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According and Franz
According to Franz Anton Knittel Erasmus in his Novum Instrumentum omne did not incorporate the Comma from Codex Montfortianus, because of grammar differences, but used Complutensian Polyglotta.
According to an interview, Franz Schubert is Glass's favorite composer, with whom he shares a birthday.
According to Franz Boas:
According to the Brooklyn Rail Many artists collected his woodcuts: Degas, Gauguin, Klimt, Franz Marc, August Macke, Manet, and van Gogh included.
According to Lake Forest College art professor Franz Shulze, during the filming of the Ferrari-crashing-through-the-garage-window sequence Haid explained to Hughes that he could prevent the car from damaging the rest of the pavilion.
As an answer to Hans Hellwigs complaints about the interventionist excesses of the Erhard ministry and the Ordoliberals, Mises wrote, “ I have no illusions about the true character of the politics and politicians of the social market economy .” According to Mises, Erhard ´ s teacher, Franz Oppenheimer “ taught more or less the New Frontier line of ” President Kennedy ´ s “ Harvard consultants ( Schlesinger, Galbraith, etc.
According to Charles Rosen, the practice of beginning a recapitulation in the subdominant was " rare at the time sonata was written ," though the practice was later taken up by Franz Schubert.
According to official reports the deaths were a result of Franz Joseph's demand, that the couple end the relationship: the Crown Prince, as part of a suicide pact, first shot his mistress in the head and then himself.
According to Professor Ursula Acosta, a historian and member of the Puerto Rican Genealogy Society, the Kupferschein family emigrated from Austria to Trieste, where Franz Von Kupferschein was known as Francisco Confersin.
According to his recent publishers, “ Among the contributors Die Kreatur were Nicholas Berdyaev, Lev Shestov, Franz Rosenzweig, Ernst Simon, Hugo Bergmann, Hans Ehrenberg, Rudolf Hallo, and Florens Christian Rang.
According to the Wiedemann – Franz law, the higher the electrical conductivity, the higher κ < sub > electron </ sub > becomes.
According to one critic, " dreadful beyond imagination " and utterly forgotten today, except for the incidental music by Franz Schubert
According to Pierre Vidal-Naquet in " Torture ; Cancer of Democracy " and " Les Damnees de la Terre " by Franz Fanon, torture was practiced endemically by the French forces, commanded by General Jacques Massu, bringing together the experience of " Les Paras " in the Indo-China War and German troops in the French Foreign Legion.
According to Balousek, before 1978 brochures advertised authentic Tiffany lamps, said the Gladiator Calliope dated from 1895, that the Franz Josef music machine had actually belonged to the Austrian emperor, that the Tusk of Ranchipoor was genuine ivory carved by an " unknown Punjab artisan ," and so forth.
According to Ritter the German government had underrated the state of military readiness in Russia and France, falsely assumed that British foreign policy was more pacific than what it really was, overrated the sense of moral outrage caused by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on European opinion, and above all, overestimated the military power and political common sense of Austria-Hungary.
According to the dramatist Ignaz Franz Castelli, Schikaneder also may have given advice to Mozart concerning the musical setting of his libretto:
According to the English Windsor example, architects Franz Beer and F. Deworetzky built a Romantic Neo-Gothic chateau, surrounded by a English park here in the years 1841 to 1871.
* The Principles of Astrological Geomancy, The Art of Divining by Punctuation According to Cornelius Agrippa and Others by Franz Hartmann
According to one wrestling website, magician Franz Harary performed the illusions.
According to Franz Xavier Wernz ( Jus decretalium, IV, n. 20 ), Sanchez's work De matrimonio was reckoned by the Roman Curia among the classical works on marriage.
According to German footballing legend Franz Beckenbauer, Mondragón had been the best goalkeeper of the first round.
According to Franz Hopper's diary, Lyoko and Xana were originally meant to destroy a military project called Project Carthage, which was designed to disrupt enemy communications.

According and imagery
According to Japanese literature, the koto was used as imagery and other extra music significance.
According to Isidore Witmark in his history of the Witmark and Sons publishing house, Cowl's play was partially rewritten after the song was published, based upon the imagery of the lyrics.
According to Shri Aurobindo, the vedic imagery are deeper than mere imagery.
According to " scanning hypothesis " the directional properties of REM sleep eye movements are related to shifts of gaze in dream imagery.
According to Oleg Grabar, the domes of the Islamic world, which rejected such imagery, continued the other traditions.
According to Hoffer ( 2010 ), " It is also important to note the sexual imagery that recurred throughout the oration, which was neither accidental nor without precedent.
According to Gael Sweeney, Elvis impersonation offers a spectacle of the grotesque, the display of the fetishized Elvis body by impersonators who use a combination of Christian and New Age imagery and language to describe their devotion to The King.
According to Berkeley, only the latter are considered " mental imagery " in the contemporary sense of the term.
According to this recent survey, visualization, or guided imagery, was the 10th most commonly used CAM therapy ( 2. 1 %) in the United States during 2002 ( table 1 on page 8 ) when all use of prayer was excluded.
According to Calcutta review, the epic is modern in tone and treatment and displays a greater facility of expression, a more delicate ear for music, a greater skill for grouping in imagery.
According to satellite imagery studies carried out over a period of 20 years ( between 1972 – 1973 and 1991 – 1993 ), the river coursing along the India – Pakistan border meanders substantially in the alluvial plains of the Amritsar and Gurdaspur districts of Punjab.
According to the director's commentary on the 2-disc DVD release of the Bob Dylan biopic I'm Not There, director Todd Haynes explained that much of the imagery for the town of Riddle in the Richard Gere segment of the film was inspired by Lesy's book of photographs.
According to Paivio, there are two ways a person could expand on learned material: verbal associations and visual imagery.
According to Money, it is " a developmental representation or template in the mind and in the brain depicting the idealized lover and the idealized program of sexual and erotic activity projected in imagery or actually engaged in with that lover.
According to Josh Homme, the song was inspired by the " sort of sexual twist " of Doc Pomus's song of the same name, which is probably best known as recorded by Elvis Presley: " I like the amalgam of imagery that it puts forward, that throwing a little pebble at the girl's windows late at night, you know, trying to creep in the back door, you know.
According to 20th century Swift scholar Irvin Ehrenpreis, there is debate in the academic community over how much Swift may have wished his audience to identify him as the Drapier, especially since the Drapier constantly includes religious imagery that was common to Swift's sermons.
According to Stephen Hill space music can evoke a " continuum of spatial imagery and emotion ," which can be beneficial for introspection, and for developing, through a practice of deep listening, an awareness of the spatiality of sound phenomenon.
According to the National Hurricane Center, satellite imagery on the 15th revealed a much better organized system than twenty-four hours previous, and the depression is estimated to have intensified into a tropical storm at 1200 UTC, receiving the name Greg.
According to satellite imagery and open source reporting, the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing has the KC-10 Extender, the E-3 Sentry, the U-2 Dragon Lady, and the RQ-4A / B platforms deployed to the air base.

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