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Page "news" ¶ 1882
from Brown Corpus
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After and paying
After an unspeakable siege, lasting the better part of two months, it was announced that the studio `` owed '' the government a tax debt in excess of eight million dollars while I, who had always remained aloof from such iniquitous practices as paying taxes on the salary I had earned and the little I legally inherited as Morris' helpless relict, was `` stung '' with a personal bill of such astronomical proportions as to `` wipe out '' all but a fraction of my poor, hard-come-by savings.
After a 6-month period of military training, persons may work on government projects or with private enterprises, with the private company paying a charge to the government but the worker only receiving standard national service wages.
After finally paying the Crown the £ 4, 000 it demanded for his livery, he was finally licenced to enter on his lands in May.
After the Restoration he became secretary, or steward, to Richard Vaughan, 2nd Earl of Carbery, Lord President of Wales, which entailed living at least a year in Ludlow, Shropshire until January 1662 while he was paying craftsmen working on repairing the castle there.
After his sponsors stopped paying him before the 2005 German Grand Prix, Patrick Friesacher was to be replaced by Dutch Jordan test driver Robert Doornbos to create the first all-Dutch driver line-up in Formula one since Carel Godin de Beaufort and Ben Pon drove together for the Ecurie Maarsbergen team at the 1962 Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort.
After another campaign in 1303 / 1304, Stirling Castle, the last major Scottish held stronghold, fell to the English, and in February 1304, negotiations led to most of the remaining nobles paying homage to Edward and to the Scots all but surrendering.
After Solanas demanded financial compensation for the lost script, Warhol hired her to perform in his film, I, A Man, paying her $ 25.
After paying a fee, they would strip naked and wear sandals to protect their feet from heated floors.
After touring and becoming part of the club scene in San Francisco, the band independently recorded and released Motorcade of Generosity in 1994, selling copies from their van as a method of paying touring expenses.
After several hotels and airlines went unpaid, the Wheels were unable to fly to games or get a place for the players to stay without paying in advance, and they were nearly forced to forfeit one game when they didn't have medical supplies or tape.
After this period, the disc could be viewed by paying a continuation fee to play it for two more days.
After the increase in traffic, these fees are enough to pay the interest and begin paying back the loans, which is expected to take about 30 years.
After a tip off from Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, Barker and Corbett opted to move with their families to Sydney, Australia in 1979 for the year in order to exploit a tax loophole and avoid paying the year's income tax.
After the fine was announced, Thrasher said that he had no intention of immediately paying the fine and that he would seek legal advice from Student Legal Services.
After paying a year of exorbitant taxes, the citizens decided to take their belongings and move off the old town site.
After paying a year of exorbitant taxes, came the decision which few towns make, the citizens decided to take their belongings and move off the old town site, and out of the school district.
After the 30-day Taft-Hartley period has expired, the performer may not work on any further SAG productions until first joining SAG, by: paying the initiation fee with the first half-year minimum membership dues, and agreeing to abide by the Guild's rules and bylaws.
After paying the agreed amount in full, a charter for establishment of the town was applied for and later received on December 14, 1889.
After dusk on March 5, 1770, a crowd of colonists confronted a sentry who had struck a boy for complaining that an officer was late in paying a barber bill.
" After the success of his " Papa's Got a Brand New Bag " in late 1965, James Brown, believing he deserved to be crowned " King of Soul ", hired Burke to perform for one night in Chicago, but ended up paying not to perform but rather to watch him perform instead, expecting Burke also to surrender his crown and title to him.
After Galton's death in 1911, Pearson embarked on producing his definitive biography — a three-volume tome of narrative, letters, genealogies, commentaries, and photographs — published in 1914, 1924, and 1930, with much of Pearson's own financing paying for their print runs.
After the general body shape is complete, the sculptor adds the finer details, paying close attention to the eyes, nose, and mouth that give the figure its lifelike expression.
After the death of du Parquet, his widow ruled on behalf of his children until 1658, when Louis XIV resumed sovereignty over the island, paying an indemnity of £ 120, 000 to the du Parquet children.
After taking over E-M-F's facilities, Studebaker sought to remedy the customer dissatisfaction by paying mechanics to visit each disgruntled owner and replace defective parts in their vehicles, at a total cost of US $ 1 million.

After and tribute
After the funeral service, a tribute concert was held at the Martin Luther King Center, also in Gainesville, and featured performances by his son and daughter, Anthony McDaniel and Evelyn Kelly, long-time background vocalist Gloria Jolivet, co-producer Scott " Skyntyte " Free, Diddley's touring band, The Debby Hastings Band, and guest artist Eric Burdon.
After the assassination, the list expanded to include a fitting memorial tribute to the slain president.
After Matthau's death in 2000, Lemmon appeared with friends and relatives of the actor on a Larry King Live show in tribute.
After being inspired by a poster featuring a local, Hollywood burlesque performer Virginia Lee Hicks, who was then performing as Jennie Lee, the " Bazoom Girl ", at the New Follies Burlesk at 548 S. Main St, Los Angeles, Ginsburg wrote a tribute song " Jennie Lee " that he brought to Berry and Torrence.
After Danish and Swedish troops in 1389 defeated the Swedish king, Albert of Mecklenburg, and he subsequently failed to pay the required tribute of 60, 000 silver marks within three years after his release, her position in Sweden was secured.
* After September 11: Farewell to a Hero ( California Monthly tribute ).
After Pulp Fiction was completed, he then directed Episode Four of Four Rooms, " The Man from Hollywood ", a tribute to the Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode that starred Steve McQueen.
After six decades, his tattoos still reflect those two ideas: One tattoo is a tribute to his parents and reads " Mum and Dad ," and the other is self-explanatory, " Scotland Forever.
After three consecutive years of school bands, singer and comedienne Carol Channing led a tribute to Mardi Gras.
After an informal eulogy which Walter turns into a tribute to the Vietnam War and accidentally covers The Dude with Donny's ashes, Walter suggests, " Fuck it, Dude.
* After the Christian Knights of Saint John, who are ruling Smyrna, refuse to convert to Islam or pay tribute, Timur has the entire population massacred.
" After Patton's death, Eisenhower would write his own tribute: " He was one of those men born to be a soldier, an ideal combat leader ... It is no exaggeration to say that Patton's name struck terror at the hearts of the enemy.
After negotiations, the heqin agreement in 198 BCE nominally held the leaders of the Xiongnu and the Han as equal partners in a royal marriage alliance, but the Han were forced to send large amounts of tribute items such as silk clothes, food, and wine to the Xiongnu.
After 1063 Fernando El Magno of Castile and León assailed him, marched to the gates of Seville, and forced him to pay tribute.
After beating Blackburn in the first leg of the play-off semi-final, the fans paid tribute with a tickertape reception in the second leg.
After Matthau's death, Lemmon as well as other friends and relatives had appeared on Larry King Live in an hour of tribute and remembrance ; many of those same people appeared on the show one year later, reminiscing about Lemmon.
After Ahaz paid tribute to Tiglath-Pileser, () Tiglath-Pileser sacked Damascus and annexed Aram.
After Ahaz paid tribute to Tiglath-Pileser, () Tiglath-Pileser sacked Damascus and Israel, annexing Aram and a large part of Israel, " including all the land of Naphtali.
After Ahaz paid tribute to Tiglath-Pileser Tiglath-Pileser sacked Damascus and Israel, annexing Aram and territory of the tribes of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh in Gilead ( east of the Jordan River ) including the desert outposts of Jetur, Naphish and Nodab.
After Ahaz paid tribute to Tiglath-Pileser, () Tiglath-Pileser sacked Damascus and annexed Aram.
After a preliminary strike against the Arabs in Armenia, Justinian managed to augment the sum paid by the Umayyad Caliphs as an annual tribute, and to regain control of part of Cyprus.
After renouncing his payments of tribute to the Fatimid caliphs, he sent an expedition to Sicily under Niketas ( 964 – 965 ), but was forced by defeats on land and sea to evacuate that island completely.
After several years of silence, in 1920 he produced a tribute to his friend Debussy in the form of La plainte, au loin, du faune ... for piano, which was followed by Amours, a setting of a sonnet by Pierre de Ronsard, for voice and piano, published in 1924 to mark the five hundredth anniversary of the poet's birth.
After Nemed's death, Conand and Morc enslaved his people and demanded a heavy tribute: two thirds of their children, grain and cattle.

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