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According and autobiographical
According to some scholars, Howard's conception of Conan and the Hyborian Age may have originated in Thomas Bulfinch's The Outline of Mythology ( 1913 ) which inspired Howard to " coalesce into a coherent whole his literary aspirations and the strong physical, autobiographical elements underlying the creation of Conan.
According to Goldberg's autobiographical account in 1938, when the family traveled back to Kaunas in 1919, a Lithuanian border patrol stopped them and accused her father of being a " Bolshevik spy ".
According to his autobiographical sketch of his childhood, Hutchinson turned a modest gift of " five quintals of fish " from his father into between £ 400 and £ 500 by the time he was 21.
According to Bock's autobiographical The Bock Saga, he was born as the result of an incestuous relationship between sea-captain Knut Victor Boxström ( 1860 – 1942 ), who would have been 81 years old at the time, and his daughter Rhea, 42.
" According to James Park Sloan, by the time the book was going into publication, Kosiński refrained from making further claims of the book being autobiographical – in a letter to de Santillana and in a subsequent author's note to the book itself.
According to her autobiographical graphic novel, Persepolis, she stayed in Vienna through her high school years, staying in friends ' homes, but spent two months living on the streets.
According to his autobiographical memoir, Boutwell was raised on his family's farm and attended public school until the age of seventeen.
According to Tilton's autobiographical materials, he had a conversion experience to Christianity in 1969 and began his ministry in 1974, taking his new family ( including wife Martha " Marte " Phillips, whom he married in 1968 ) on the road to, in his words, " preach this gospel of Jesus.
According to her autobiographical collection of works, This Is On Me ( 1940 ), Katharine Brush was born Katharine Ingham in Middletown, Connecticut.
According to Marsh's autobiographical sketch, published in 1864:
According to Jencks, gardens are also autobiographical because they reveal the happiest moments, the tragedies, and the truths of the owner and family.
According to Maréchal ( 2010 ), the early criticism of autobiographical methods in anthropology was about “ their validity on grounds of being unrepresentative and lacking objectivity ” ( p. 45 ).
According to Robert W. Simpson, from the second edition of his book on Nielsen, this work may be partially autobiographical ; the composer had just experienced a tremendous success with his Fifth symphony, but had also suffered a series of heart attacks.
According to, biographical details regarding Wallace-Johnson's activities during this time period are hard to discern, as Wallace-Johnson contradicted himself in his autobiographical notes and his personal reminisces.
According to autobiographical details in A Natural History of English Insects, Albin taught watercolour painting before being instructed in natural history by silk weaver and naturalist Joseph Dandridge.
According to a brief, unpublished autobiographical account, while still a child she moved to Oxford County, Upper Canada, where eventually she worked as a district school teacher for a few years.

According and writings
According to Stalin's biographer, Simon Sebag Montefiore, the Boss was well aware that Mandelstam, Pasternak, and Bulgakov were geniuses, but ordered their writings suppressed.
According to his writings, Braid began to hear reports concerning various Oriental meditative practices soon after the release of his first publication on hypnotism, Neurypnology ( 1843 ).
According to some of these sources, the Koh-i-Noor was originally found more than 5000 years ago, and is mentioned in ancient Sanskrit writings under the name Syamantaka.
According to the Book of Mormon, a man named Mormon compiled nearly 1000 years of writings as well as chronicled events during his lifetime.
According to the writings in the New Testament, Paul was known as Saul prior to his conversion, and was dedicated to the persecution of the early disciples of Jesus in the area of Jerusalem.
According to a rumor repeated by Gassendi in his Regiomontanus biography he was assassinated by relatives of George of Trebizond whom he had criticized in his writings.
According to Bahá ' í writings, there will not be another messenger for many hundreds of years.
According to Gould the most influential political books he read were C. Wright Mills ' The Power Elite and the political writings of Noam Chomsky.
According to some of the actors, and confirmed in the writings of Godfrey Baseley, in its early days the show was used as a conduit for announcements from the Ministry of Agriculture, one actor reading an announcement almost verbatim to another.
According to author Jami Carlacio, Grimké's writings opened the public's eyes to ideas like women's rights, and for the first time they were willing to question conventional notions about the subordination of women.
According to the 16th to 18th century writings of Silver, Swetnam and Wylde, the quarterstaff is held with the back hand at the butt end of the staff and the other hand about a foot to a foot and a half ( 30 to 45 cm ) above it.
According to the writings of Samuel Hartlib, composer and violinist Johann Schop was one of those instructors.
According to scholar Elaine Pagels, " In AD 367, Athanasius, the zealous bishop of Alexandria ... issued an Easter letter in which he demanded that Egyptian monks destroy all such unacceptable writings, except for those he specifically listed as ' acceptable ' even ' canonical ' — a list that constitutes the present ' New Testament '".
According to the Durant Report on the CIA's top-secret 1953 Robertson Panel, " The writings of Charles Fort were referenced to show that ' strange things in the sky ' had been recorded for hundreds of years.
According to Daniel C. Peterson, then editor of the FARMS Review, FARMS tried to quiet the attack by Signature Books down by emphasizing that the attack was on the writings and not the beliefs or character of the authors reviewed.
According to Lawrence S. Stepelevich, Edgar Bauer was the most anarchistic of the Young Hegelians, and "... it is possible to discern, in the early writings of Edgar Bauer, the theoretical justification of political terrorism.
According to the Party's official historian this period was marked by a growing division between the practitioners of cultural politics – heavily inspired by the writings of Antonio Gramsci and party's powerful industrial department which advocated a policy of militant labourism.
According to his card he was imprisoned for his writings ( possibly about magic ) because Muggles thought they were works of evil.
According to early historians such as the Venerable Bede and Gildas, whose writings were later brought together in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, in 449 Angles, Saxons and Jutes were invited to Britain by King Vortigern as mercenaries to help defend Britain against Picts and Scots.
According to Carolina Armenteros, Maistre's writings influenced not only conservative political thinkers, but also the Utopian socialists.
According to Rudolph's own writings, he survived during his years as a fugitive by camping in the woods, gathering acorns and salamanders, pilfering vegetable gardens, stealing grain from a grain silo, and raiding dumpsters in a nearby town.
According to K. van der Toorn ; P. W. van der Horst, this tradition is first attested in the writings of Pseudo-Philo.
According to these writings, mystical knowledge must be distinguished from the rational knowledge by which we know God, not in his nature, but through the wonderful order of the universe, which is a participation of the divine ideas.
According to its text, the Book of Mormon contains the writings of ancient prophets who lived on the American continent from approximately 2200 BC to AD 421, describes the visit of Jesus after his resurrection and his establishing his church among the indigenous people, and includes important gospel truths lost during the Great Apostasy.

According and Asimov
According to Isaac Asimov, Gauss was once interrupted in the middle of a problem and told that his wife was dying.
According to the original Foundation Trilogy ( 1951 ), Asimov states ( by way of the Encyclopedia Galactica ), "... the impossibility of proper administration ... under the uninspired leadership of the later Emperors was a considerable factor in the Fall.
According to Asimov, many of the inhabitants of this sector were tall Northerner yellowhairs, implying that they were people of what we call Nordic ancestry.
According to Asimov, the premise was based on ideas set forth in Edward Gibbon's History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and was invented spontaneously on his way to meet with editor John W. Campbell, with whom he developed the concept.
According to his widow Janet Asimov ( in her biography of Isaac, It's Been a Good Life ), he had no idea how to continue after Foundation and Earth, so he started writing the prequels.
According to the first book's introduction Allen devised the New Laws in discussion with Asimov himself.
According to the foreword in Robot Visions, Asimov was approached to write a story titled " Bicentennial Man " for a science fiction collection, along with a number of other authors who would do the same, in honor of the bicentennial of the United States.
According to his autobiography In Memory Yet Green, Asimov modeled the Mule's physical appearance on Leonard Meisel, a friend at the World War II-era Navy Yard in Philadelphia.
According to Isaac Asimov, who considered Gunther " a good friend ," Gunther " felt that civilization was a product of the Old World and could not flourish indigenously in the New.
When several readers wrote letters of protest to Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine about its 1983 publication of Bishop's novella " The Gospel According to Gamaliel Crucis ," Isaac Asimov himself wrote an editorial defending the work and the editor's decision to publish it.
* Close Encounters With the Deity ( 1986 ), includes the novella “ The Gospel According to Gamaliel Crucis ” and thirteen stories from 1979-1986 with an introduction by Isaac Asimov
According to Asimov's autobiography, Campbell asked Asimov to write the story after discussing with him a quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson:
According to Isaac Asimov, although Janet Asimov did 90 % of the work, his " name was wanted on the book for the betterment of sales he went over the manuscript and polished it a bit.
According to Isaac Asimov, although Janet Asimov did 90 % of the work, his " name was wanted on the book for the betterment of sales he went over the manuscript and polished it a bit.
According to N-Space, the wings and the method of self-propelled flying featured in the novel were suggested by Isaac Asimov.
According to his autobiography In Memory Yet Green, Asimov coined the name in imitation of UNIVAC, an early mainframe computer.
According to Asimov, a book named Murder at Frankfurt had been written, placing a fictional mystery story at the Frankfurt Book Fair ( Germany ).

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