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Page "editorial" ¶ 930
from Brown Corpus
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After and tortuous
After a few tortuous moments of wondering who `` he '' is, the camera pans across the room to the plaster statue, and we realize that Neitzbohr is trying to redeem himself in the eyes of a mute piece of sculpture.
After that Brenner is the highest railway station in Italy, whose tortuous path, characterized by steep slopes, passing through the station Rivisondoli-Pescocostanzo and wedges in the Abruzzo National Park and the Maiella.

After and drive
After a successful drive or push, the opponents will often be forced to lift the shuttlecock.
After landing the wings fold to a width of so the vehicle can drive on public roads.
After discontinuing the Frontera and Jackaroo models in 2003, Holden was only left with one all-wheel drive model: the Adventra, a Commodore-based station wagon.
After WWII, Jeep began to experiment with new designs in the jeep including a model that could drive underwater.
After kicker Gary Anderson, who had just completed the first perfect regular season in NFL history ( not missing a single extra point or field goal attempt the entire year ), missed a 38-yard field goal attempt with less than 2 minutes remaining, the Falcon's ensuing drive tied the game.
After deciding that the mid-engine layout didn't allow enough room in the passenger compartment, a front engine / rear wheel drive layout was chosen.
After a second-down screen pass to Harraway fell incomplete, left tackle Manny Fernandez sacked Kilmer on third down for a loss of eight yards, and Washington's drive ended with no points after kicker Curt Knight's ensuing 32-yard field goal attempt was wide right.
After each team traded punts early in the second period, Miami mounted a seven-play drive starting from their own 35-yard line, culminating in a 28-yard field goal from kicker Garo Yepremian to make the score 17-0 midway through the second quarter.
After Gerry Mullins recovered Dallas ' onside kick attempt, the Steelers then tried to run out the clock on the next drive with four straight running plays, but the Cowboys defense stopped them on fourth down at their 39-yard line, giving Dallas one more chance to win.
After yet another Redskin punt, Denver managed to drive to the Washington 30-yard line on their third possession with 2 runs by Gene Lang for a total of 24 yards and an 18-yard reception by Sewell.
After forcing the Bills to punt on the opening drive of the game, the Giants consumed 6: 15 off the clock by marching 58 yards in 10 plays to score on a 28-yard field goal from Matt Bahr.
After backup quarterback Gary Kubiak scored Denver's only touchdown with less than two minutes to go, the Bills then clinched the victory when defensive back Kirby Jackson forced and recovered a fumble from running back Steve Sewell on Denver's final drive of the game.
After the turnover, Young lead his team on a 10-play, 67-yard drive, aided by a 22-yard pass interference penalty against Darrien Gordon on 3rd and 14, to score on his 5th touchdown pass, a 15-yard completion to Rice.
After the Steelers managed to advance to the Dallas 36-yard line on their ensuing drive, the possession fell apart due to a miscue by center Dermontti Dawson.
After the turnover, the Packers went on a 9-play, 74-yard drive that took 5: 59 minutes off the clock and scored on Favre's 2-yard touchdown run to give Green Bay a 27 – 14 lead with just 1: 11 left in the half.
After that, Rams quarterback Kurt Warner threw a 31-yard strike to Isaac Bruce and a 16-yard completion to tight end Ernie Conwell before finishing the 68-yard drive with a 9-yard touchdown pass to Torry Holt, giving St. Louis a 16 – 0 lead.
After forcing the Rams to punt on their ensuing possession, a pair of 21-yard completions from McNair to tight end Jackie Harris and wide receiver Isaac Byrd aided a 13-play, 79-yard drive that was capped by George's 2-yard touchdown run to cut the score, 16 – 13.
After lunch and the drive to the WBDS he returns home and to his ordinary state of mind.
After falling out with the Italian team at the end of 1991, Prost found himself without a drive for 1992 ; after the failure of extensive negotiations with Guy Ligier about buying his Ligier team, Prost decided to join Williams for 1993.
After starting out with a Mini, Lauda moved on into Formula Vee, as was normal in Central Europe, but rapidly moved up to drive in private Porsche and Chevron sports cars.
After the fall of Pretoria, one of the last formal battles was at Diamond Hill on 11 – 12 June, where Roberts attempted to drive the remnants of the Boer field army beyond striking distance of Pretoria.
After a drive around town, the taxi pulls over, the customer issues a cursory apology before returning the pen, after which the employee curls up with it in the street, and some of his co-workers come out with a comfort blanket to collect him.
Watson adds, " After examining the motives for the Muslim drive north of the Pyrenees, one can attach a macrohistorical significance to the encounter between the Franks and Andalusi Muslims at Tours-Poitiers, especially when one considers the attention paid to the Franks in Arabic literature and the successful expansion of Muslims elsewhere in the medieval period.
After seeing his friends brain-washed into behaving, Plug quickly saves them by installing a virus into the robot teachers disc drive.

After and open
After what seemed several seconds, the open mouth grew dark inside then blood began to ooze from it.
After scouring around a bit in the open area, I came across what proved to be tar-soaked logs which crackled and burned brightly, giving off vast rolls of smoke into the ashen sky.
After some time he came to an open field.
After Thursday's open date, Solly plans to open with Larry Jackson against the Cubs here Friday night.
After a lengthy workout yesterday, an open date, Hemus said that Bob Nieman definitely would stay in the lineup.
After the sad impatient moment, waiting for comfort which could not come, she slipped out of bed and went to the open window.
After conflict over the 1970 constitution, a new constitution was written and approved in 1977, and Lamizana was reelected by open elections in 1978.
After all that had happened, open shadowing, friends turning away, Pasternak ’ s suicidal condition at the time, one can ... understand her: the memory of Stalin ’ s camps was too fresh, she tried to protect him.
After the 1997 publication of The Cathedral and the Bazaar, Raymond was for a number of years frequently quoted as an unofficial spokesman for the open source movement.
After six months in practice, Elizabeth wished to open an outpatients dispensary, to enable poor women to obtain medical help from a qualified practitioner of their own gender.
After a few skirmishes, disease struck the Roman army while supplies in Agrigentum were running low, and both sides saw an open battle as preferable to the current situation.
After an open letter from ICANN issuing an ultimatum to VeriSign, later supported by the IAB, the company voluntarily shut down the service on October 4, 2003.
After the pelvic exam, the vagina is held open with a speculum, the same device used during a pap smear.
* 1983 – After an emergency landing because of an in-flight fire, twenty-three passengers aboard Air Canada Flight 797 are killed when a flashover occurs as the plane's doors open.
After the death of a Soviet leader it was customary for his successors to open his safe and look in it.
After the fall of the Taliban, there were open calls for a return to the monarchy.
After General Manager Walt Jocketty acquired shortstop Royce Clayton during the offseason, La Russa emphasized an open competition for the spot that would give the Cardinals the best chance to win.
After all players have brought their closed hands above the table, they all then open their hands to reveal their choices: for example, no chips in the hand means the player is declaring " low ", one chip " high ", and two chips " swing " ( both ways ).
After liquid paint is applied, there is an interval during which it can be blended with additional painted regions ( at the " wet edge ") called " open time.
After the death of Maglione in 1944, Pius left the position open and named Tardini head of its foreign section and Montini head of the internal section.
After his return to Vienna, his father was concerned about Rudolf's aloof and stiff manner, typical of the more conservative Spanish court, rather than the more relaxed and open Austrian court ; but his Spanish mother saw in him courtliness and refinement.
After a lengthy period of restricted intermittent or no water exchange between the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean basin, approximately 5. 33 million years ago, the Atlantic-Mediterranean connection was completely reestablished through the Strait of Gibraltar by the Zanclean flood, and has remained open ever since.
After entering the town under heavy rain, Caparzo is wounded by a sniper in the chest, and slowly bleeds to death, since nobody can go out into the open without getting hit.

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