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After and ten
After a first unsuccessful attempt at colonisation in 497 BC by the Milesian Tyrant Histiaeus, the Athenians founded a first colony at Ennea-Hodoi (‘ Nine Ways ’) in 465, but these first ten thousand colonists were massacred by the Thracians.
After Napoleon Bonaparte in November 1799 staged a coup against the Directory government, the French Republic adopted a constitution, which conferred executive powers upon three Consuls, elected for a period of ten years.
After ten years, he extended the brewery, adding a grand building as his own private residence, where he entertained other local figures.
After that, censuses followed somewhat regularly in 1787, 1801, and 1834, and between 1840 and 1860, the censuses were taken every five years, and then every ten years until 1890.
After his father died when the boy was ten, the family struggled with poverty.
After some ten years of development, which Zamenhof spent translating literature into Esperanto as well as writing original prose and verse, the first book of Esperanto grammar was published in Warsaw in July 1887.
After laying charges of sedition against the Jews, Haman gained the king's approval to write a decree for their destruction ; offering ten thousand silver talents to the king for approval of this plan, but the king refused to take them ().
After reading a pamphlet by Doctor James Wilson, who operated a hydropathic establishment with James Manby Gully at Malvern, he stayed there for " some nine or ten weeks ", after which he " continued the system some seven weeks longer under Doctor Weiss, at Petersham ", then again at " Doctor Schmidt's magnificent hydropathic establishment at Boppart " ( at the former Marienberg Convent at Boppard ), after developing a cold and fever upon his return home.
After ten weeks nearly 17. 5 million people had seen the film in France, Intouchables was the second most-seen French movie of all-time in France, and the third including foreign movies.
After just ten minutes, Banks wrote himself into football folklore.
After the Civil War, he published Battle Pieces and Aspects of the War, which did not sell well ; of the Harper & Bros. printing of 1200 copies, only 525 had been sold ten years later.
After this victory, he was appointed Dictator for ten years.
After a harrowing voyage, they arrived in the Bay of Naples on 21 October, only to be placed in quarantine for ten days.
* 1812 – Peninsular War: After a ten day siege, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, orders British soldiers of the Light and third divisions to storm Ciudad Rodrigo.
After two years ' negotiations with Jadwiga's mother, Elizabeth of Bosnia, who was regent of Hungary, and a civil war in Greater Poland ( 1383 ), Jadwiga finally came to Kraków and at the age of ten, on 16 October 1384 ( or 1385, sources vary ), was crowned King of Poland — Hedvig Rex Poloniæ, not Hedvig Regina Poloniæ.
After three to nine months-depending upon species-they are weaned and are fully mature within ten to eighteen months.
After the age of ten or twelve, the general functional connexions have been established and fixed for the speech cortex.
* 1864 – American Civil War: After ten weeks, the Union Army's Red River Campaign ends with the Union unable to achieve any of its objectives.
After the Limbuwan-Gorkha War and seeing the threat of the rising power of the British East India Company, kings and ministers of all the ten Limbu Kingdoms of Limbuwan gathered in Bijaypur, present day Dharan, to agree upon the Limbuwan-Gorkha treaty.
After the ten years, he was allowed to return without stigma.
After holding the traditional ordination of priests and bishops in December and confirming Farfa Abbey ’ s possessions on condition that every day the monks would recite one hundred “ Kyrie Eleisons ” as well as a yearly payment to the Roman Church of ten golden solidi, Stephen died on 24 January 817.
After 267 BC the number was expanded to ten.
After much discussion ten days was accepted by a very large majority.
After the death of Romulus there was an interregnum for one year, during which ten men chosen from the senate governed Rome as successive interreges.
After halting their advance north, ten years later, Odo of Aquitaine married his daughter to Uthman ibn Naissa, a rebel Berber and lord of Cerdanya ( maybe of all current Catalonia too ), in an attempt to secure his southern borders in order to fend off Charles Martel ´ s attacks on the north.

After and minutes
After that, it requires several minutes of concentrated work, including six separate and deliberate actions by a minimum of three men sitting at three separate stations in a bomber, each with another man beside him to help, for an armed bomb to be released.
After that they had sat for five minutes without saying a word.
After five minutes with Blanche, one might welcome the astringency of Grazie, who was a sort of Gwen Cafritz to Francesca's Perle Mesta.
After blotting out most of the saline around the sections, a drop of Af was layered over each of the sections, allowed to react for 30 minutes, and then washed with PBS for 15 - 30 minutes.
After drying the sections under the fan, fixing in acetone, and drying at 37-degrees as in the indirect method, the sections were treated with conjugated Af or Af ( undiluted unless mentioned otherwise ) for 5 - 30 minutes.
After the first two were blacked out, the third light was abandoned by a terrified Italian crew, who left their light to shine for nine minutes like an unerring homing beacon until British MP's shot it out.
After a few minutes he said, `` I can't use you if you dance like that.
After fifteen minutes of traffic driving he turned to the left.
After two orbits, the rocket's third stage reignited for just over five minutes, propelling the craft towards the Moon at approximately.
After spending 54 minutes on the slope, Young and Duke climbed aboard the lunar rover en route to the day's second stop, station five, a crater across.
After returning to the LM to wrap up the second lunar excursion, the two astronauts climbed back inside the landing craft's cabin, sealing and pressurizing the interior after 7 hours, 23 minutes, and 26 seconds of EVA time, breaking a record that had been set on Apollo 15.
After three hours and six minutes, Young and Duke returned to the LM, where they completed several experiments and offloaded the rover.
After successful parachute deployment and less than fourteen minutes after reentry began, the Command Module splashed down in the Pacific Ocean southeast of Christmas Island 290 hours, 37 minutes, 6 seconds after liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center.
After the protonotaries left the sketching of the minutes to the abbreviators, those de Parco majori, who ranked as prelates, were the most important officers of the apostolic chancery.
After the walk-through, the music begins and the dancers repeat that sequence some number of times before that dance ends, often 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the length of the contra lines.
After a forty-five minutes or so of jokes and music, the procession then moves out to the lawn in front of Hartley, Wallach and John Jay residence halls to entertain the residents there.
After another 10 minutes its amplitude would be only 2. 5 cm, then 1. 25 cm, etc.
After landing, it takes only a few minutes to remove the motorcycle, unfold the handlebars and ride away.
After the series ended, two OVAs, compiling various scenes from the series along with a few minutes of new footage, were released in 1996 as Gundam Wing: Operation Meteor I, II and III.
After thirty-two days of shooting, the director had only 7½ minutes of usable film.
After telling the audience " I shall now read to you the scroll of the Establishment of the State, which has passed its first reading by the National Council ", Ben-Gurion proceeded to read out the declaration, taking 16 minutes, ending with the words " Let us accept the Foundation Scroll of the Jewish State by rising " and calling on Rabbi Fishman to recite the Shehecheyanu blessing.
After Fuchs ' confession and a trial lasting less than 90 minutes, Lord Goddard sentenced him to fourteen years ' imprisonment, the maximum for espionage.

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