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Among and early
Among well known ( generally non-kabbalist or anti-kabbalist ) Rabbis who rejected the idea of reincarnation are Saadia Gaon, David Kimhi, Hasdai Crescas, Yedayah Bedershi ( early 14th century ), Joseph Albo, Abraham ibn Daud, the Rosh and Leon de Modena.
Among early pre-war pioneers of self-propelled AA guns were the Germans.
Among the most exciting recent archaeological discoveries in Greece is the recognition that the sanctuary site near the modern village of Kalapodi is not only the site of the oracle of Apollon at Abai but that it was in constant use for cult practices from early Mycenaean times to the Roman period.
Among the tracks he recorded was an early version of " That'll Be The Day ", which took its title from a line that John Wayne's character says repeatedly in the 1956 film The Searchers.
Among the topics were love, religion, drinking-songs, legends, and early journalism, which included disasters, political events and signs, wonders and prodigies.
Among the early Old World cities, Mohenjo-daro of the Indus Valley Civilization in present-day Pakistan, existing from about 2600 BC, was one of the largest, with a population of 50, 000 or more.
Plato, for instance writes that " So it is with air: there is the brightest variety which we call aether, the muddiest which we call mist and darkness, and other kinds for which we have no name ...." Among the early Greek Pre-Socratic philosophers, Anaximenes ( mid-6th century BCE ) named air as the arche.
Among the early Germans a freedman remained under the taint of ancestral servitude until the third generation, i. e., until he could show four free-born ancestors.
Among his early favorites were Winsor McCay ( mostly known for Little Nemo ) and Frederick Burr Opper ( mostly known for Happy Hooligan ) but he would later study any style that managed to draw his attention.
Among the many political documentaries produced in the early 1970s was " Chile: A Special Report ," public television's first in-depth expository look of the September 1973 overthrow of the Salvador Allende government in Chile by military leaders under Augusto Pinochet, produced by documentarians Ari Martinez and José Garcia.
Among the many transmitted editions of the Tao Te Ching text, the three primary ones are named after early commentaries.
Among his contributions to computer science are the shortest path algorithm, also known as Dijkstra's algorithm ; Reverse Polish Notation and related Shunting yard algorithm ; the THE multiprogramming system, an important early example of structuring a system as a set of layers ; Banker's algorithm ; and the semaphore construct for coordinating multiple processors and programs.
Among sighted individuals, FRD usually first appears in the teens or early twenties.
Among the many race victories of his early desmo twin, the 1978 legendary return of Mike Hailwood at the Isle of Man is perhaps the most memorable.
Among those who were most active in pursuing early structural investigations were, in addition to Kekulé and Couper, Frankland, Wurtz, Alexander Crum Brown, Emil Erlenmeyer, and Aleksandr Mikhailovich Butlerov.
Among the early Saxons, the rod was the fundamental unit of land measurement.
Among the first venues for what would soon be called " Off-Off-Broadway " ( a term supposedly coined by critic Jerry Tallmer of the Village Voice ) were coffeehouses in Greenwich Village, in particular, the Caffe Cino at 31 Cornelia Street, operated by the eccentric Joe Cino, who early on took a liking to actors and playwrights and agreed to let them stage plays there without bothering to read the plays first, or to even find out much about the content.
" If Stobaeus writes correctly, Sotion in the early 1st century CE was already combining the two in the imaginative duo of weeping and laughing philosophers: " Among the wise, instead of anger, Heraclitus was overtaken by tears, Democritus by laughter.
Among the early influences on individualist anarchism were William Godwin, Henry David Thoreau ( transcendentalism ), Josiah Warren (" sovereignty of the individual "), Lysander Spooner (" natural law "), Pierre Joseph Proudhon ( mutualism ), Anselme Bellegarrigue, Herbert Spencer (" law of equal liberty "), and Max Stirner ( egoism ).
Among the early writings of Abbadie were four Sermons sur divers Textes de l ' Ecriture, 1680 ; Réflexions sur la Présence réelle du Corps de Jésus-Christ dans l ' Eucharistie, 1685 ; and two highly adulatory addresses on persons in high stations, entitled respectively Panégyrique de Monseigneur l ' Electeur de Brandebourg, 1684 ; and Panégyrique de Marie Stuart, Reine d ' Angleterre, d ' Ecosse, de France, et d ' Irlande, de glorieuse et immortelle mémoire, décédée à Kensington le 28 décembre 1694, 1695, also published in England as A Panegyric on our late Sovereign Lady, 1695.
Among the early Church Fathers, Joshua is considered a type of Jesus Christ.
Among the early Judaistic Christian groups the Ebionites held that John, along with Jesus and James the Just — all of whom they revered — were vegetarians.
Among the Andean cultures, a jaguar cult disseminated by the early Chavín culture became accepted over most of what is today Peru by 900 BC.
Among Agricola's other theoretical works is Musica instrumentalis deudsch ( 1529 ), a study of musical instruments, and one of the most important works in early organology ; and one of the earliest books on the Rudiments of music.

Among and projects
Among the specific areas of concentration in which the staff is engaged, are such projects as biological and biochemical studies of the effects of microwaves ; ;
Among other major projects developed were the aqueduct of Bogotá, La Regadera Dam and the Vitelma Water Treatment Plant.
Among the thousands of completed genome sequencing projects include those for mouse, rice, the plant Arabidopsis thaliana, the puffer fish, and bacteria like E. coli.
Among the Laboratory's current major active projects are the Mars Science Laboratory mission ( which includes the Curiosity rover ), the Cassini – Huygens mission orbiting Saturn, the Mars Exploration Rovers ( Spirit and Opportunity ), the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, the Dawn mission to the dwarf planet Ceres and asteroid Vesta, the Juno spacecraft en route to Jupiter, the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory ( GRAIL ) mission to the Moon, the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array ( NuSTAR ) X-ray telescope, and the Spitzer Space Telescope.
Among projects of note, Emaar Properties is proposing to invest $ 43bn (£ 22. 8bn ) in Karachi to develop Bundal Island, which is a island just off the coast of Karachi.
Among the projects under the German cooperation, the Middle-Marsyangdi Hydro Electric Project is a
Among the more important human interests are those in avoiding pain, in developing one's abilities, in satisfying basic needs for food and shelter, in enjoying warm personal relationships, in being free to pursue one's projects without interference, " and many others ".
Among the projects built by Stuyvesant's administration were the protective wall on Wall Street, the canal that became Broad Street, and Broadway.
Among Seattle University's many environmental undertakings, there are projects ranging from composting initiatives to water conservation.
Among the open source virtualization projects, most notable are QEMU / KQEMU, VirtualBox, and Xen.
Among the World Bank Group's credit enhancement and guarantee products, the IBRD offers policy-based guarantees to cover countries ' sovereign default risk, partial credit guarantees to cover the credit risk of a sovereign government or subnational entity, and partial risk guarantees to private projects to cover a government's failure to meet its contractual obligations.
Among the other projects they have been involved in were PGP for email privacy, FreeS / WAN for opportunistic encryption of the whole net, Off-the-record messaging for privacy in Internet chat, and the Tor project for anonymous web surfing.
Among the projects he has designed in Jerusalem are Yad Vashem and Mamilla Mall.
Among the projects Kahn worked on during this collaboration are unbuilt schemes for public housing that had originally been presented to the Public Works Administration.
Among the other ongoing projects the promotion of legal and social empowerment of women in Bangladesh is also to be mentioned.
Among the other factors relevant to this inquiry are the skill required ; the source of the instrumentalities and tools ; the location of the work ; the duration of the relationship between the parties ; whether the hiring party has the right to assign additional projects to the hired party ; the extent of the hired party's discretion over when and how long to work ; the method of payment ; the hired party's role in hiring and paying assistants ; whether the hiring party is in business ; the provision of employee benefits ; and the tax treatment of the hired party.
Among the building projects he undertook was the creation of the triklinos, an extension to the imperial palace, a decorative cascade fountain located at the Augusteum, and a new Church of the Virgin at Petrion.
Among the projects was a complete restoration of the Unisphere.
Among the first projects in 1870 were a stone dam and a wrought iron bridge built on the Big Blue River.
Among the CCC projects completed in Cass Lake were the monumental log-construction Forest Supervisor's Office ( 1936 ) and establishment of the Lydick Nursery ( 1934 ), which produced millions of seedlings for reforestation work.
Among the proposed projects, the only one to that has yet materialized is at Maxwell Place, whose developer is obligated to build a public promenade on the river.
Among several other large projects at Chatsworth, were the Rock Garden, the Emperor Fountain and the rebuilding of Edensor village.
Among other community projects, the Foundation facilitated the building of a new Barberton High School, located on reclaimed swampland in the northwest section of the city.
Among their recording projects were the complete symphonies of Nielsen and Sibelius, choral works of Brahms, and orchestral works of Richard Strauss and Hindemith.

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