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According and Steve
According to Steve Wilhite, the creator of the GIF format, the original pronunciation deliberately echoes the American peanut butter brand, Jif, and the employees of CompuServe would often say " Choosy developers choose GIF ", spoofing this brand's television commercials.
According to Steve Erlewine, its memorable guitar riffs, lumbering rhythms, psychedelic blues, groovy, bluesy shuffles and hints of English folk, made it " a significant turning point in the evolution of hard rock and heavy metal ".
According Steve White, during the Putin presidency Russia made clear that it had no intention of establishing a " second edition " of the American or British political system, but rather a system that was closer to Russia's own traditions and circumstances.
According to Chicago folksinger Steve Goodman, " no man could inspire more love, more hate.
According to Chicago Tribune columnist Steve Chapman, " Daley lasted 22 years in office partly because he resolved to ingratiate himself with black Chicagoans.
According to economist Steve Keen, the " deleveraging " moments when they ( or the governments they live under ) pay down debt instead of spending on consumption or investment in real-economy infrastructure, result in economic crises or even depressions ( such as The Great Depression ).
According to former Victorian Premier Steve Bracks, " We won't be renaming the National Gallery of Victoria.
According to artist Steve Purcell, that became a major limitation for the art team ; due to a low number of " ghastly " colors, they often chose bizarre tones for backgrounds.
According to fandom historian Fred Patten, the concept of furry originated at a science fiction convention in 1980, when a character drawing from Steve Gallacci ’ s Albedo Anthropomorphics started a discussion of anthropomorphic characters in science fiction novels.
According to Chairman Steve Van Andel and President Doug DeVos, " We are going through a global transformation of our business ; this includes rethinking our global approach to products, training, brands, and how we operate in all the countries in which Alticor operates.
According to conversations with Dan McKinnon and Steve Harfst ( former COO ), there was no desire for the company to compete with the low fare cost structure of JetBlue.
According to biographer Michael David Harris, " Sullivan signed Presley when the host was having an intense Sunday-night rivalry with Steve Allen.
According to Elaine Dundy, Presley sang " Love Me Tender " " straight, subdued and tender ...a very different Elvis from the one on The Steve Allen Show three months before ".
According to Bonanno, he was held captive in upstate New York by his cousin, Stefano " Steve the Undertaker " Magaddino.
According to page 20 of the CD's liner notes, Steve Katz elected not to allow his performances onto the CD, which were digitally replaced by Jimmy Vivino.
According to Steve Cropper, the song was recorded with the intention of being released as by The Mar-Keys ( another name used to release singles by the Stax house band.
According to Steve Heine in 2011, less than 15 % of Japanese believe in God.
According to Allmusic editor Steve Huey, the success of his 1994 debut album Ready to Die " reinvented East Coast rap for the gangsta age " and " turned the Notorious B. I. G.
According to the BBC's website, Steve " tries to be the voice of reason while talking to his mates over a pint, but more often than not he stumbles into more complex and ridiculous situations than any of them.
According to David Doak, the majority of the work on the multiplayer mode was done by Steve Ellis, who " sat in a room with all the code written for a single-player game and turned GoldenEye into a multiplayer game.
According to giant squid expert Steve O ' Shea, such lengths were likely achieved by greatly stretching the two tentacles like elastic bands.
According to Goldberg, Steve Jobs demanded a demonstration of the Smalltalk System, which she refused to give him.
According to several sources including Macworld UK, the company name " Be " had its origin in a conversation between Gassée and Be co-founder Steve Sakoman.
According to Gregory, this effect was observed by a member of his laboratory, Steve Simpson, in the tiles of the wall of a café at the bottom of St Michael's Hill, Bristol.

According and Huey
According to Don Rosa, Huey, Dewey and Louie became members of the Junior Woodchucks when they were around 11 years old.
According to Huey Lewis and the News, this was especially damaging to them since " Ghostbusters " was so popular, rising to number one on the charts for three weeks.
According to Boulard ( 1998 ), " the most chilling and uncanny treatment of Huey by a writer came with Sinclair Lewis's It Can't Happen Here.
According to Huey they sold approximately 10 million albums worldwide.
According to Boulard ( 1998 ), " the most chilling and uncanny treatment of Huey by a writer came with Sinclair Lewis's It Can't Happen Here.
According to Steve Huey from AllMusic, the album is a " magnificently-conceived and executed opus that fulfills all of Emperor's promise and ambition.
According to Huey, the band was influential to the development of emo even though the style's later sound was quite different from Drive Like Jehu's: " The term ' emo ' hadn't yet come into wider use, and while Drive Like Jehu didn't much resemble the sound that word would later come to signify, they exerted a powerful pull on its development.
According to Steve Huey of Allmusic, " Singles helped crystallize the idea of the ' Seattle scene ' in the mainstream public's mind, and it was also one of the first big-selling ' 90s movie soundtracks ( it went platinum and reached the Top Ten ) to feature largely new work from contemporary artists ... it's a milestone in the breakthrough of alternative rock into mainstream popular culture, neatly and effectively packaging the Seattle phenomenon for the wider national consciousness.
According to US Naval Archives, at 12: 30 an Air America Bell 205 landed Air Vice Marshal Nguyễn Cao Kỳ, Madame Kỳ, Dorothy Martin ( wife of Ambassador Martin ) and others on the USS Denver, however contemporary reports and photos state that Marshal Kỳ piloted his own UH-1H Huey to the USS Midway.
According to Allmusic journalist Steve Huey, " best known for his 1960 R & B smash, ' Handy Man ,' Jones sang in a smooth yet soulful falsetto modeled on the likes of Clyde McPhatter and Sam Cooke.
According to the Season 3 episode " It's a Black President, Huey Freeman ", " Nobody knows exactly how old Robert Freeman is-not even himself.

According and allmusic
( According to allmusic. com, Pink Puzz was the identity under which the Raiders first tried to get the album played on FM radio, a gambit that failed though the band kept the joke name for the album title.
According to allmusic. com ( which calls Ryder " the unsung hero " of Michigan rock and roll ), Ryder withdrew from music after experiencing throat trouble, moving to Colorado with his wife and taking up writing and painting.
According to Bradley Torreano of allmusic, " his easygoing image and boyish looks appealed to the producers of Brandy's television show, Moesha ", giving him a role on the UPN series starting in 1999 as Dorian " D-Money ".
According to music critic Richie Unterberger of allmusic, " Several songs on 1964's Beatles for Sale, as well as " I'll Cry Instead " from A Hard Day's Night, had leaned in a country and western direction.

According and Only
According to William Lutz: “ Only by teaching respect and love for the language can teachers of English instill in students the sense of outrage they should experience when they encounter doublespeak.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the village has a total area of 1. 1 square miles ( 2. 8 km² ). Only 0. 04 square miles ( 0. 1 km² ) or 2. 73 % of its area is water.
According to the book Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain, Vicious ' mother and Jerry Only of Misfits scattered his ashes over Spungen's grave.
According to the movie You Only Live Twice, she holds the rank of Second Officer in the Women's Royal Naval Service.
According to Mormon beliefs, Jesus Christ was the Only Begotten Son of God the Father.
According to Barney Frank's book The Story of America's Only Left-handed, Gay, Jewish Congressman by Stuart E. Weisberg, In the election of 1970, against Kevin White, White was the first mayor to declare the city had a race problem and that people did not want him to become governor and keep him as mayor.
According to Konrad J. Kaweczynski, " Only good dreams would be allowed to filter through … Bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day.
According to Young, he was offered and turned down the direction of For Your Eyes Only and Never Say Never Again.
According to one study ( Yee N., 2002 ), gay men who identify as " Only Tops " tend to prefer shorter men, while gay men who identify as " Only Bottoms " tend to prefer taller men.
According to one study ( Yee N., 2002 ), gay men who identify as " Only Tops " tend to prefer lighter-skinned men while gay men who identify as " Only Bottoms " tend to prefer darker-skinned men.
According to Timothy Snyder the OUN wanted to create a Ukrainian state consisting of Ukrainian territories, but only of Ukrainian people ; its first congress in 1929 resolved that “ Only the complete removal of all occupiers from Ukrainian lands will allow for the general development of the Ukrainian Nation within its own state .” OUN ’ s “ Ten Commandments ” stated: “ Aspire to expand the strength, riches, and size of the Ukrainian State even by means of enslaving foreigners .”
According to various interviews conducted at the time, and a series of fan club letters written by Jerry Only ( as " Mo The Great ") from 1988 to 1990, Kryst the Conqueror was meant to be Only's vision of the " perfect " band.

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