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Additional and expansions
Additional amendments and expansions followed in 1967, 1976, 1980, 1990 and 2000.
Additional terminals have already been incorporated into the plans, raising the final capacity after completion of all juridically warranted expansions to 50 million passengers per year.
Additional expansions have been proposed for the near future, all four of which have been approved and funded.
Additional expansions and relations can be found on the page for elliptic integrals.

Additional and came
Additional complications also arose when Constans came of age, and Constantine, who had grown used to dominating his younger brother, would not relinquish the guardianship.
) Additional inspiration for GPS came when the Soviet Union launched the first man-made satellite, Sputnik in 1957.
Additional impetus to consider continuous groups came from ideas of Bernhard Riemann, on the foundations of geometry, and their further development in the hands of Klein.
Additional districts were created from the existing districts as the population grew until 1849, when local government mainly based on counties came into effect.
Additional resistance against incorporation came from Flint Township as the Township did not want to lose the taxes from the Chevrolet Parts Plant.
Additional work by Rutherford and Soddy showed that the same emission came from both thorium and radium, that it was a gas, and that it was actually a new element.
Additional veteran troops came from the remains of the former Army of England.
Additional combat support came in the form of an air defense missile and artillery company with four SA-9 / SA-13s and four ZSU-23-4 / 2S6 Tunguskas, an antitank missile battery with nine BRDM-mounted AT-3 Sagger or AT-5 Spandrel launchers, a reconnaissance company mounted on BMPs, BRDMs and motorcycles and an engineer company.
Additional revenues came from the Sun City casino, which was a day trip from Johannesburg and Pretoria, where gambling was illegal under the National Party government, as it was throughout all of South Africa.
Additional population gains came from immigration, primarily from Poland.
Additional support for the hypothesis that birth weight and mortality can be acted on independently came from the analysis of birth data from Colorado: compared with the birth weight distribution in the US as a whole, the distribution curve in Colorado is also shifted to lower weights.
Additional armed white men came into the county from outside to support the white citizens until a mob of 500 to 1, 000 armed men had formed.
Additional development came to the regional airline industry with the arrival of some of the earlier De Havilland Canada types such as the Dash 7 delivered in 1978, but this was tailored more to the short-range and STOL ( Short Take-Off and Landing ) role than as a regional airliner.
Additional support came from the Massachusetts Forestry Association's initiative to advocate for the establishment of a state park system, and to make the case point, fight inappropriate development of the state's highest peak, Mount Greylock.
Additional support came with the arrival of Baldwin's paternal grandfather, William V of Montferrat, from Italy.
Additional pressures came from Bismarck.
Additional radio training came during Godfrey's service in the Coast Guard from 1927 to 1930.
Additional opposition to the idea of a merger came from within the RIN itself ; some militants were heart-broken at the prospect of the " end " of their party.
Additional radars came under the command's control for the sole purpose of detecting, identifying, tracking and sending back to NORAD data on any SLBM.
Additional funding also came from the National Endowment of the Arts, BBC, Nick Fraser, SBS, TV Australia, and VPRO, The Netherlands.
Additional religious cults came with the oriental immigrants, who brought the eastern mystery religions to the Rhône valley.
Additional regular pictorial series, depicting local scenes and industries, came out in 1934, 1938, and 1954, as well as the usual omnibus issues of the Commonwealth.
Under the 1995 Additional Protocol providing for a system of Collective Complaints which came into force in 1998, complaints of violations of the Charter may be lodged with the ECSR.
Additional funding came from the National Endowment for the Arts for twenty-five thousand dollars, as well as a Panavision package and help with the script from the Sundance Lab.

Additional and 2003
Additional improvements were made in Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2, and with the release of the latter the domain controller role was renamed Active Directory Domain Services.
Additional observations made between early 1996 and September 2003 by the Galileo spacecraft allowed the surface of the moon to be imaged.
Cast of an American cabaret A Little Tribute Westward with Helena Mattsson and Wild Side Story # Additional showings 2002 – 2004 | Patrik Hont do " Havana for a Night " at the Blue Moon Bar in Stockholm in 2003.
Additional arguments against can be found in Stern, " Nero's Father and Other Romantic Figures on the Ara Pacis Augustae, CAMWS 2003 ; Syme, " Neglected Children on the Ara Pacis ," AJA 88 ( 1984 ), The Augustan Aristocracy ( 1985 ) 142, 155, 166-67.
Additional best-of collections were published, such as The Prehistory of The Far Side, culminating in the final publication, The Complete Far Side in 2003.
Additional awards include the Richard E. Lyng Award for Public Service ( 2005 ), the UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy Alumni of the Year Award ( 2003 ), the California State Fair ’ s Agriculturalist of the Year Award ( 2003 ), and the National 4-H Alumni Recognition Award.
Additional upgrades in 2003 produced a greatly improved male voice nicknamed " Tom ", which can change intonation based on the urgency of a product ; " Donna " was altered as well.
" Additional polls from 2003 found between 47 – 70 % in favor of banning partial-birth abortions and between 25 – 40 % opposed.
Additional work on the hall was done in the summer months of 2002 and 2003 as part of the creation of the new Max M. Fisher Music Center, or " MAX ", as it is known.
However he has held the Additional Member System seat since 2003.
* Mark Collins-( Additional Guitar and Vocals, 2003 – 2004, 2006 )
Additional restorations in 1986 and 2003 – 2004, have carefully focused on the buildings origin from the 17th and 18th century using original materials and craftsmanship as far as possible, while adapting the offices of the Supreme Court to modern requirements regarding accessibility and security.
* Additional powder flavors have been introduced, but discontinued: Cherry ( 1989 – 1995 ), Mango ( 1991-2000 ), Cream ( 1997 ), Triple Chocolate ( 2002 – 2006 ), Vanilla ( 2003 – 2006 ), Honey ( 2001 – 2006 ), Crème Soda ( sold in South Africa until recently ), Cookies & Cream.
Stewart Maxwell ( born December 24, 1963 in Glasgow, Scotland ) was the Minister for Communities and Sport from 2007 – 2009 and Member of the Scottish Parliament for the West of Scotland, being elected as a Scottish National Party ( SNP ), Additional Members System member at the 2003 election.
* Jak II ( 2003 ) — Additional Game Design and Programming
* Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando ( 2003 ) — Additional Design Consultant
** Marder 1 A5 ( 2003 – 2004 ): Additional anti-mine armor and completely remodeled interior in order to avoid blast and shock injuries to the crew when hit by a mine.
* Gladius ( 2003 ) ( voice ) .... Additional Voices
* Knights of the Zodiac ( 2003 ) ... Additional Voices
* June 8, 2003 (. pdf ) Additional notes to the meeting of June 6th ( sic ).
Over the years, he has held several important positions in the Government of India and the Society, such as: Additional Solicitor General of India ( December 1989 – 1990 ); Member, Board of Management, Indira Gandhi National Open University ( 1993 ); President, Supreme Court Bar Association ( 1995 – 96, 1997 – 98 and 2001 – 2002 ); Member, Rajya Sabha ( July 1998 ); Member, Executive Council, Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies ( July, 2001 ); Member, Business Advisory Committee ( August, 2001 ); Member, Committee on Home Affairs ( January, 2002 ); Co-chairman, Indo-US Parliamentary Forum ( 2002 ); Member, Board of International AIDS Vaccine Initiative ( 2002 ); Member, Programme Board of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Indian AIDS initiative ( 2003 ); Member, Working Group on Arbitrary Detention set up by the Human Rights Commission, Geneva.
Additional television performances include Edward Parker-Jones in the crime drama series Prime Suspect 3 ( 1993 ), Abel Mason in Dame Catherine Cookson's The Man Who Cried ( 1993 ), Jim Browner in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes episode The Cardboard Box ( 1994 ), Fyodor Glazunov in the science fiction miniseries Cold Lazarus ( 1996 ), Edward Rochester in Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre ( 1997 ), the Knight Templar Brian de Bois-Guilbert in Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe ( 1997 ) and a portrayal of the French existentialist Albert Camus in Broken Morning ( 2003 ).
* interWAVE, July 1, 2003 – interWAVE to Deliver Additional High Capacity GSM Switches to Nationlink Telecom in Somalia

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