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According and RFC
According to RFC 2076, this is a common but non-standard header field.
According to RFC 5321, the lowest-numbered records are the most preferred.
According to RFC 897 and RFC 921, the transition to DNS started in 1983, but HOSTS. TXT wasn't scheduled to go away until the end of 1985 and wasn't totally phased out until the late 1990s.
According to RFC 3302, specific TIFF subsets or TIFF extensions used in the application parameter must be published as an RFC.
According to the definitions given in the RFC 2608 specification, a location is a topologically specific and named entity on a local network of any extension, and that is not any geographic or otherwise topographic or geometric location.
According to current Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ( IANA ) policy ( based in RFC 1591 ), the < tt > int </ tt > sTLD is reserved for international treaty-based organizations, United Nations agencies, and organizations or entities having Observer status at the UN.
* According to RFC 1036 only the author of the target message or the administrator of the site that injected the message is allowed to send a cancel.
According to RFC 3964, 6to4 routers and relays should ensure that:
According to the IETF web site, the standard has been withdrawn and never made RFC status.
According to Jonathan Rosenberg, the author of RFC 3261 ( SIP ) and numerous other related RFCs, Dynamicsoft actually developed the first working SBC in conjunction with Aravox, but the product never truly gained marketshare.
According to the RFC, " The goal of this specification is to develop a profile to facilitate the use of X. 509 certificates within Internet applications for those communities wishing to make use of X. 509 technology.

According and 1428
According to a royal decree of 1428, Louis I had also ordered that only Catholics be granted land in the Sebeş district of Timiş county.

According and original
According to the original program, Premier Khrushchev expected the millions looking toward the Kremlin this morning to be filled with admiration or rage -- depending upon individual or national politics -- because of the `` bold program for building communism in our time '' which the Congress will adopt.
According to Tylor, the more scientifically advanced the society, the less that society believed in Animism ; however, any remnant ideologies of souls or spirits, to Tylor, represented “ survivals ” of the original animism of early humanity.
According to this new theory, the shorter Alexandrian text is closer to the original, and the longer Western text is the result of later insertion of additional material into the text.
According to the original press release from Colangelo's group ( which remained posted on the team website during the first few seasons ) the chosen team colors were Arizona turquoise, copper, black and purple.
According to Rudbeck, Atland means fatherland, and it was the original name of Atlantis.
According to the standard modern text on the work, Lamar Ronald Lacey's The Myth of Aktaion: Literary and Iconographic Studies, the most likely original version of the myth is that Actaeon was the hunting companion of the goddess who, seeing her naked in her sacred spring, attempts to force himself on her.
According to the Official Buffy Watcher's Guide, Whedon wrote the pilot to the TV series as a sequel to his original script, which is why the show makes references to events not occurred in the film.
According to Leila Sansour, Bethlehem residents are confined to less than 13 % of their original pre-war land.
According to the Torah, Benjamin's ( or in some countries, Biniam's ) name arose when Jacob deliberately corrupted the name Benoni, the original name of Benjamin, since Benoni was an allusion to Rachel's dying just after she had given birth, as it means son of my pain.
According to these scholars, there was something they variously call " earliest Buddhism ", " original Buddhism " or " pre-canonical Buddhism ".
According to Unilever, " in blind taste tests, 10 % didn't notice any difference in taste, 40 % preferred the original and 50 % preferred the new product.
According to William Burt, in his notes to Dartmoor, a Descriptive Poem by N. T. Carrington ( 1826 ), the original tomb consisted of a pedestal of three steps, the lowest of which was built of four stones each six feet long and twelve inches square.
According to Alan Ryan, the ideology of the original classical liberals argued against direct democracy, where law is made by majority vote by citizens, " for there is nothing in the bare idea of majority rule to show that majorities will always respect the rights of property or maintain rule of law.
According to this world view, over time " priests " had succeeded in encrusting the original simple, rational religion with all kinds of superstitions and " mysteries " irrational theological doctrines.
According to tradition, the original flag from the Battle of Lyndanisse was used in the small campaign of 1500 when King Hans tried to conquer Dithmarschen ( in western Holstein in north Germany ).
According to S. N. Goenka, a teacher of Vipassana meditation, the original meaning of dhamma is " dharayati iti dharmaH ", or " one that contains, supports or upholds " and dharma in the Buddhist scriptures has a variety of meanings, including " phenomenon " and " nature " or " characteristic ".
According to Margaret Bent, " Renaissance notation is under-prescriptive by our standards ; when translated into modern form it acquires a prescriptive weight that overspecifies and distorts its original openness.
According to the Fulham Football Club, he once resided in the original Craven Cottage, today the site of their stadium.
According to Coppola, the studio's objection stemmed from the belief that audiences would be reluctant to see a film with such a title, as the audience would supposedly believe that, having already seen The Godfather, there was little reason to see an addition to the original story.
According to Wray, Jean Harlow had been RKO's original choice, but because MGM put Harlow under exclusive contract during the pre-production phase of the film, she became unavailable and Wray was approached by director Merian C. Cooper to play the role of Ann Darrow, the blonde captive of King Kong.
According to Moodysson, the problem with the original title started when the film was Sweden's candidate for the Academy Awards, though it was eventually not chosen as a nominee: the Hollywood industry magazine Variety refused to run an advertisement for a film with that title, and thus American distributor Strand Releasing asked for a new title to be chosen.
" According to some records, the original seventh letter, ⟨ z ⟩, had been purged from the Latin alphabet somewhat earlier in the 3rd century BC by the Roman censor Appius Claudius, who found it distasteful and foreign.
According to Dave Ulmer's message, the original stash was a black plastic bucket buried most of the way in the ground and contained software, videos, books, food, money, and a slingshot.
According to Steve Wilhite, the creator of the GIF format, the original pronunciation deliberately echoes the American peanut butter brand, Jif, and the employees of CompuServe would often say " Choosy developers choose GIF ", spoofing this brand's television commercials.
According to the original manual by the authors,

According and 821
According to the U. S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 317 square miles ( 821 km² ), of which 317 square miles ( 820 km² ) is land and 0 square miles ( 1 km² ) ( 0. 12 %) is water.
According to the 2001 Census, it has a population of 27, 821 people in 11, 502 households, placing it in the " large town " class.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the borough had a total area of 9. 232 square miles ( 23. 910 km < sup > 2 </ sup >), of which, 6. 411 square miles ( 16. 604 km < sup > 2 </ sup >) of it is land and 2. 821 square miles ( 7. 307 km < sup > 2 </ sup >) of it ( 30. 56 %) is water.
According to a 2007 estimate, the median income for a household in the city was $ 71, 821, and the median income for a family was $ 82, 737.
According to the May 2010 census, there is a total of 2, 693, 821 residents in Camarines Sur, making it the most populous in the region and the 7th most populous in the whole country.
According to the 1910 census, the population of Bečej municipality numbered 54, 275 people, of whom 30, 465 spoke Hungarian and 22, 821 Serbian.
According to CBS figures for 2001, there are 13 schools and 5, 019 students in the city: 10 elementary schools with 2, 821 students, and 4 high schools with 2, 198 students.
According to Crain's Chicago Business, the Chicago Cultural Center was the fifth most-visited cultural institution in the Chicago area in 2007, with 821, 000 visitors.
According to the latest census, it has a population of 29, 821 people in 5, 260 households.
According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 24, 558 people in 3, 821 households.
According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 46, 076 in 8, 821 households and is strategically located in the center of Iloilo, 15. 7 kilometers away from the Iloilo City. The Iloilo International Airport is located in Santa Barbara.
According to B ' Tselem, as of July 10, 2005, over 400 members of the Israeli Security forces, and 821 Israeli civilians have been killed by Palestinians since the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993, 553 of whom were killed within the 1949 Armistice lines, mainly by suicide bombings.

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