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Although and unsatisfied
Although Theaetetus hopes it is possible the lawyer will be able to ' persuade ' the jury of the truth ( 201b ), Socrates is unsatisfied as if they are justly persuaded, they will have true knowledge.
" Although the original demo had included four songs, " Strange World " was excluded from the record as the band were unsatisfied with the quality of the track's production.

Although and with
Although he is perfectly willing to cooperate with Scotland Yard, Holmes has nothing but contempt for the intelligence and mentality of the police.
Although it is constantly made to look foolish ( too simple to come in out of the rain, people say, who have found in the innocent an impediment ), it does not mind looking foolish because it is not concerned with how it looks.
Although one meets with occasional extremists like Zachrisson or, very recently, Arthur Wade-Evans the majority of scholars have taken a middle position between the extremes of scepticism and gullibility.
Although Patchen has given previous evidence of an interest in jazz, the musical group that he works with, the Chamber Jazz Sextet, is often ignored by jazz critics.
Although the false glamour surrounding bourbon or other whisky commercials is possibly no more fatuous than the pseudo-sophistication with which TV soft-drinks are downed or toothpaste applied, there is a sad difference between enticing a viewer into sipping Oopsie-Cola and gulling him into downing bourbon.
Although they are forbidden to sit with the customers, the dancers are sometimes proffered drinks, and most of them can bolt one down in mid-shimmy.
Although it had seemed a good reason, to begin with: no couple could afford to have children.
Although I suggested that you hold the bar at the back of the neck there's no reason why you shouldn't make some experiments with the bar held in front of the neck.
Although lacking absolute verisimilitude, they supply the ear and the imagination with all necessary materials for re-creation of the original.
Although the Af calculation is obvious by analogy with that for gravitational field and osmotic pressure, it is interesting to confirm it by a method which can be generalized to include related effects.
Although we are still far from a complete understanding of these problems, as a first approximation, it is suggested that alterations in the hypothalamic balance with consequent changes in the hypothalamic-cortical discharges account for major changes in behavior seen in various moods and states of emotions in man and beast under physiological circumstances, in experimental and clinical neurosis, and as the result of psychopharmacological agents.
Although the teacher must be concerned with maintaining standards, he must also be concerned about understanding differences in ability, background, and experience.
Although Rhode Islanders were preparing for the state elections, they watched John Brown's trial with extreme interest.
Although slab stock appeared first, it soon became apparent that for the production of cushions with irregular shapes, crowned contours, or rounded edges, the cutting of slab stock is a wasteful and uneconomical process.
Although we enjoyed our rounds of the government offices in Vientiane, with officials offering tea and pleasing conversation in French, we were getting nowhere.
Although the Administration's program cut crop acreage to the lowest point since 1934, farmers, with the help of extra fertilizer and good weather, are getting such high yields per acre that many are being forced to buy new harvesting machines.
Although the particular form of conceptualization which popular imagination had made in response to the experience of spirit was undoubtedly defective, the raw experience itself which led to such excesses remains with us as vividly as ever.
Although the theological forms of the past continue to exist in a way they do not in a more secularized situation, the striking thing is the rapidity with which they are being reduced to a marginal existence.
Although he later broke with the churches because he believed that they were insufficiently outspoken against social evils, he remained a devout Christian.
Although I absolutely reject the Platonism of it, I have literally squealed with delight at the imperturbable perfection with which the position is laid down on page after page ''.
Although he is not graced with the subtleties of romantic technique, that's not what an ex-prize fighter is supposed to have, anyway.
Although Crete had contacts with Mari from 2000 BC, there is no evidence that the ecstatic prophetic art existed during the Minoan and Mycenean ages.
Although the fossils of several older proto-frogs with primitive characteristics are known, the oldest " true frog " is Prosalirus bitis, from the Early Jurassic Kayenta Formation of Arizona.
Although most species are associated with water and damp habitats, some are specialised to live in trees and in deserts.

Although and novel's
Although the novel's fantasy elements ( voodoo and black magic, tarot readings and precognition, ghosts and mysticism ) are secondary to the brutal murder that is the focus of the plot, it is set in the same milieu as Asprin's Griffen McCandles novels ( Dragons series ), Dragons Luck and Dragons Wild.
Although the novel's author, Nelson Algren, was initially brought to Hollywood to work on the screenplay, he was quickly replaced by Walter Newman.
Although modern Japanese writers covered a wide variety of subjects, one particularly Japanese approach stressed their subjects ' inner lives, widening the earlier novel's preoccupation with the narrator's consciousness.
Although the novel's audacity seems very tame a century later, Ann Veronica was considered a scandalous work by many in its day and was denounced as " capable of poisoning the minds of those who read it " by The Spectator.
Although it was published anonymously, the novel's authorship became well known the following year, when her second novel, Phases of an Inferior Planet ( 1898 ), announced on its title page, “ by Ellen Glasgow, author of The Descendant .”
Although the newest pyramid is huge, black and flares at the top, that image is not related to the Luxor Las Vegas hotel, which was built in 1992, several years after the novel's publication.
Although Conroy drew on his experiences as a cadet at The Citadel, as well as stories from similar military schools during the 1960s to create the setting for the story, he has explicitly stated that the novel's plot and principal characters are a product of his imagination.
Although no record existed of Jackson's having visited there, it too became a popular tourist destination, a status continuing for years after the novel's publication.
* Poor Little Bitch Girl ( 2009 ) -- Although one of the novel's main characters originates from the Lucky Santangelo novels, and the core character of the series, Lucky, makes a brief appeance, Poor Little Bitch Girl is not considered to be a part of the series.
Although severely wounded, Book II survived the novel's events.
Although Dr. Watson appears only in the novel's 1912 bookend scenes, a significant sub-plot concerns Holmes ' efforts to ( temporarily ) replace the former with a young Parisian, who, while useful, is not nearly as brave or devoted as Holmes ' usual companion.
Although more than a century has passed since its publication, the novel's satirical observations of political and social life in Washington, D. C., remain pertinent.
Although the novel focuses on the relationships between the major characters, the shadow of creeping fascism, especially the racial laws that restricted Jews ' participation in Italian society, looms over all the novel's events.
Although the seduction is successful, things do not quite play out the way Ludvik expects ( this is the novel's third joke ), and he is left once more to sit and think bitter thoughts.
Although the TV series featured 3 episodes with other on-screen survivors from previously lost earth-flights, the novel's character Marjorie and the ships Anne and Marintha do not appear and are not mentioned in the series.
Although the film follows Shute's original novel closely, the film notably omits references to the supernatural that had been contained in the original novel, including the use of automatic writing to resolve a key element in the original novel's story.
Although Ageyev makes little explicit reference to the Russian Revolution of 1917, the novel's obsession with addictive forms of thinking finds resonance in the historical background, in which " our inborn feelings of humanity and justice " provoke " the cruelties and satanic transgressions committed in its name.
* Although the novel's chapters provide specific dates for all of the action, the later novel Halflife retcons the action to take place several centuries earlier in an attempt to make the lack of stable cloning technology more acceptable.

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