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Amsterdam and Buddy
Many scenes deal with Rob and his coworkers, writers Buddy Sorrell ( Morey Amsterdam ) and Sally Rogers ( Rose Marie ).
* Buddy Sorrell ( Maurice Sorrell ; played by Morey Amsterdam ) – an energetic ( and at times facetious ) " human joke machine ", one of the comedy writers.
Morey Amsterdam ( December 14, 1908 – October 28, 1996 ) was an American television actor and comedian, best known for the role of Buddy Sorrell on The Dick Van Dyke Show in the early 1960s.
Hornsby's replacements, hosting different nights each week, were Amsterdam ( Monday and Wednesday ) and the raucous Jerry Lester ( Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays ), the brother of character actor Buddy Lester.
Hornsby's replacements, hosting different nights each week, were Morey Amsterdam ( Monday and Wednesday ) and the raucous Jerry Lester ( Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays ), the brother of character actor Buddy Lester.

Amsterdam and episode
* A copy of the Rubaiyat plays a role in an episode of the TV series New Amsterdam and is shown to be the inspiration for the name of one of the lead character's children, Omar York.
Amsterdam and Rose Marie later appeared as panelists on The Hollywood Squares and guest-starred together in a February 1996 episode of the NBC sitcom Caroline in the City ( his final television appearance ).
*" Hamsterdam ", a 2004 episode from The Wire called " Amsterdam " on the first DVD release
* How I Met Your Mother-Ted Mosby's Apartment is located in Upper West Side, at the cross streets of 75th and Amsterdam according to the episode Zip, Zip, Zip.
The first episode of the series begins with the founding of New Amsterdam, a Dutch trading post.
Richard Wagner's opera, The Flying Dutchman ( 1843 ) is adapted from an episode in Heinrich Heine's satirical novel The Memoirs of Mister von Schnabelewopski ( Aus den Memoiren des Herrn von Schnabelewopski ) ( 1833 ), in which a character attends a theatrical performance of The Flying Dutchman in Amsterdam.
" Amsterdam died later that year, making the episode his last television appearance ; Marie later reprised her role in the 1997 episode " Caroline and the Kept Man.
* Soldier's Heart, an episode of the New Amsterdam TV series.
In April 2008, she had a guest starring role on New Amsterdam as the wife of John Amsterdam's first partner, in the episode " Reclassified ".
* New Amsterdam: In the episode " Love Hurts " ( season 1, episode 8 ), a suspect in an interrogation room is about to light a Morley.
In 2012, in a Dutch episode of the tv-programme Classic Recordings about Shocking Blue's album At home, with a rare interview with guitar player Robbie van Leeuwen and clips of Nirvana's live performance of the song in Paradiso, Amsterdam, Shocking Blue's Klaasje van der Wal was proud of the fact that Novaselic once called him a bass god in a blog, while it was said that Van Leeuwen was pointed to the availability of the Nirvana album during a visit to Hilversum, The Netherlands.
The lead up to Mel and Ian's Millennium wedding included a hen / stag night celebration episode, which was filmed on-location in Amsterdam, Holland.

Amsterdam and house
* 8 February-Eight Hells Angels are arrested in their club house in Amsterdam
** The " tea house " Mellow Yellow opens on the Amstel River in Amsterdam, pioneering the legal sale of cannabis in the Netherlands.
Originally built as the Dutch Reformed " Diaconie " ( poor house and orphanage ) in 1768, it was built to house up to 900 people, indicating the extent of the economic crisis in Haarlem that existed in the 18th century as a result of losing shipping power to Amsterdam.
The London banking house of Neal, James, Fordyce and Down collapsed in June 1772, precipitating a major crisis which included the collapse of almost every private bank in Scotland, and a liquidity crisis in the two major banking centres of the world, London and Amsterdam.
Thousands of people swapped their cramped little apartments in Amsterdam for a family house with garden in one of Hoorn's modern new developments.
The pine was used mainly to make foundations for the boom in Amsterdam house construction ; as a result most of Amsterdam ’ s houses from the 19th century are constructed of pines from Flekkefjord exporters.
Certainly Joachim von Sandrart, who visited Holland in 1637, found Flinck acknowledged as one of Rembrandt's best pupils, and living habitually in the house of the dealer Hendrick van Uylenburgh at Amsterdam.
* The House on 92nd Street ( 1945 ), though set on the UES at 92nd / Madison, the movie is based on the true story of Nazi spies operating out of an Upper West Side boarding house on 90th Street between Amsterdam / Columbus.
Sinter Claes depiction at a 16th-century house near the Dam ( Amsterdam ) | Dam in Amsterdam.
My father was a land holder of 700 acres km² here, adjoining the city on both sides of the river, and lived, as I now live, in a large brick house on the south bank of the Mohawk visible as you enter Amsterdam from the east.
He then founded a house church in Amsterdam which served as a model for later foundations, but which was persecuted.
The Rijksmuseum estimates that P. Oortman spent twenty to thirty thousand guilders on her miniature house, which was nearly the price of a real house along one of Amsterdam ’ s canals at that time.
Image: Amstelveen Oostermeer 2005 07 12. JPG | The rich of Amsterdam built lavish houses on the riverside, such as this house, called Oostermeer.
He got as far as Amsterdam, however, when he was convinced to stay by the art collector " Konstantyn Sennepart ", in whose house he stayed, and where he made a series of colored drawings, that were later bought for 1300 florins ( along with some drawings by Gerrit Battem ) by Jonas Witsen, where Houbraken saw them and fell in love with his portrayals of village life.
The house stood from 1655 to 1851, expanded more than once, and when it was demolished was the last farmhouse from New Amsterdam remaining in the city.
* Daring to Resist: Three Women Face the Holocaust is a 57 minute documentary from 1999 which tells the stories of three Jewish teenagers who resisted the Nazis: Faye Schulman, a photographer and partisan fighter in the forests of Poland ( now Belarus ); Barbara Rodbell, a ballerina in Amsterdam who delivered underground newspapers and secured food and transportation for Jews in hiding ; and Shulamit Lack, who acquired false papers and a safe house for Jews attempting to escape from Hungary.
Born into a wealthy merchant family in Gothenburg, Sahlgren was sent at the age of 16 as an apprentice to the Tietzen & Schröder trading house in Amsterdam, where he learned languages and other aspects of trade.
Van Campen's first known building was the Coymans house built in 1625 in Amsterdam.
However, by June 1790, the authorities were ready for private residents, and in January of the following year they published an ordinance laying down the conditions for the granting of house lots in the present New Amsterdam.
Gretta Duisenberg came to international attention in 2002 when the media reported that the president of the ECB had a Palestinian flag hanging from his house in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam and guest
Later, Fisher informs the guests that Van Meer, who was supposed to be the guest of honor, will not be attending the party ; instead he will be at a political conference in Amsterdam.
Austria became his main center of activity for the next several years, although he was also a frequent guest conductor of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra from 1934 to 1939, and made guest appearances such as in annual concerts with the New York Philharmonic from 1932 to 1936.
The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, entrusted Tillmans with the role of a guest curator in 2008, inviting him to present a personal choice of works by Isa Genzken, Roberto Matta, and Ellsworth Kelly from the museum's collection.
Jochum was also a regular guest conductor of the Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam, and served as the orchestra's ' first conductor ' () from 1941 – 1943, during the chief conductorship of Willem Mengelberg.
The show was broadcast " live " on KYW-TV in its city of origination, but this practice ended in 1965 after guest Zsa Zsa Gabor used inappropriate language on-the-air when referring to stand-up comedian and comic actor Morey Amsterdam of the Dick Van Dyke Show.
He has taught screenwriting in the U. S. and Europe and is on the guest faculty of the Maurits Binger Film Institute in Amsterdam.
The series featured numerous performances and cameos by notable guest stars including: Dean Martin, Kim Basinger, Melanie Griffith, Kim Cattrall, Abe Vigoda, Morey Amsterdam, Shelley Fabares, Shelley Berman, Savannah Smith Boucher, Alex Trebek, Sid Caesar, Slim Pickens, Isabel Sanford, Maureen McCormick, Cesar Romero, Doc Severinsen, Mamie Van Doren, Muhammad Ali, Robert Loggia, Kurt Krakowian, Leslie Nielsen, Lola Falana, Rudolph " Minnesota Fats " Wanderone, Heather Menzies ( Urich's real-life wife ), Eve Arden, Barbi Benton, Lisa Hartman, Shelley Winters, Wayne Newton, Captain & Tennille, Wolfman Jack, Tanya Roberts, Lorne Greene, Erin Gray, Gary Lockwood, William Garbacz, June Lockhart, Michael Cole, and Dick Butkus.
Nikish was also a popular guest conductor with the Vienna Philharmonic and Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam, and conducted the Ring Cycle of Richard Wagner at Covent Garden in London.
In recent years, the benefit's honored guest has been centenarian Doris Eaton Travis, who originally performed on the New Amsterdam stage in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1919.
In the course of its run, A mixture of well-known Canadian and Hollywood guest stars appeared such as Al Waxman, John Ireland, Megan Follows, Alan Hale, Jr., August Schellenberg, DeForest Kelley, Ray Walston, Morey Amsterdam, Michael Ironside, Patrick Macnee, Abe Vigoda, Saul Rubinek, John Vernon, Chris Makepeace, Karen Kain, Vic Morrow, Henry Gibson, John Carradine and Leslie Nielsen.
She was a guest judge on America's Next Top Model, Cycle 11, when the contestants visited Amsterdam.
Many familiar faces of the era were guest panelists, including Bill Cullen, Morey Amsterdam, Dane Clark, and Hans Conried.

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