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According and Shri
According to Shri Aurobindo, the vedic imagery are deeper than mere imagery.
According to Shri Sankara Menon ( 1907 – 2007 ), who was her associate from Kalakshetra ’ s beginnings, Rukmini Devi raised Bharatanatyam to a puritan art form, divorced from its recently controversial past by " removing objectionable elements " ( mostly, the Sringara, certain emotional elements evocative of the erotic, such as hip, neck, lip and chest movements ) from the Pandanallur style, which was publicly criticized by Balasaraswati and other representatives of the traditional devadasi culture.
According to some scholars, Shri Hans was influenced by both the Sant tradition and the Bhagavad Gita.
According to the legend, Soma or the Moon God built the temple in gold, Ravana in silver, and Shri Krishna in wood.
According to the book " Shridattareya Shodashavatar Charitanee " by Shri Vasudevananda Saraswati, Dattatreya is supposed to have taken 16 Avatars.
According to the Shri Amrit Nath Ashram website, the twelve Natha Panthi are as follows:
According to a recent Nath Guru, Shri Gurudev Mahendranath, another aim was to avoid reincarnation.
According to a statement by the driver, the terrorists visited the Shri Ram Mandir ( Temple ) at Ayodhya where they prayed, possibly to reinforce the impression that they were indeed pilgrims.
According to a disciple, at the age of twelve Hariharananda took initiation in the path of Jnana Yoga from a certain Shri Bijoy Krishna Chattopadhyay, after visiting him a couple of times in the company of his brother Pareshnath and brother-in-law, both disciples of his.

According and Sankara
According to lore, it was after his parents, who had been childless for many years, prayed at the Vadakkunnathan temple, Thrissur that Sankara was born under the star Thiruvathiralike Sambandar with whom he has a lot of commonalities and whom he praises in his hymns.
According to legend, while on his way to the Vishwanath Temple, Sankara came upon an untouchable accompanied by four dogs.
According to Advaita as taught by Sankara, saguna brahman refers to the lord identical with his own infinite jnanam.
According to legend, one day he could not go by himself, so he sent Sankara with a measure of milk as an offering to Devi.
According to legend, as the parents of Sree Sankara got older, they could not walk the distance to worship in the nearest temple.
According to legend, once Sree Sankara prayed Vishnu in this Shiva temple, Vishnu also came to reside in same idol.

According and Rukmini
According to traditional accounts Princess Rukmini is believed to have been born on Vaishakha 12.
According to folklore, Lord Krishna came to the village of Madhavpur Ghed after kidnapping Rukmini and got married to her at this very place.
According to Nath tradition Sant Dnyaneshwar was the second of the four children of Vitthal Govind Kulkarni and Rukmini, a pious couple from Apegaon near Paithan on the banks of the river Godavari.
According to sacred Hindu traditions, Lord Krishna's first queen Rukmini was a Mishmi Damsel.

According and Devi
According to traditional accounts, Bhuvaneswari Devi had a dream in which Shiva said that he would be born as her son.
According to a narrative in the Devi Mahatmya story of the Markandeya Purana text, Durga was created as a warrior goddess to fight an asura ( an inhuman force / demon ) named Mahishasura.
According to Hindu legend, Kanya Devi, an Avatar of Parvati, was to marry Siva, but as he failed to show up on his wedding day, the rice and other grains meant for the wedding feast remained uncooked and remain unused thereafter.
According to Jaina tradition, Ajatasatru was born to king Bimbisara and Queen Chelna ; Buddhist tradition records Ajatasatru being born to King Bimbisara and queen Kosala Devi.
According to Dīgha nikāya, Ajatasatru was born to King Bimbisara and Queen Kosala Devi, who was the daughter of Maha-Kosala, the king of Kosala and sister of Prasenjit who latter succeeded to the throne.
According to Sarada Devi, she used to see a bevy of eight girls of her age coming from an unknown place and escorting her in her chores during her childhood.
According to her devotees and traditional biographers, the hospitality of Sarada Devi was unique and was characterized by motherly care and solicitude.
According to some others, S. D. Burman severed his ties with the royal family because he was frustrated with the unjust and unfair treatment meted out to his father and his brothers by the royal family of Tripura. The couple's only child, Rahul Dev Burman was born in 1939, and later, both Meera Devi and Rahul assisted, S. D.
According to a Hindu epic, Maa Vaishno Devi was born in the south of India in the home of Ratnakar Sagar.
According to a legend the Koch Bihar royal family was banned by Devi herself from offering puja at the temple.
According to a Hindu tradition, Shakambhari Devi, the tutelary goddess of Chauhan Rajputs, converted the forest to a plain of precious metals.
According to legend she was born in the same manner as the Buddha, a Sanskrit mantra sounding as her mother gave birth painlessly, and she is considered a reincarnation of the Buddha's own mother, Maya Devi.
According to a legend, the Pandavas built a temple in honour of Jainti Devi ( the goddess of victory ), offered prayers for success, and then launched the battle with the Kauravas.
According to legend, it was on this rock that Devi Kumari performed austerity.

According and raised
According to the poet Saadi Shirazi: Arslan possessed a fort, which raised at the height of Alwand, from all were those within its walls, for its roads were a labyrinth, like the curls of a bride.
According to the Bible, " God raised him from the dead ", he ascended to heaven, is " seated at the right hand of the Father " and will ultimately return to fulfill the rest of Messianic prophecy such as the Resurrection of the dead, the Last Judgment and final establishment of the Kingdom of God.
According to Eric Achakeng of the University of Adelaide, Globalization has raised some troubling concerns for the developing world, including
According to one Rabbinic tradition, David was raised as the son of his father Jesse and spent his early years herding his father's sheep in the wilderness while his brothers were in school.
According to the Books of Kings, Elijah defended the worship of Yahweh over that of the Phoenician god Baal ; he raised the dead, brought fire down from the sky, and was taken up in a whirlwind ( either accompanied by a chariot and horses of flame or riding in it ).
According to John Tzetzes the kourotrophos, or nurse of Poseidon was Arne, who denied knowing where he was, when Cronus came searching ; according to Diodorus Siculus Poseidon was raised by the Telchines on Rhodes, just as Zeus was raised by the Korybantes on Crete.
' " According to the Bible, " God raised him from the dead ," he ascended to heaven, to the " right hand of God ", and will return again to fulfill the rest of Messianic prophecy such as the Resurrection of the dead, the Last Judgment and establishment of the Kingdom of God ; see also Messianism and Messianic Age.
According to theologian Peter Carnley, the resurrection of Jesus was different from the Resurrection of Lazarus as: " In the case of Lazarus, the stone was rolled away so that he could walk out .... the raised Christ didn't have to have the stone rolled away, because he is transformed and can appear anywhere, at any time.
According to some sources, after his triumphal entry into the city, Allenby raised his sword in salute to the famous statue of Saladin and proudly declared " Today the wars of the Crusaders are completed.
According to tradition, Saint Agnes was a member of the Roman nobility born c. 291 and raised in a Christian family.
According to Stephen Spratt, " the revenues raised could be used for ... international development objectives ... such as meeting the Millennium Development Goals.
According to church tradition, he was raised in Carthage and was thought to be the son of a Roman centurion, a trained lawyer, and an ordained priest.
According to Palentchar, Assata Shakur then walked towards him from away with her bloody arms raised in surrender.
b ) According to the Bibliotheca Epitome and Proclus in " Ilion's Conquest ", Menelaus raised his sword in front of the temple of Minerva in the central square of Troy to kill her but his wrath went away when he saw her tearing her clothes to reveal her breasts.
According to the archivist of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, " Twenty years after its production as a lyric opera in Vienna, Mahler raised the artistic status of Strauss's work by producing it at the Hamburg Opera House [...] all the leading opera houses in Europe, notably Vienna and Munich, have brightened their regular repertoire by including it for occasional performance.
According to the Gospel of Nicodemus, Joseph testified to the Jewish elders, and specifically to chief priests Caiaphas and Annas that Jesus had risen from the dead and ascended to heaven and he indicated that others were raised from the dead at the resurrection of Christ ( repeating Matt 27: 52 – 53 ).
According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the most common types of moles are skin tags, raised moles and flat moles.
According to a meta-analysis published in 2002, approximately 40 % of variation between individuals is explained by differences in genes, and 60 % by differences in environment ( mainly non-shared environmental influences rather than those that would be shared by being raised together ).
According to American field surgeon named Robert Brownfield who witnessed the events, the Continental Army Col. Buford raised a white flag of surrender, " expecting the usual treatment sanctioned by civilized warfare ".
According to Greek mythology, the young Zeus was raised in a cave on Mt.
According to Hyginus, Pleisthenes was raised by Atreus's brother Thyestes, accompanied Thyestes into exile, and was sent by Thyestes to kill Atreus.
According to the website, over $ 250K was raised.
According to Plutarch, Marcellus was a skilled fighter in his youth and was raised with the purpose of entering military service.

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