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According and BIS
According to BIS, the combined turnover in the world's derivatives exchanges totaled USD 344 trillion during Q4 2005.
According to the official announcement, it also saved about $ 1 billion in interest, though the actual savings amounted to $ 842 million ( since the reserves that were in the BIS were until then receiving interest payments ).

According and choice
According to Wray, Jean Harlow had been RKO's original choice, but because MGM put Harlow under exclusive contract during the pre-production phase of the film, she became unavailable and Wray was approached by director Merian C. Cooper to play the role of Ann Darrow, the blonde captive of King Kong.
After 1871 Masurians who expressed sympathy for Poland were deemed " national traitors " by German nationalists ( this increased especially after 1918 ) According to Stefan Berger after 1871 the Masurians in the German Empire were seen in a view that while acknowledging their " objective " Polishness ( in terms of culture and language ) they felt " subjectively " German and thus should be tightly integrated into German nation-state ; to Berger this argument went directly against the German nationalist demands in Alsace where Alsatians were declared German despite their " subjective " choice.
According to Aquinas, to lack any of these virtues is to lack the ability to make a moral choice.
According to Pelagian doctrine, because humans are sinners by choice, they are therefore criminals who need the atonement of Jesus Christ.
" According to David Halberstam's book, The Education of a Coach, Belichick was given a choice by the NFL to introduce either the offense or defense.
According to Swinburne, since our choice of theory cannot be determined by data ( see Underdetermination and Quine-Duhem thesis ), we must rely on some criterion to determine which theory to use.
According to Ovid, the goddess was so envious of the magnificent tapestry and the mortal weaver's success, and perhaps offended by the girl's choice of subjects ( the loves and transgressions of the gods ), that she destroyed the tapestry and loom and slashed the girl's face.
According to Creasy, the Muslims ' best strategic choice would have been to simply decline battle, depart with their loot, garrisoning the captured towns in southern Gaul, and return when they could force Charles to a battleground more to their liking, one that maximized the huge advantage they had in their mailed and armored horsemen.
According to Health Care Market Guide's annual studies, Mid-Southerners have named Baptist Memorial their " preferred hospital choice for quality ".
According to Thomas Erskine Holland writing in the Dictionary of National Biography, Jeremy Bentham's coinage " international law " derives from the phrase jus inter gentes implied by Zouch's 1650 choice of title.
According to Leland R. Beaumont, each instance of anger demands making a choice.
According to Josephus, Joab did not kill Abner out of revenge, because he had forgiven him for the death of his brother, Asahel, the reason being that Abner had slain Asahel honorably in combat after he had twice warned Asahel and had no other choice but to kill him out of self defense.
According to A. Asbjorn Jon ' the choice of name Polidori's Lord Ruthven is presumably linked to Lady Caroline Lamb's earlier novel Glenarvon, where it was used for a rather ill disguised Byronesque character '
According to historian and former Special Assistant to President Kennedy Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Rusk was not Kennedy's first choice, but rather the " lowest common denominator ", as Kennedy's first choice, J. William Fulbright, proved too controversial.
According to local tradition, the name resulted from a lottery: the townsfolk were invited to put a proposed name into a hat, and " La Plata " was the one drawn ; it had been Dr. Moore's choice, under the mistaken impression that it was French for " the silver river.
According to the New York Times: Occupying a hilly pocket between the Sprain Brook Parkway to the west and the Bronx River Parkway to the east, Edgemont's Tudor and classic colonials ( a few dating back to the 18th century ) are about 22 miles from Midtown Manhattan, making it an appealing choice for commuters.
According to a plaque at Samuel S. Lewis State Park, which overlooks Wrightsville and the Susquehanna River, Wrightsville was George Washington's first choice as location of the capital of the United States.
According to director John Frankenheimer and actor James Garner in bonus interviews for the DVD of the film Grand Prix, McQueen was Frankenheimer's first choice for the lead role of American Formula One race car driver Pete Aron.
According to a note written by Marshall, Mary Steenburgen was the first choice to play Vivian Ward.
According to a survey conducted in China in 2005, Greece was voted as the Chinese people's number one choice as a tourist destination.
According to nutritionists, whole grains are a much healthier choice when choosing grain products.
According to the painting done by Aetion, of Alexander's first wedding, Hephaestion was his torch bearer ( best man ), showing by this not only his friendship, but also his support for Alexander's policies, as Alexander's choice of an Asian bride had not been a popular one.
According to Sylvester Stallone, The first choice for Adrian ( in the movie Rocky ) was a girl named Carrie Snodgress, who I wanted badly because, at the time, I wanted Adrian's family to be Irish and Harvey Keitel would be the brother.

According and Switzerland
According to Alan Ware, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK retained viable conservative parties into the 1980s.
According to the contemporary Franco-Danish scholar Conrad Malte-Brun, " in no part of Switzerland is there more poverty, bordering on wretchedness, so much idleness, and so little industry ".
According to Bio Suisse, the Swiss organic producers ' association, Coop accounts for half of all the organic food sold in Switzerland.
According to his theories, the mixed populations of Spain, most of France and Italy, most of Southern Germany, most of Switzerland and Austria, and parts of the Britain, derived from the historical development of Roman, Greek, and Ottoman Empires which had opened up Europe to non-Aryan peoples of Africa and the Mediterraneum cultures.
According to a survey by Universum Communications Nestlé was in 2011 the best employer to work for in Switzerland.
According to Prof. M. Bumann, of the University of Lucerne, Switzerland, the cause of the split was the friction between conservatism and openness, hierarchy and democratization: " A spirit of openness, egalitarianism, and democratization pervaded the SG, embodying and giving new life to the idea of self-empowerment.
According to the 2011 Academic Ranking of World Universities ( ARWU ), the ETH is ranked 23rd in the world, the 4th best university in Europe, and 1st in Switzerland.
According to the Maharishi Open University web site archive, there are Maharishi Ayurveda spas and health centers around the world, including two in the United States, three in Germany, two in Switzerland and one in Yugoslovia.
According to a report by Riegner, these funds helped to bring 1, 350 Jewish children from the occupied countries to Switzerland and 70 to Spain.
According to the ICRC the design was based on the Swiss flag by reversing of the colours of that flag, in order to honor Switzerland, where the first Geneva Convention was held.
According to the Italian linguist Matteo Bartoli, the Ladin area extended until 1000 CE, from southern Istria to Friuli and eastern Switzerland.
According to the philosophy of unity among all Christians, IFES allows only one member organisation per country, although in some bilingual and multilingual countries ( i. e. Canada, Belgium, Switzerland ), there are parallel organizations for different linguistic groups.
According to his definitions, the people of Spain, most of France, most of Germany, southern and western Iran as well as Switzerland, Austria, northern Italy, and a large part of Britain, consisted of a degenerative race arising from miscegenation.
According to a New York Times article of 1894 many violent revolutionists who had been expelled from Belgium and Switzerland went to Carrara in 1885 and founded the first anarchist group in Italy.
According to various accounts, their departure may have been either a search for new opportunities ( abundant in cosmopolitan Switzerland ) or a discreet pacifist statement.
According to some interpretations, he may have been directly following the example of Hans Arp's " Waggis " commune, which existed in 1920s Switzerland.
According to a survey carried out by International Media Help ( Switzerland ) among radio listeners in 50 countries, VoR occupies the third place by the number of its listeners.
According to the movement's Global Good News website, there are 23 Maharishi Vedic Health Centres in 15 countries, including Austria, France, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States.
According to data in " Cities and Automobile Dependence " by Kenworthy and Laube ( 1999 ), urbanized area population losses occurred while there was an expansion of sprawl between 1970 and 1990 in Brussels, Belgium ; Copenhagen, Denmark ; Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Munich, Germany ; and Zurich, Switzerland, albeit without the wholesale dismantling of public transit systems that occurred in the United States.
According the WEMF COMIS 2003 it has about 1. 3 mio users at home and at work ( about 50 % of the then active internet population of Switzerland ).
According to the same study, search. ch is the second most popular site in Switzerland.
According to Nielsen // NetRatings, which only studies home users in Switzerland, it is the fifth most popular site.
According to legend, it was during this time in Neuchâtel, Switzerland that Dr. Pierre Ordinaire created a distilled patent medicine that would represent the earliest origins of the drink.
According to the Constitution of Switzerland, the court has jurisdiction over violations of:

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