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According and lawyer
According to the American Bar Association, a lawyer that is a certified specialist has been recognized by an independent professional certifying organization as having an enhanced level of skill and expertise, as well as substantial involvement in an established legal specialty.
According to contemporary biographers Theodore Beza and Nicolas Colladon, Gérard believed his son would earn more money as a lawyer than as a priest.
According to a 1907 magazine article about Landis, " Corporations smiled pleasantly at the thought of a corporation lawyer being on the bench.
According to church tradition, he was raised in Carthage and was thought to be the son of a Roman centurion, a trained lawyer, and an ordained priest.
According to lawyer Gloria Allred:
According to an obituary of CBS's lawyer, CBS eventually won the case.
" According to Thrasher, he spent around $ 300, which was more than the fine, even though his lawyer had worked pro bono.
According to these sources, Filippo's father was Brunellesco di Lippo, a lawyer, and his mother was Giuliana Spini.
According to Aldrich and his biographer, Aldrich ( a lawyer ) drafted new language for Glass ’ s bill that became Section 21 of the Glass-Steall Act.
" According to the British newspaper The Guardian, "... the October 1970 plot against Chile's President-elect Salvador Allende ... was the direct result of a plea for action a month earlier by Donald Kendall, chairman of PepsiCo, in two telephone calls to the company's former lawyer, President Richard Nixon.
According to Rimes ' lawyer, her mother hired two accountants to investigate how much was taken from Rimes's fortune, and it was estimated that the men acquired around eight million dollars in royalties.
According to the new law, the old system of selecting lawyers by examination will be phased out by 2013 and the U. S .- style law schools will be the sole route to become a lawyer.
According to most reports, his father worked as a teacher, sharecropper, lawyer and judge and was an Americo-Liberian.
According to Shirin Ebadi – an Iranian lawyer and former judge who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003, and later became the main representative of Kazemi's family at the trial over Kazemi's death – when a prison staff member saw Kazemi taking photographs he demanded that she give him her camera, as photography is prohibited in front of the prison.
According to his lawyer, Minkow had bought his Lennar options using " nonpublic information.
According to Khodorkovsky's lawyer Karinna Moskalenko, " The position of the prosecutors is also self-contradictory.
According to one lawyer, the only people allowed into Muluzi's home by the police were four lawyers and a bodyguard, and he had been asked to name family members and lawyers who would be given permission to visit.
According to a comment made about 10 years after the crash by David Rapoport, a lawyer who was a member of the PSC, " after all these years Captain Buschmann was " absolved " of all responsibility for the crash is still a matter reasonable people who are fully informed may disagree on ", however, there should be consensus " flight operations should not be conducted in the terminal area when thunderstorms are on the flight path ; and non-frangible objects should not be placed where it is foreseeable an aircraft may go.
According to Evenson, during the weekend of February 12 – 14, 1876, before either caveat or application had been filed in the patent office, Bell's lawyer learned about the liquid transmitter idea in Gray's caveat that would be filed early Monday morning February 14.
According to the lawyer representing the three plaintiffs, more lawsuits are planned.
" According to Orange County lawyer Jeff Walsworth, White had expressed remorse for the killings in February 1984.
According to Pomponius, a lawyer who lived during the 2nd century AD, the position of tresviri monetalis was established in 289 BC, but this date seems to be far too early, and if they did not come into existence during the Second Punic War, the formation of a formal college may not have occurred until some time after 200 BC The three members of this committee were officially known as the " tres viri aere argento auro flando feriundo " (" the three men responsible for casting and striking bronze, silver and gold "), a lengthy title that was almost always abbreviated to " III. V. A. A. A. F. F .".
According to the lawyer " for the time being " Pukach was not intended to provide this information to the investigators.
According to a representative for Federline's lawyer, the divorce filing " caught Kevin totally by surprise.

According and diplomat
According to former Indian diplomat G Parthasarathy, " only after we got nothing from the US did arms supplies from the Soviet Union to India commence ".
According to diplomat Howard Teicher, " with the enunciation of the Reagan Corollary, the policy ground work was laid for Operation Desert Storm.
According to various sources, while in Portugal, the diplomat was also preparing to disseminate propaganda in favor of the Iron Guard.
According to United States diplomat John Day, the Americans worried that, due to the old age of George Papandreou, Andreas Papandreou would have a very powerful role in the next government.
According to the U. N. website his roles are further defined as " diplomat and advocate, civil servant and CEO.
According to British diplomat Roger Casement, this depopulation had four main causes: " indiscriminate war ", starvation, reduction of births and diseases.
According to General Tommy Franks, the commander of the U. S. military in the 2003 Iraq conflict, April Fool, an American officer working undercover as a diplomat, was approached by an Iraqi intelligence agent.
According to a 1685 account of a Persian diplomat as well as notes of the French traveler Guy Tachard, there was a substantial Shi ' a Persian community in Siam at the time, with the ritual ta ' zieh performances subsidized by the Siamese king.
According to the British diplomat Hormuzd Rassam, who travelled through Metemma in November 1865 on his diplomatic mission to Emperor Tewodros II, " Metemma " comes from the Arabic for " the place of cutting, or termination -- indicating the end of the Muslim provinces ", although at the time the settlement was better known as Suk ul-Gallabat (" The market of Gallabat ").
According to U. S. diplomat John Day, Washington also worried that Andreas Papandreou would have a very powerful role in the next government, due to his father's old age.
According to the story of a diplomat and French spy in Portugal, the Seigneur de La Madelène ( or Madelleine ), captain David Melgueiro, at the command of the Dutch ship Pai Eterno ( Perpetual Father ), left Kagoshima in Japan on March 14, 1660, sailed north and entered the Arctic Ocean through the Bering Strait ( known at the time as Strait of Aniam ).
According to Mullins, the diplomat had been hiding in Budapest where he received a copy of the speech, and then escaped to Hamburg, Germany, where he was given Mullins ' name.

According and Frederic
According to Stephen Frederic Dale, the name Babur is derived from the Persian word babr, meaning " tiger ", a word that repeatedly appears in Firdawsī's Shāhnāma and had also been borrowed by the Turkic languages of Central Asia.
According to the village's website, the first store was opened in the fall of 1853 by French immigrant Frederick ( Frederic ) Louys, followed quickly by a hotel and then a sawmill.
According to Frederic Lamond, Bracelin's name was used because Shah " did not want to confuse his Sufi students by being seen to take an interest in another esoteric tradition.
According to founding member Frederic Heath, " the split ... disheartened many Socialists, so that the party grew very slowly.
According to Human Anatomy by Frederic Martini they are " the thinnest and most delicate branches of the bronchial tree, and they deliver air to the exchange surfaces of the lungs.
According to Dr. Gorrie's biographer, Vivian M. Sherlock, the " Ice King ", Frederic Tudor, was suspected for causing his failure when he launched a smear campaign against the invention.
According to biographer Frederic Trautmann, Most was born out of wedlock to a governess and a clerk.
According to Burnand's 1904 memoir, Sullivan's friend the composer Frederic Clay leaked to Burnand the information that Gilbert and Sullivan were working on an “ æsthetic subject ”, and so Burnand raced to produce The Colonel before Patience opened.
According to the American scholar Frederic C. Gamst, their " Hebraism is an ancient form and unaffected by Hebraic change of the past two millennia ".
According to Frederic Spotts's Hitler and the Power of Aesthetics, Adolf Hitler compared this symphony favorably with Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

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