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Accordingly and could
Accordingly, as the law stood before 1870, every person who by birth or naturalisation satisfied the conditions set forth, though he should be removed in infancy to another country where his family resided, owed an allegiance to the British crown which he could never resign or lose, except by act of parliament or by the recognition of the independence or the cession of the portion of British territory in which he resided.
Accordingly, a Conservative Jew could usually satisfy their halakhic obligations by participation in Orthodox rituals.
Accordingly, as it spread, it adapted new deities from other religions into forms it could use for its scriptures.
Accordingly, in addition to having use value, commodities must have an " exchange value "-- a value that could be expressed in the market.
Accordingly, Robert, already Theodore's brother-in-law, could not also be his son-in-law .,.
Accordingly, they state, Japan could not have, at that time, had an influence on the international community regarding the naming of the sea.
Accordingly, because the parody did not make false statements that were implied to be true, it could not be the subject of damages under the New York Times actual-malice standard.
Accordingly, the decision of the Chambre du conseil of the Tribunal de première instance de Bruxelles that there was no evidence of criminal conduct on Cresson ’ s part could not bind the Court.
Accordingly, they could heavily defeat the Swiss if their pike column could be disorganized so that the rodeleros could dash under the unwieldy pikes of the Swiss and stab the lightly armoured, shieldless Swiss infantry.
Accordingly, in his last known communication with the Directory in October 1798, he requested permission to leave Paris for somewhere less conspicuous, where his crucial negotiations with the Scots emissaries could be conducted in safety.
Accordingly, he considered trauma to be one of many stressors that could worsen the already-impaired " mental efficiency " of a hysteric, thereby generating a cascade of hysterical ( in today's language, " dissociative ") symptoms.
Accordingly, each year junior members of the committee could ask only one question per year of service on the committee.
Accordingly “ under a provisional constitution adopted by the party in 1970, Iraq was confirmed as a republic, with legislative power theoretically vested in an elected legislature but also in the party-run RCC, without whose approval no law could be promulgated .” Furthermore, “ second to the council in political importance was the Regional Command of the Baath, the party executive, and third was the Council of Ministers .< ref >" Iraq.
Accordingly in Integral Humanism he explores the prospects for a new Christendom, rooted in his philosophical pluralism, in order to find ways Christianity could inform political discourse and policy in a pluralistic age.
Accordingly, U-boats usually patrolled separately, often strung out in co-ordinated lines across likely convoy routes ( usually merchants and small vulnerable destroyers ), only being ordered to congregate after one located a convoy and alerted the BdU, so a Rudel consisted of as many U-boats as could reach the scene of the attack.
Accordingly, only the residents of those halls could receive the maiden broadcasts.
" Accordingly, because " deliberate cruelty " was not an element of the crimes to which Blakely had pleaded guilty, the judge could not have used that fact to enhance Blakely's sentence above the 53-month statutory maximum.
Accordingly, software could mangle the Unix file " Notes: 11
" Accordingly the child was named Rāhula, meaning " fetter ", or " impediment ", recognizing that the child could be a tie that bound him to his wife Yashodhara, a binding that may impede a search for enlightenment.
Accordingly although retaining the dagger ; out of courtesy to his host he removed it from its place of concealment and put it somewhere where his host could see it, invariably in his stocking on the side of his hand ( right or left-handed ).
Accordingly, the state's Department of Environmental Conservation ( DEC ) classifies the Monroe and Genesee sections of the stream as " threatened ", since some issues could arise in the future.
Accordingly, in his last known communication with the Directory in October 1798, he requested permission to leave Paris for somewhere less conspicuous, where his crucial negotiations with the Scots emissaries could be conducted in safety.
Accordingly, it was left to others like Kistiakowsky ( who contributed a background in military ordnance and explosives ), Robert Christy ( who contributed the insight that a subcritical sphere of plutonium could be imploded to a critical mass ), John von Neumann ( who contributed the breakthrough mathematical model for using shaped charges to create a truly spherical implosion ), and Edward Teller ( whose knowledge of the compressibility of metals led to the use of density change to achieve criticality rather than mere, same-density, “ assembly ”), to complete the work.

Accordingly and have
Accordingly, if it is not repealed by the Congress at its present session, I shall have no alternative thereafter but to direct the Secretary of Defense to disregard the section unless a court of competent jurisdiction determines otherwise.
Accordingly, girls 31, 29, 33, 21, 26, 13, 3, 4, 14, 32, 24, 25, 34, 23, 6, 15, 22, and 16 may be said to have the `` same schedule '' at Onset and Completion.
Accordingly, if epiphyseal-diaphyseal fusion occurs in this phalanx near menarche, early and late menarches might have been forecast rather precisely at the time of Onset of ossification for the 18 girls with `` same schedule ''.
Accordingly, as `` in-group '', they might have different opinions and practices than an `` out-group '' composed of those companies not so participating but interested in defense business.
Accordingly, the wings attributed to these powers have no other meaning than to indicate the sublimity of their nature.
Accordingly, whether one is vulnerable or not can have a major impact on scoring and becomes an important factor in one ’ s bidding and play strategies.
Accordingly, they have claimed that the market is biased in favor of books, TV specials, and other media that support the Triangle mystery, and against well-researched material if it espouses a skeptical viewpoint.
Accordingly, there have been several definitions of the calorie.
Accordingly, concepts ( as senses ) have an ontological status ( Morgolis: 7 )
Accordingly, diet journal software and websites have gained significant popularity, and help people track calorie consumption, calorie burning, weight loss goals, and nutritional balance.
Accordingly, egalitarianists have no power except through their presence, unless they ( by definition, reluctantly ) embrace principles which enable them to cooperate with fatalists and hierarchists.
Accordingly, the Old and New Testaments have differing opinions on the expiation of guilt.
Accordingly, the 2-stroke engines have a shorter life.
Accordingly, once humans ’ basic needs have been filled, they may employ measured self-interest.
Accordingly, the Pashtun tribes inhabiting the border areas were arbitrarily divided ; the tribes have never accepted the still-porous border.
Accordingly, the debate on irreducible complexity concerns two questions: whether irreducible complexity can be found in nature, and what significance it would have if it did exist in nature.
Accordingly, Richard asked to have the crossbowman brought before him ; called alternatively Pierre ( or Peter ) Basile, John Sabroz, Dudo, and Bertrand de Gurdon ( from the town of Gourdon ) by chroniclers, the man turned out ( according to some sources, but not all ) to be a boy.
Accordingly, they decided to have Tarquinius murdered, and attempt to seize the throne.
Accordingly, noted public figures have expressed a desire to reform or even repeal the Seventeenth Amendment.
Accordingly, one has no positive obligation to have children.
Accordingly, in the Kabbalistic view, the non-Jewish belief in the Trinity, as well as the beliefs of all religions, have parallel, supernal notions within Kabbalah from which they ultimately exist in the process of Creation.
Accordingly, an interstellar ramjet would have to be powered by other nuclear reactions, but the required isotopes are rare in the interstellar medium.
Accordingly, it has been argued that social contract theory is more consistent with the contract law of the time of Hobbes and Locke than with the contract law of our time, and that features in the social contract which seem anomalous to us, such as the belief that we are bound by a contract formulated by our distant ancestors, would not have seemed as strange to Hobbes ' contemporaries as they do to us.
Accordingly, most religions have seen a need to address the question of a " proper " role for sexuality in human interactions.
Accordingly, DSLR lens typically have minimum aperture of 16, 22, or 32, while large format may go down to 64, as reflected in the name of Group f / 64.

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