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All and drama
The BBC produced a feature-length television drama, All the King's Men ( not to be confused with the novel of the same name by Robert Penn Warren ), that focused attention on a unit ( the " Sandringham Company ") that was decimated at Gallipoli and included men from King George V's estate at Sandringham House.
Frankenheimer was next hired by producer John Houseman to direct All Fall Down, a family drama starring Eva Marie Saint and Warren Beatty.
Her next role was in a leading role opposite Ryan Gosling in the romantic drama All Good Things ( 2010 ) in which she portrays a woman from a run-down neighborhood who goes missing.
Films about performers which incorporated gritty drama and musical numbers interwoven as a diegetic part of the storyline were produced, such as All That Jazz, Saturday Night Fever, and New York, New York.
All About Eve is a 1950 American drama film written and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, based on the 1946 short story " The Wisdom of Eve ", by Mary Orr.
Television roles included the recurring role of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk in five of the six episodes of The Six Wives of Henry VIII ( 1970 ), the villainous Nasca in Thames Television's Aztec-themed drama The Feathered Serpent ( 1976 – 78 ), a guest starring spot in the comedy series The Goodies in the episode " The Baddies ", as well as episodes of Paul Temple, Dr. Finlay's Casebook, Doomwatch, The Persuaders !, A Family at War, Coronation Street, Softly, Softly: Taskforce, Colditz, Play for Today, Z-Cars, Special Branch, Sutherland's Law, The Sweeney, Jason King, Survivors, Crown Court, Angels, Warship, Van der Valk, Space: 1999, The Onedin Line, All Creatures Great and Small, Only When I Laugh ( Series 2, Total Episode # 9 ), Nanny, Minder, and the first episode of Inspector Morse in January 1987.
Other high profile television roles were as Granville in the sitcom Open All Hours, and Pop Larkin in the comedy drama The Darling Buds of May.
In 1999 he starred as Captain Frank Beck in BBC's feature-length drama All the King's Men about the Sandringham regiment lost in World War I.
The palace served as the location for the drama film A Man for All Seasons ( 1966 ), directed by Fred Zinnemann.
He was also acclaimed for his roles in the thriller Against All Odds ( 1984 ) and the crime drama Jagged Edge ( 1985 ).
All About My Mother () is a 1999 Spanish-French drama film written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar.
All This, and Heaven Too is a 1940 American drama film made by Warner Bros .- First National Pictures, produced and directed by Anatole Litvak with Hal B. Wallis as executive producer.
TSR introduced the All My Children game, based on the ABC daytime drama, with more than 150, 000 copies sold.
All of the principal characters of the film play a role in the opera, though the audience watching the opera is unaware that some of the events portrayed are more than drama.
The songs " Let It Go " and " All the World " were used in the drama series Moonlight.
The second major film was All the Right Moves, a high school football drama set in the fictional town of Ampipe and featuring Tom Cruise, Lea Thompson and Craig T. Nelson.
Todmorden has been used as a filming location for the 1980s BBC TV police drama Juliet Bravo, Territorial Army series All Quiet on the Preston Front, parts of The League of Gentlemen, BBC TV miniseries Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, the award-winning BBC1 series Life on Mars and a film adaptation of the novel My Summer of Love.
... And Justice For All is a 1979 courtroom drama film, directed by Norman Jewison.
She also appeared in many other television series during her career, most notably in a recurring role as Grace Keefer on the ABC daytime drama All My Children and a supporting role as Ella Mae Farmer, a statistics clerk for the Washington, D. C. police department, on the CBS crime drama The District.
She played a fanatical nun in the religious drama Sister Mary Explains It All, an impoverished mother in the drama On Thin Ice, and a bookkeeper in the mob comedy Plan B.
* All Saints ( TV series ), an Australian hospital drama
All radio programs are available for live streaming over the Internet, and most ( excluding drama, poetry and music ) as audio-on-demand, or for download as MP3s for at least four weeks after broadcast.
* All Souls ( TV series ), a short-lived 2001 television supernatural drama

All and takes
* All Tomorrow's Parties ( music festival ), a music festival which takes place in Great Britain
*" All it takes is one person … and another … and another … and another … to start a movement "
The Roy Harper song " All Ireland " from the album Lifemask, written in the days following the incident, is critical of the military but takes a long term view with regard to a solution.
All major Chinese philosophical schools have investigated the correct Way to go about a moral life, but in Taoism it takes on the most abstract meanings, leading this school to be named after it.
In Wimbledon at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club is where the famous lawn tennis tournament takes place.
All 4GLs are designed to reduce programming effort, the time it takes to develop software, and the cost of software development.
In Sweden the All Saints ' official holiday ( Alla helgons dag, not to be confused with Allhelgonadagen celebrated on November 1 ) takes place on the first Saturday of November ( eventually October 31 if a Saturday ).
If one takes elpis to mean expectant hope, then the myth's tone is pessimistic: All the evils in the world were scattered from Pandora's jar, while the one potentially mitigating force, Hope, remains locked securely inside.
All radioisotopes contained in the waste have a half-life — the time it takes for any radionuclide to lose half of its radioactivity — and eventually all radioactive waste decays into non-radioactive elements ( i. e., stable isotopes ).
All the noble savage's wars with his fellow-savages ( and he takes no pleasure in anything else ) are wars of extermination – which is the best thing I know of him, and the most comfortable to my mind when I look at him.
Dramatized by Shakespeare in Henry V. 28 October: The Lord Mayor's Show, which still takes place today in London. 31 October: All Hallows Eve or Halloween.
The celebration takes place on November 1, in connection with the Catholic holidays of All Saints ' Day and All Souls ' Day ( November 2 ).
The religion only takes after the belief in " One God for All " or Ik Onkar.
All powers are specified as effective radiated power ( ERP ), which takes into account the magnifying effect ( gain ) of multiple antenna elements.
All Yogacara discourse takes place within the religious and doctrinal dimension of Buddhism.
# All Members shall give the United Nations every assistance in any action it takes in accordance with the present Charter, and shall refrain from giving assistance to any state against which the United Nations is taking preventive or enforcement action.
All of the Backyard Sports games take place in the Junior Sports Neighborhood, with the exception of Backyard Baseball 2001 ( which takes place on an unnamed island ) and parts of Backyard Skateboarding, Backyard Hockey 2005, and Backyard Skateboarding: Game of the Year Edition.
The film and the city are recurring motifs in Larry McMurtry's 1972 novel All My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers, and the book's conclusion takes place in and around Roma.
Hawkman is the only member to appear in every JSA adventure in the original run of All Star Comics, a fact invoked sixty years later in the then-current JSA series when Hawkman temporarily takes command of the team.
All this takes place in a fraction of a second, during which the air undergoes adiabatic heating to several hundred degrees and then cools as the air expands.
* In the Family Guy episode " Not All Dogs Go to Heaven ", Meg takes Brian to the church to burn books on science and evolution, citing them as " harmful to God ".
On February 24, 2012, during the filming of The Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor Season 16, what should have been a private conversation between contestant Courtney Robertson and one of the show ’ s producers went public when the microphones were accidentally left on in between camera takes.
He says to them, " All my life I was worried about the verse,with all your soul ’ ( and the sages expounded this to signify ), even if He takes away your soul.
All Creation takes place " within " God.

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