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According and its
According to the poet Saadi Shirazi: Arslan possessed a fort, which raised at the height of Alwand, from all were those within its walls, for its roads were a labyrinth, like the curls of a bride.
According to economist Eduard Aghajanov, Armenia could have repaid them with low-interest loans from other, presumably Western sources, or with some of its hard currency reserves which then totaled about $ 450 million.
According to Maimonides, an afterlife continues for the soul of every human being, a soul now separated from the body in which it was " housed " during its earthly existence.
According to Peter Heather, Theodoric's former governor Theudis was implicated in Amalaric's murder, " and was certainly its prime beneficiary.
According to fellow folk singer Joan Baez, it was one of the most requested songs from her audiences, but she never realized its origin as a hymn ; by the time she was singing it in the 1960s she said it had " developed a life of its own ".
According to the anthropologist Tim Ingold, animism shares similarities to totemism but differs in its focus on individual spirit beings which help to perpetuate life, whereas totemism more typically holds that there is a primary source, such as the land itself or the ancestors, who provide the basis to life.
According to Steven J. Brams and Peter C. Fishburn, the IEEE board in 2002 rescinded its decision to use approval voting.
According to platonists ( realists ), the truth of a statement consists in its correspondence to objective reality.
According to the theory of aerodynamics, a flow is considered to be compressible if its change in density with respect to pressure is non-zero along a streamline.
According to The Guardian newspaper: " At the heart of years of dissent against psychiatry through the ages has been its use of drugs, particularly antipsychotics, to treat distress.
According to the Boston Globe ( as reported on May 18, 2010 ), the town has renamed its amphitheater in the artist's honor, and is looking to develop an Al Capp Museum.
According to the 2010 census, its population was 5, 145, a decrease of 17. 8 % from 6, 260 in 2000.
According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, as of 2011 the city of Bursa had a population of 1, 704, 441 and its metropolitan municipality 1, 948, 744.
According to this view, Beowulf can largely be seen to be the product of antiquarian interests and that it tells readers more about " an 11th-century Anglo-Saxon ’ s notions about Denmark, and its pre-history, than it does about the age of Bede and a 7th-or 8th-century Anglo-Saxon ’ s notions about his ancestors ’ homeland.
According to bundle theory, an object consists of its properties and nothing more: thus neither can there be an object without properties nor can one even conceive of such an object ; for example, bundle theory claims that thinking of an apple compels one also to think of its color, its shape, the fact that it is a kind of fruit, its cells, its taste, or at least one other of its properties.
According to this theory, the cycle of philosophical upheavals that in part drove the diversification of Buddhism into its many schools and sects only began once Buddhists began attempting to make explicit the implicit philosophy of the Buddha and the early suttas.
According to its Memorandum & Articles of Association, its objectives are :- “ To act as Nominee or agent or attorney either solely or jointly with others, for any person or persons, partnership, company, corporation, government, state, organisation, sovereign, province, authority, or public body, or any group or association of them ....” Bank of England Nominees Limited was granted an exemption by Edmund Dell, Secretary of State for Trade, from the disclosure requirements under Section 27 ( 9 ) of the Companies Act 1976, because, “ it was considered undesirable that the disclosure requirements should apply to certain categories of shareholders .” The Bank of England is also protected by its Royal Charter status, and the Official Secrets Act.

According and statutes
According to some sources, the Reform movement has maintained that a Jew who has converted to another religion is no longer a Jew, and the Israeli Government has also taken that stance after Supreme Court cases and statutes.
According to former United States Assistant Attorney General Walter E. Dellinger III the Supreme Court and the Attorneys General have long interpreted the Take Care Clause as standing for the proposition that the President has no inherent constitutional authority to suspend the enforcement of the laws, particularly of statutes.
According to its 1980 statutes ( Statuto de UEA ), the World Esperanto Association has two kinds of members:
According to its statutes, one of the principal goals is the determination of the best means for safeguarding the organization's interests, individually and collectively.
According to the IOC statutes the contests in all sport disciplines must be held either in, or as close as possible to the city which the IOC has chosen.
According to the contemporary historian Polybius, it was the people ( and thus the assemblies ) who had the final say regarding the election of magistrates, the enactment of new statutes, the carrying out of capital punishment, the declaration of war and peace, and the creation ( or dissolution ) of alliances.
According to the American Bar Association outline on Online Transaction Management, the primary points of US Federal and State statutes enacted regarding digital signatures has been to " prevent conflicting and overly burdensome local regulation and to establish that electronic writings satisfy the traditional requirements associated with paper documents.
According to its statutes the official name of the party is " Deutsche Zentrumspartei-Älteste Partei Deutschlands gegründet 1870 ", which translates as " German Centre Party-Oldest Party in Germany founded in 1870 ".
According to the norms of its present statutes, which came into effect in 1990, the IOR is directed by a supervisory council and by an oversight commission of cardinals.
According to the statutes and vision, the European Minifootball Federation is focus to:
According to the IOC statutes the contests in all sport disciplines must be held either in, or as close as possible to the city which the IOC has chosen.
According to Flemish newspapers, this sentence was taken out of context, because Leterme was talking about the creation of Flemish statutes ( decrees ): legislation approved by the Flemish parliament, unlike federal legislation, does not need the king's signature in order to become law.
According to its statutes, it is awarded " for significant achievement or service during individual participation as a civilian or military astronaut, pilot, mission specialist, payload specialist, or other space flight participant in a space flight mission.
According to the statutes of the Order, French citizens must wait a minimum of 5 years before they are eligible to be upgraded from Chevalier to Officier, or Officier to Commandeur, and must have displayed additional meritorious deeds than just those which originally made them a Chevalier.
According to Johnson's statutes for the school, " the schoolmaster shall teach all those grammar scholars that are brought up in Oakham, freely without pay, if their parents be poor and not able to pay, and keep them constantly to school.
According to the court's ruling in Gonzales v. UDV ( 2006 ), RFRA remains applicable to federal statutes, which must therefore still meet the " compelling interest " standard in free exercise cases.
According to its statutes is defined as an organization Basque, democratic, pluralistic, participatory, independence and humanist wishing to achieve a framework of respect for the identity of peoples and human rights.
According to the statutes of party the party congress elects the Party Chairman and Executive board as well as nominates a consultative Central Council representing all regional organizations.
According to their statutes.
According to its statutes, JEF is a non-partisan and non-denominational European NGO.
According to the statutes of the order, the collar can only be worn on New Years Day ( during the Danish monarch's New Years Court ) and on the Monarch's birthday.
According to the framing of the French Constitution ( especially its preambles ), those special statutes are of constitutional scope and have constitutional force.
According to its statutes, the federation was designed to " aid Chinese nationals in the social, cultural, public health, and medical fields ," to administer the property owned jointly by the Chinese community in Phnom Penh and elsewhere, and to promote friendly relations between Cambodians and Chinese.
According to the statutes the Foundation should consist of a Board with its seat in Stockholm.

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