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According and City
" According to North Carolina musician Walter Davis, Jefferson played on the streets in Johnson City, Tennessee, during the early 1920s at which time Davis and fellow entertainer Clarence Greene learned the art of blues guitar.
According to carbon dating the Canaanite city ( Jericho City IV ) was destroyed between 1617 and 1530 BCE, but rounded as c. 1550 BCE.
According to The Rodgers and Hammerstein Story by Stanley Green, " For three minutes, on the night of September first, the entire Times Square area in New York City was blacked out in honor of the man who had done so much to light up that particular part of the world.
According to a survey by Forbes magazine, Istanbul, Turkey's financial capital, had a total of 28 billionaires as of March 2010 ( down from 34 in 2008 ), ranking 4th in the world behind New York City ( 60 billionaires ), Moscow ( 50 billionaires ), and London ( 32 billionaires ).
According to the Oklahoma City Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism ( MIPT ), more than 300 buildings were damaged.
According to Dern, who ran twice as a Natural Law candidate for U. S. Senate and once for the Hartland Township Board of Trustees, the party will appear on the 2012 presidential ballot ticket In August 2012, the party nominated former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson for president.
According to that census, the population of Zanzibar City, which is the largest city, is approximately 205, 870.
According to the 2011 census the municipality of Thessaloniki today has a population of 322, 240, while the Thessaloniki Urban Area ( the contiguous built up area forming the " City of Thessaloniki ") has a population of 790, 824 ; making it the fifth largest and most populated city in the Balkans and the second most populated city that is not a capital.
According to the Kallikratis reform, as of 1 January 2011 the Thessaloniki Urban Area () which makes up the " City of Thessaloniki ", is made up of six self-governing municipalities () and one municipal unit ().
According to the City of Las Vegas ' 2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in the greater Clark County area are:
Works such as Ildefons Cerda's General Theory of Urbanization ( 1867 ), Camillo Sitte ’ s City Planning According to Artistic Principles ( 1889 ), and Robinson ’ s The Improvement of Cities and Towns ( 1901 ) and Modern Civic Art ( 1903 ), all were primarily concerned with urban design, as did the later City Beautiful movement in North America.
According to Vasili Mitrokhin, a former KGB major and senior archivist in the KGB intelligence central KGB office in the Yasenevo area of Moscow, Allende made a personal request for Soviet money through his personal contact, KGB officer Svyatoslav Kuznetsov ( codenamed LEONID ), who urgently came to Chile from Mexico City to help Allende.
According to 2010 census data, the City of Milwaukee has a population of.
According to Gehry: “ I was a truck driver in L. A., going to City College, and I tried radio announcing, which I wasn't very good at.
According to a map, printed in the eighth volume, Scrapyard / Tiphares is near Kansas City, Missouri, and the Necropolis is Colorado Springs, Colorado.
According to Forbes, the first year the team was in Oklahoma City, the Thunder earned $ 111, 000, 000 in revenue.
According to one source the Oak of Reformation was cut down by Norwich City Council in the 1960s to make way for a car park, although Reg Groves wrote in the 1940s that had already been destroyed.
According to the City of Fairfield website, Native Americans, such as those from the Ion culture, settled in the Rockville and Green Valley areas.
ABC also had some moderately successful comedies including The Drew Carey Show, Spin City, Dharma & Greg, According to Jim, My Wife and Kids, 8 Simple Rules and George Lopez.
According to the traditional account, the name of Guadalupe was chosen by the Virgin herself when she appeared on the hill outside Mexico City in 1531, ten years after the Conquest.
According to the Nican Mopohua, Juan Diego was born in the year 1474 in the calpulli of Tlayacac in Cuautitlán, a small Indian village some 20 km ( 12 mi ) to the north of Tenochtitlan ( Mexico City ).
According to the traditional account, the original image of Our lady of Guadalupe miracle | miraculously appeared on the cloak of Juan Diego, on the hill of Tepeyac near Mexico City on December 12, 1531.
According to Cooper, however, the filmmakers were unaware of Nanook until their return to New York City from filming in Iran.
According to Augustine of Hippo ( City of God XVIII, 8, 10 ,& 11 ) Deucalion and his father Prometheus were contemporaries of Moses.

According and Sunrise
According to an interview with members of Sunrise the studio was founded by former members of Mushi Production in 1972, under the name.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the census-designated place ( CDP ) of Sunrise Manor ( which may not coincide exactly with the town boundaries ) has a total area of 38. 2 square miles ( 99. 1 km² ), all of it land.

According and Golf
According to the Professional Disc Golf Association, " The object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc.
According to Golf Digest, Palmer made $ 1, 861, 857 in 734 PGA Tour career starts over 53 years ; he earned an estimated $ 30 million off the course in 2008.
Huyton-with-Roby boasts two 18 hole golf courses: Huyton & Prescot Golf Club ( Founded in 1905, it can be found at Hurst Park, Huyton Lane ) and Bowring Golf Club ( According to a sign at the course, it is the oldest municipal golf course in England and can be found at Bowring Park, Roby Road ).
According to tradition, the sauce was invented by Nobel laureate and restaurant patron Luis Federico Leloir at a Golf Club in Mar del Plata, Argentina, during the mid 1920s.
According to an interview with Jim Gray on Live from ... the PGA Championship ( a Golf Channel show ) on Wednesday, August 12, 2009, Daly claimed to have lost 91 pounds following the surgery and weighed under 200 lbs.
According to Knoebels Twitter account, the Mini Golf was eight inches under water, as well as at the door of the Country Store.
According to the July, 1996 and June, 2003 issues of Chicagoland Golf magazine, McGurn was a silent partner in Evergreen Golf Course, at 91st Street and Western Avenue, a known mob hangout where McGurn could often be found playing, practicing, giving lessons, or drinking and playing cards in the clubhouse.

According and Village
According to author Simon Reeve, Afif, Nazzal and one of their confederates had all worked in various capacities in the Olympic Village, and had spent a couple of weeks scouting out their potential target.
According to the Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History & Culture, at the start of the 20th Century, there were eight Archaic sites ( 6000 B. C. to 1 A. D .), sixteen Woodland sites ( 1 A. D. to 1000 A. D .) and six Plains Village sites ( 1000 to 1500 A. D .).
According to Palm Beach County, future annexation by the Village will include all areas west to Military Trail from the present boundaries, between Lake Worth Road and north of Forest Hill Boulevard ; and all areas east of the present boundaries to Florida Mango Road.
According to a 1999 Lake Villa and Lindenhurst Review article, Village Administrator James Stevens said Lindenhurst “ has been able to keep the small town flavor, in large part, through selective land annexation, and by carefully choosing developers for high quality but diversified housing types, including single family, town homes and condominiums.
According to the United States Census Bureau, Lincoln Village has a total area of, all of it land.
According to Texas House of Representatives member Keith Valigura, a Republican of Conroe, said that Patton Village police decided to do roadside inspections with every speeding driver so that the police department could bill drivers for other violations.
According to a review attributed to New York's Village Voice food critic Robert Seitsema, the Flagel was first created by Brooklyn's Tasty Bagels deli in the early 1990s.
According to the villagers of Shu Ming Village, nature is controlled by spirits called " Shv ".
According to The New York Times, a 1964 guide called Earl Wilson's New York wrote that " artists, poets and promoters of coffeehouses from Greenwich Village are trying to remelt the neighborhood under the high-sounding name of ' East Village.
According to the Neartown Association, the area's character is often likened to the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan, New York City.
According to the Neartown Association, the area's character is often likened to the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan, New York City.
According to Kyle Gann in the Village Voice, Tyranny has " Cecil Taylor's keyboard energy, Morton Feldman's ear.
According to the U. S. Census Bureau, Peppermill Village had a total area of, all of it land.
According to the website, Global Village trips offer volunteers the opportunity to experience another culture while making a difference in the lives of others ... work alongside members of the host community in building decent, affordable housing ... help raise awareness of the burden of poverty housing and create a true global village of love, community, homes and hope.
According to legend, Kampung Sungai Gajah Mati ( literally: " Dead Elephant River Village ") was the place where two large elephants drowned after one of them, overladen with tin ore, got stuck in the mud of the Dinding River at low tide.
According to the The Village Voice, it was " planned to distribute the kind of hip-hop that sold without top 40 samples or r & b hooks.
According to the Village Voice and the Washington Post the NCLC became embroiled in the early 1970s in conflicts with other leftist groups, culminating in " Operation Mop-Up " which consisted of a series of physical attacks on members of rival left wing groups.
According to an article originally published in the Village Voice:
According to Ginowan City records, the joint population of what was then Ginowan Village ( now Ginowan City ) was 12, 994 in 1944.
According to Richard Pankhurst, Adwa derives its name from Adi Awa ( or Wa ), " Village of the Awa "; the Awa are an ethnic group mentioned in the anonymous Monumentum Adulitanum that once stood at Adulis.
According to the Hammonds in their book The Village Labourer before the Enclosures Act the cottager was a farm labourer with land and after the Enclosures Act the cottager was a farm labourer without land.
According to Chen Village family history, Chen Bu ( 陳仆 ; 陈卜 ) was a skilled martial artist who started the martial arts tradition within Chen Village.

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