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from Brown Corpus
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Additional and suggestions
Additional suggestions from the PMRC that appeared in an article in the Washington Post included: printing warnings and lyrics on album covers, forcing record stores to put albums with explicit covers under the counters, pressuring television stations not to broadcast explicit songs or videos, " reassess " the contracts of musicians who performed violently or sexually in concert, and creating a panel to set industry standards.

Additional and for
Additional promotional activities included organizing the dedication program for Operation Turnkey, the new automated post office, and a conference with representatives of Brown University, Providence College, and University of Rhode Island, and eight electronics concerns regarding the inauguration of a training program for electronics personnel.
Additional class 2, assignments for daytime operation can be made without causing destructive interference to the class 1, stations or to each other, and by their operation provide additional service on these channels and additional local outlets for a large number of communities.
Additional catalogues were compiled for the 23, 882 double / multiple stars and 11, 597 variable stars also analyzed during the Hipparcos mission.
Additional mutations, however, may compensate for this fitness cost and can aid the survival of these bacteria.
Additional awards were presented to the British fleet: Nelson was awarded £ 2, 000 (£ as of ) a year for life by the Parliament of Great Britain and £ 1, 000 per annum by the Parliament of Ireland, although the latter was inadvertently discontinued after the Act of Union dissolved the Irish Parliament.
Additional buildings have been constructed on an average of more than one per year, and most have been faced with light yellow brick similar to that chosen for the original buildings.
Additional help was given by a kind of Catholic Churchman's Almanack, called the Ordo Recitandi Divini Officii, published in different countries and dioceses, and giving, under every day, minute directions for proper reading.
Additional milieu were provided by Chaosium with the release of Dreamlands, a boxed supplement containing additional rules needed for playing within the Lovecraft Dreamlands, a large map and a scenario booklet, and Cthulhu By Gaslight, another boxed set which moved the action from the 1920s to the 1890s.
Additional tools are convenient for keeping stitches counted, measuring crocheted fabric, or making related accessories.
Additional meetings are often organised for worship, prayer, preaching and Bible study.
Additional medication may be indicated for treatment of nausea, tremor, and anxiety.
Automated Dialogue Replacement, or Additional Dialogue Recording ( ADR ), is the process of re-recording the original dialogue after the filming process for the purpose of obtaining a cleaner, more intelligible dialogue track ( also known as " looping " or a " looping session ").
) Additional inspiration for GPS came when the Soviet Union launched the first man-made satellite, Sputnik in 1957.
Additional common features found in hotel rooms are a telephone, an alarm clock, a television, a safe, a mini-bar with snack foods and drinks, and facilities for making tea and coffee.
Additional uses of job-analytic information include job evaluations for the purpose of determining compensation levels and job redesign.
Additional advantages of optical keyboard technology over other keyboard technologies such as Hall effect, laser, roll-up, and transparent keyboards lie in cost ( Hall effect keyboard ) and feel – optical keyboard technology does not require different key mechanisms, and the tactile feel of typing has remained the same for over 60 years.
Additional computational studies modeling still bigger handle structures are welcome, but the ability to precisely position SPM tips to the requisite atomic accuracy has been repeatedly demonstrated experimentally at low temperature, or even at room temperature constituting a basic existence proof for this capability.
Additional living space for the journey would be enabled through the use of inflatable add-on modules if required.
Occasionally video interface hardware was also integrated into the motherboard ; for example, on the Apple II and rarely on IBM-compatible computers such as the IBM PC Jr. Additional peripherals such as disk controllers and serial ports were provided as expansion cards.
Additional sources of income for the lord included charges for use of his mill, bakery or wine-press, or for the right to hunt or to let pigs feed in his woodland, as well as court revenues and single payments on each change of tenant.

Additional and membership
Additional lawsuits since have focused upon demanding the return or destruction of personal information, social security numbers, credit card numbers, fingerprints and iris scans in addition to refunding membership fees.
" Additional de facto membership discrimination was practiced against recent unskilled immigrants from Europe, who were similarly held to be unsuitable for membership.
* Additional books and training materials that deal with certain aspects of research administration are published and made available to the membership at a discounted rate.
Additional newsletters, notices, membership lists, by-laws, correspondence, and photographs from 1948 to 1990 document the fundraising, social, and charitable activities of the Royaleers Club, an organization for female salaried employees.
Free-to-air broadcasting organisations in independent countries in the ABU region may apply for Full, Additional Full or Associate membership, provided that they provide broadcasting services of a national character or national importance in the countries of their location ; and they actually produce and / or commission under their own editorial control a substantial proportion of their programme output.
Free-to-air broadcasting organisations in independent or non-independent areas ( such as Special Administrative Regions ) in the ABU region may apply for Additional Full or Associate membership, provided they fulfill the full membership conditions in the paragraph above.
Additional Full members enjoy the same rights of membership as Full members, but with more limited voting rights.
Associate members enjoy the same rights of membership as Full and Additional Full members, except that they are not entitled to vote or be eligible for nomination to the Administrative Council.
Affiliate membership is offered to organisations who do not qualify for Full, Additional Full or Associate membership.

Additional and preparation
Additional modifications or improvements included liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen storage tanks, a payload preparation room, payload changeout room, a new launch tower with escape system for the shuttle crewmembers, sound suppression system and water reclamation area and a Shuttle Assembly Building were added to the original complex.
Additional platforms were started at Edgware and the LNER station and branch line was closed to passenger traffic in 1939 in preparation for the improvements.
Able mathematicians take the Mathematics IGCSE early at the end of Year 10, before following an Additional Mathematics course in Year 11 as a preparation for AS / A2 Level.
Additional sidings were added to the rail yards in 1914 in preparation for the extension of the line south to Emungalan ( Katherine ) which opened in 1917.
Additional related topics to be covered include best practices for e-discovery preparation and implementation, records management, email archiving, and knowledge management.

suggestions and for
At the same time, all suggestions that some sort of societal responsibility existed for the welfare of the people within the territorial state was strongly resisted.
If any official operation abroad begins to go wrong, we shall look to the ambassador to find out why and to get suggestions for remedial action.
The senior policy officer may be moved to think hard about a problem by any of an infinite variety of stimuli: an idea in his own head, the suggestions of a colleague, a question from the Secretary or the President, a proposal by another department, a communication from a foreign government or an American ambassador abroad, the filing of an item for the agenda of the United Nations or of any other of dozens of international bodies, a news item read at the breakfast table, a question to the President or the Secretary at a news conference, a speech by a Senator or Congressman, an article in a periodical, a resolution from a national organization, a request for assistance from some private American interests abroad, et cetera, ad infinitum.
Really there is no reason why this fine exercise should not find its way into your leg program at all times, for the following suggestions show why it is so effective: 1.
Here are suggestions for the frankfurter trimmings: 1.
Our literature is already replete with a fantastic number of suggestions for preventive agency programming ranging from the immediately practical to the globally utopian.
Concerning this responsibility of the teacher, suggestions for helping children gain better control of the emotions are presented in Chapter 11.
Her ostensible indifference to and rebellion against suggestions and criticisms by anyone except peer friends during adolescence are the manifestations, in her adolescence, of her having been indoctrinated in childhood to feel shame, if not guilt, for failing to behave in a manner acceptable to, and judged by, the performance of her nursery- and elementary-school peer friends.
A cheer here for Francis Lorenz, state treasurer, who will meet with the probate advisory board of the Chicago Bar association, for suggestions on how to handle the opening of safety deposit boxes after somebody dies.
Out went letters to 60,000 old grads, asking for suggestions.
Other suggestions include its use as a magnifying glass for jewellers, or as a decorative furniture inlay.
* Built-in design critics provide unobtrusive review of design and suggestions for improvements.
* Essential World English-some criticisms of Basic English and suggestions for overcoming its problems
Chaplin adopted the character permanently, and attempted to make suggestions for the films he appeared in.
Updated in the 1920s to these guides gave shopping suggestions for different-sized families along with a Depression Era revision which included four cost levels.
* He used to pay a finder ’ s fee of $ 2. 56 for any typographical errors or mistakes discovered in his books, because " 256 pennies is one hexadecimal dollar ", and $ 0. 32 for " valuable suggestions ".
Many suggestions for the derivation of the name " foxglove " have been proffered.
** Evaluation and conclusion – summary of process and results, including constructive criticism and suggestions for future improvements
There are suggestions in the Panegyrici Latini and Lactantius ' account that Diocletian arranged plans for his and Maximian's future retirement of power in Rome.
There are a number of suggestions for the location of these sub-kingdoms including:
Other astronomers of the period also made suggestions for obtaining uniform time, including A Danjon ( 1929 ), who suggested in effect that observed positions of the Moon, Sun and planets, when compared with their well-established gravitational ephemerides, could better and more uniformly define and determine time.

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