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According and recent
According to a single unsupported piece of recent research, refugees from the collapsed Assyrian Empire claim to have reached the region of Lake Chad and founded the kingdoms of Kanem and Kebbi.
According to recent academics, Athanasius, growing impatient, took a small number of bishops who supported his claim, and held a private consecration making him bishop.
According to the most recent measurements and observations, the Big Bang occurred approximately 13. 75 billion years ago, which is thus considered the age of the Universe.
According to a recent opinion poll, 39 % of Americans believe the US has a crony capitalist system.
According to the most recent classification scheme, the APG III of 2009, the order includes five families: Commelinaceae, Haemodoraceae, Hanguanaceae, Philydraceae, and Pontederiaceae.
According to the Botanical Society of the British Isles ' most recent Atlas, there has been only one confirmed record since 2000.
According to a recent United Nations report, more than 84 percent of Eritreans who have sought asylum around the world have been recognized as refugees deserving asylum status.
According to the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, " China has been working with great determination in recent years to develop, implement, and enforce a solid environmental law framework.
According to Rossy, this is proof of the more recent creation of this type of songs, influenced by Castilian jota.
According to the recent single origin hypothesis, anatomically modern humans arose in East Africa approximately 200, 000 years ago.
According to Technorati, the number of blogs doubles about every 6 months with a total of 35. 3 million blogs. This is an example of the early stages of logistic growth, where growth is approximately exponential, since blogs are a recent innovation.
According to recent figures, of an estimated four million POWs taken by the Soviets, including Germans, Japanese, Hungarians, Romanians and others, some 580, 000 never returned, presumably victims of privation or the Gulags.
According to recent historical findings, Kyrgyz history dates back to 201 BC.
According to the official Bulgarian sources, in the period between 2000 to 2006 some 30 000 Macedonian citizens applied for Bulgarian citizenship, attracted by the Bulgaria's recent positive development and the opportunity to get European Union passports after Bulgaria joined EU on the beginning of 2007.
According to the World Bank, Moldova's weighted average tariff rate in 2001 ( the most recent year for which World Bank data are available ) was 2. 8 percent.
According to a recent hypothesis, the Archimedes screw may have been used by Sennacherib, King of Assyria, for the water systems at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Nineveh in the 7th century BC, although mainstream scholarship holds it to be a Greek invention of later times.
According to recent research, adult Manduca sexta is able to retain the behaviour learned as a caterpillar.
According to this interpretation, Aquinas's influence was such as to affect a number of early translations of these passages in an unfortunate manner, though more recent translations render them more literally.
According to a recent scientific survey, there are dozens of ancient olive trees throughout Israel and Palestine, 1, 600 – 2, 000 years old.
According to recent data, 841 different languages are listed for the country, although 11 of these have no known living speakers.
According to more recent studies, the oldest liturgical books indicate that the saint honoured on 30 May was a little-known martyr buried on the Via Aurelia, who was mistakenly identified with Pope Felix I, an error similar to but less curious than the identification in the liturgical books, until the mid-1950s, of the martyr saint celebrated on 30 July with the antipope Felix II.
According to recent European research, rosemary interferes with the absorption of iron and should not be consumed by those with iron deficiency anemia.
According to History Professor John Boles ' recent book University Builder: Edgar Odell Lovett and the Founding of the Rice Institute, the first president's original vision for the university included hopes for future medical and law schools.
According to a legend, 13-year-old Magritte was present when her body was retrieved from the water, but recent research has discredited this story, which may have originated with the family nurse.

According and Wall
According to a 2008 article in The Wall Street Journal, Dartmouth graduates also earn higher median salaries at least 10 years after graduation than alumni of any other American university surveyed.
According to Dimitrie Cantemir, the name originally applied only to the part of the territory south of the Upper Trajan Wall, somewhat bigger than current Budjak.
According to prestigious Global Capital Markets Survey, which measures readership habits amongst most senior corporate and financial decision makers in the world ’ s largest companies and financial institutions, the Financial Times is considered the most important business read, reaching 33 % of the universe, 6 % more than The Wall Street Journal.
According to Baal-Teshuva, " he was impressed by the pioneering spirit of the people in the kibbutzim and deeply moved by the Wailing Wall and the other holy places ".
According to the 2011 Index of Economic Freedom published by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal, Bahrain has the freest economy in the Middle East and North Africa region and is tenth overall in the world.
According to prestigious Global Capital Markets Survey, which measures readership habits amongst most senior corporate and financial decision makers in the world ’ s largest companies and financial institutions, the Financial Times is considered the most important business read, reaching 33 % of the universe, 6 % more than The Wall Street Journal.
According to the Wall Street Journal the trust has been carefully managed with most of its income coming from forestry holdings, which the Fugger family favored since the 17th century after losing money on higher yielding investments.
According to The Wall Street Journal, the project was too ambitious, as " everything at Saturn is new: the car, the plant, the workforce, the dealer network and the manufacturing process.
According to Bloomberg Wall Street's five biggest firms paid over $ 3 billion to their executives from 2003 to 2008, " while they presided over the packaging and sale of loans that helped bring down the investment-banking system.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Wellesley College also ranks fifth in the top liberal arts colleges (# 15 as one of the top total undergraduate colleges ) for sending more students to the selected 15, elite graduate school programs in medicine, law, and business.
According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, the paper has 1. 8 million copies as of March 2012 compared with The Wall Street Journal 2. 1 million though this figure includes the WSJ's 400, 000 paid-for, online subscribers.
According to legend, it was used to make the mortar in the construction of the Great Wall of China.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Bechtel established a strong relationship with the rebel leader Laurent Kabila during the First Congo War of 1996-7 in central Africa, compiling " the most complete mineralogical and geographical data of the former Zaire ever assembled, information worth a fortune to any prospective mining or oil firm " and commissioning and paying for " U. S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration satellite studies of the country and for infrared maps of its mineral potential.
According to The Wall Street Journal, he hand-wrote the code while serving nights in the Alameda County Jail, then entered the code later into a computer.
According to a May 30, 2002 article in the Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ) entitled " Sequent Deal Serves Hard Lesson for IBM ":
According to the Wall Street Journal, Iowa has produced more Division I college-football coaches than any other school in the U. S.
According to The Wall Street Journal, Charlie Munger once said " it is a foregone decision " that Li Lu would be going to be a member of Berkshire's top investors team after Warren Buffett retires.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Hefner and his wife announced in March 2009 that they are listing Mrs. Hefner's home for sale at $ US28 million.
According to Chinese chronicles, they were originally a tribe living to the north of the Great Wall and were known as Hoa or Hoa-tun.
According to the Wall Street Journal, several US senators believe his story.
According to the Wall Street Journal, 30 % of flights in June 2007 were late by an average of 62 minutes.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the so-called " Davie-Brown Index " will " enable advertisers and ad-agency personnel to determine if a particular public figure will motivate consumers who see them in an ad to purchase the product advertised.
According to Lehrer, the fact that papers like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal have disagreements is evidence that the media is not a monolithic entity.
According to The Wall Street Journal, Baker caused some controversy in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when he was overheard telling lobbyists: " We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans.

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