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Albert and Alcibiades
Because of his bellicose nature Albert received the cognomen Alcibiades after his death ; during his lifetime Albert was known as Bellator ( the Warlike ).
George Frederick reigned in his native Ansbach, Franconia and Jägerndorf, Upper Silesia since 1556 and, after the death of his cousin Albert Alcibiades in 1557, also in Kulmbach.
* 1527: Albert II Alcibiades
* January 8 Albert Alcibiades, Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach (" Albert the Warlike "), Prince of Bayreuth ( b. 1522 )
It is first mentioned by Henricus a Gunterrodt in his De veriis principiis artis dimicatoriae of 1579, where he reports it to have been acquired ( looted ) by a friend of his, one Johannes Herbart of Würzburg when serving in the force of Albert Alcibiades, Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach in the campaigns of 1552 / 3.
# REDIRECT Albert Alcibiades, Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach
About 1540 Grumbach became associated with Margrave Casimir's son, the turbulent Albert Alcibiades of Bayreuth, whom he served both in peace and war.
* 1527: Albert Alcibiades
The Margrave Albert Alcibiades of Brandenburg-Kulmbach ( who had rejected the Passau armistice ) soon afterwards conquered the bishoprics of Würzburg and Bamberg — which had been under his control for eleven years previously, after their former owner, John Frederick had ceded them to him — as well as the Imperial city of Nuremberg.
Albert Alcibiades was a former ally of Maurice, who had fought in the Schmalkaldic War on his side.
# REDIRECT Albert Alcibiades, Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach

Albert and ()
Albert III () ( 27 January 1443 12 September 1500 ) was a Duke of Saxony.
Albert I of Habsburg () ( July 1255 1 May 1308 ) was King of the Romans and Duke of Austria, the eldest son of German King Rudolph I of Habsburg and his first wife Gertrude of Hohenburg.
Albert III () ( 9 November 1414 11 March 1486 ), often known simply as Albert Achilles ( Albrecht Achilles ), was a Prince-elector of the Margraviate of Brandenburg.
The Fall () is a philosophical novel written by Albert Camus.
Franz Albert Seyn () ( July 27, 1862-summer of 1918 ) was a Russian general who was Governor-General of Finland between November 24, 1909 and March 16, 1917.
Irréversible () is a 2002 French drama film written and directed by Gaspar Noé, starring Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel and Albert Dupontel.
Thoralf Albert Skolem ( 23 May 1887 23 March 1963 ) () was a Norwegian mathematician known mainly for his work on mathematical logic and set theory.
The asteroid 1620 Geographos () was discovered on September 14, 1951 at the Palomar Observatory by Albert George Wilson and Rudolph Minkowski.
The Stranger () is a 1967 film by Italian film director Luchino Visconti, based on Albert Camus ' novel L ' Étranger, with Marcello Mastroianni.
Albert I () ( c. 1175 7 October 1260 ) was a Duke of Saxony, Angria, and Westphalia ; Lord of Nordalbingia ; Count of Anhalt ; and Prince-elector and Archmarshal of the Holy Roman Empire.
Adalbert or Albert or Aleric () was an Italian cardinal and suburbicarian bishop of Santa Rufina elected as antipope in January 1101 by the imperial party in Rome following the arrest and imprisonment of Antipope Theodoric.
Born Abraham Albert Cohen () in Corfu, Greece, in 1895, to Greek Jewish parents.
Albert Cheng Jing-han GBS () ( born 3 July 1946 ), widely known as " Tai-pan " is a Hong Kong businessman and politician.
Fort Eben-Emael () is an inactive Belgian fortress located between Liège and Maastricht, on the Belgian-Dutch border, near the Albert Canal, and designed to defend Belgium from a German attack across the narrow belt of Dutch territory in the region.
Delage fielded three cars: a pair with () De Dion-Bouton twins, driven by Thomas and Lucas-Bonnard, and a radical () one-cylinder ( built by Nemorin Causan ) in the hands of Delage dealer Albert Guyot.
Lake Albert () is a notionally fresh water lake near the mouth of the Murray River.
Albert Jan Maat () ( born 8 February 1953 in Heino, Overijssel ) is a Dutch politician and Member of the European Parliament.
The Red Balloon () is a 1956 fantasy featurette directed by French filmmaker Albert Lamorisse.
The Prince Albert Mountains () are a major mountain group in Antarctica over 320 km ( 200 mi ) long.
Firth Park () is a district of Sheffield surrounding a park given to the city by Mark Firth in 1875 and was opened by the Prince of Wales, HRH Prince Albert Edward, later Edward VII.
The park encompasses of parkland including Albert Park Lake () and provides numerous ovals, sporting facilities, the Albert Park Public Golf Course, a 5 km walking track around the lake, and the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit.

Albert and 28
Albert Frederick (, ; 7 May 1553 Königsberg 28 August 1618 Fischhausen ) was duke of Prussia from 1568 until his death.
On 28 September 1878 the Finance Minister, Koloman von Zell, threatened to resign if the army, behind which stood the Archduke Albert, were allowed to advance to Salonika.
< tr bgcolor ="# FFE8E8 ">< td > 28 < td > Albert Ogilvie < td > Labor < td > 22 June 1934 < td > 11 June 1939
On July 28, 1920, Harding's general election campaign manager, Albert Lasker, unleashed a broad-based advertising campaign that implemented modern advertising techniques ; the focus was more strategy oriented.
* July 28 Albert Fujimori becomes president of Peru.
* March 28 Albert the Warlike, German prince ( d. 1557 )
* July 28 King Charles Albert of Sardinia ( b. 1798 )
* June 28 Albert of Mainz, German elector and archbishop ( d. 1545 )
Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser ( August 27, 1871 December 28, 1945 ) was an American novelist and journalist of the naturalist school.
* 14 December 1895 28 May 1898: His Highness Prince Albert of York
* 28 May 1898 22 January 1901: His Royal Highness Prince Albert of York
The second " Love Albert Road Day " was held on 28 September 2008 when 40, 000 visitors attended.
* Prince Albert Impact Crater ( 72 ° 28 ′ N 113 ° 56 ′ W )
Charles Albert ( Carlo Alberto Amedeo ; 2 October 1798 28 July 1849 ) was the King of Piedmont-Sardinia from 1831 to 1849.
Albert Finney won a Golden Globe as Scrooge in a musical film in 1970 but critical consensus deems the 1951 version starring Alastair Sim the very best adaptation on film ( Kelly 28 ).
Albert Brown 7: against Northampton Town, 28 December 1901
The most well-known of these five governors, John Albert Johnson, was born in St. Peter to Swedish-born parents on July 28, 1861.
* Albert Edward Arthur Liddell ( 1863 28 May 1863 ).
Nathan Freudenthal Leopold, Jr., ( November 19, 1904 August 29, 1971 ) and Richard Albert Loeb ( June 11, 1905 January 28, 1936 ), more commonly known as " Leopold and Loeb ", were two wealthy University of Chicago law students ( with undergraduate degrees from the University of Chicago and the University of Michigan, respectively ) who murdered 14-year-old Robert " Bobby " Franks in 1924 and were sentenced to life imprisonment.
Albert Stubbins ( 17 July 1919 28 December 2002 ) was an English footballer.
In December of ' 83, Stevie Ray recorded a CD and DVD session with Albert King and also that same December 1983, Double Trouble performed for a taping of Austin City Limits ; the show aired on February 28, 1984, and featured Jimmie's band, The Fabulous Thunderbirds.
On 28 May 2012, Warwick headlined the World Hunger Day concert at the Royal Albert Hall.
Albert County ( 2011 population 28, 846 ) is located in southeastern New Brunswick, Canada on the Chignecto Bay of the Bay of Fundy.
Albert Henry George Grey, 4th Earl Grey ( 28 November 185129 August 1917 ) was a British nobleman and politician who served as Governor General of Canada, the ninth since Canadian Confederation.

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