / Isan song form mor lam
She has published her own translations of the Tao Te Ching, The Book of the Way and Its Virtue by Lao Tzu, the traditional founder of Taoism ( Daoism ).

traditional and explanation
This explanation is attractive, but is vitiated at least in part by the observation that Cynewulf, though he used kennings in the traditional manner, was a literate man who four times inscribed his name by runes into his works.
On the Reckoning of Time ( De temporum ratione ) included an introduction to the traditional ancient and medieval view of the cosmos, including an explanation of how the spherical earth influenced the changing length of daylight, of how the seasonal motion of the Sun and Moon influenced the changing appearance of the New Moon at evening twilight, and a quantitative relation between the changes of the Tides at a given place and the daily motion of the moon.
Plato ’ s student Aristotle did not maintain his former teacher's geometric view of the elements, but rather preferred a somewhat more naturalistic explanation for the elements based on their traditional qualities.
From this perspective, much literary critical theory, since it is focused on interpretation and explanation rather than on social transformation, would be regarded as positivistic or traditional rather than critical theory in the Kantian or Marxian sense.
A literate program is an explanation of the program logic in a natural language, such as English, interspersed with snippets of macros and traditional source code.
* Afghan government explanation of a traditional Loya Jirga
Another explanation is that matza has been used to replace the pesach, or the traditional Passover offering that was made before the destruction of the Temple.
The etymological explanation for the form of the qi logogram ( or chi ) in the traditional form 氣 is " steam ( 气 ) rising from rice ( 米 ) as it cooks ".
The explanation generally given for this anomaly is that, following the demise of State Shinto, modern Shinto has reverted to its more traditional position as a traditional religion which is culturally ingrained, rather than enforced.
This contains the full text in the same format as the Vilna-based editions, with a full explanation in modern Hebrew on facing pages as well as an improved version of the traditional commentaries.
In 1989 Ursula King notes thealogy's growing usage as a fundamental departure from traditional male-oriented theology, characterized by its privileging of symbols over rational explanation.
The U. S. Department of State ’ s official explanation of 21st Century Statecraft is: “ The complementing of traditional foreign policy tools with newly innovated and adapted instruments of statecraft that fully leverages the networks, technologies, and demographics of our interconnected world .”.
The physical appearance of Hellequin offers an explanation for the traditional colours of Harlequin's mask ( red and black ).
The third theoretical explanation of gentrification is political-economic and is divided into two approaches: traditional and Marxist.
An alternative explanation may be the ruling of astrological signs of the zodiac by the planets: if the signs are listed along with their ruling planets in the traditional order starting with Aries, ignoring duplication, Pluto ( then undiscovered ) and the luminaries ( the Sun and Moon ), the order of the movements corresponds.
An explanation sometimes given for the choice of Thursday as polling day is that it was, in most towns, the traditional market day, although it has also been observed that the choice has practical advantages — with the outcome of the election being known by Friday, the new or continuing administration then has the weekend to organise itself in preparation for the " government shop opening for business " on Monday, the first day of the new week following the election.
The traditional explanation for the exodus from Norway is that people were fleeing the harsh rule of the Norwegian king Haraldur Hárfagri ( Harald the Fair-haired ), whom medieval literary sources credit with the unification of some parts of modern Norway during this period.
The traditional explanation is that each arch was funded by a different guild, although there are no records to confirm this.
The physical appearance of Hellequin offers an explanation for the traditional colours of Harlequin's mask ( red and black ).
Their constant chase is the traditional explanation for the movement of the sun and moon through the sky.
Philosophically, the many levels of traditional Jewish explanation for the Purpose of Creation, each require sin to be resolved and atoned for, through suffering or repentance.
The concept of Hester Panim has a history in traditional Jewish thought to refer to suffering that has no regular explanation.
* The doctrine of " Gilgul " ( Reincarnation ) has a history in traditional Jewish thought, of debate and explanation.

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