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Another and active
Another of his letters, to Dracontius, urges that monk to leave the desert for the more active duties of a bishop.
Another active area of research is the program to obtain classification, or to determine the extent of which classification is possible, for separable simple nuclear C *- algebras.
Another tribute band called Yada Yada is still active in The Netherlands, often appearing with original members of the Wild Romance ( Dany Lademacher, Ramon Rambeaux ).
Another area in which the ICAO is active is infrastructure management, including Communication, Navigation, Surveillance / Air Traffic Management ( CNS / ATM ) systems, which employ digital technologies ( e. g., satellite systems with various levels of automation ) in order to maintain a seamless global air traffic management system.
" Another major influence in Weber's life were the writings of Karl Marx and the workings of socialist thought in academia and active politics.
Another active research topic is quantum teleportation, which deals with techniques to transmit quantum information over arbitrary distances.
Another comparison of scans anterior forebrain regions are disproportionately active in stuttering subjects, while post-rolandic regions are relatively inactive.
Another aspect of urban exploration is the practice of exploring active or in use buildings which includes gaining access to secured or " member-only " areas, mechanical rooms, roofs, elevator rooms, abandoned floors and other normally unseen parts of working buildings.
Another early Italian exponent of the role was the Bolognese actor, Nicolò Zecca, active c. 1630 in Bologna as well as Turin and Mantua.
Another way of saying the next-hop must be reachable is that there must be an active route, already in the main routing table of the router, to the prefix in which the next-hop address is located.
Another advantage is that it is not necessary to translate the coordinates of all vertices from the main memory into the working memory — only vertices defining edges that intersect the current scan line need to be in active memory, and each vertex is read in only once.
Another mechanism for BIF-formatíon, also proposed in the context of the Snowball Earth discussion, is by deposition from metal-rich brines in the vicinity of hydrothermally active rift zones.
Another type of electrical circuit is an active low-pass filter.
Another large group of Cossacks, led by Onufriy Stepanov, appeared in the area soon after Khabarov's departure from the Amur, and was active there until its destruction in 1658.
Another persistent problem was due to the heavily faulted nature of the sedimentary rock, in an active seismic zone, through which the canal is cut.
Alison's students included " a surprisingly large number of active, well-known patriots ,” including three signers of the Declaration of Independence, who " learned their patriotic principles from Hutcheson and Alison .” Another signer of the Declaration of Independence, John Witherspoon of the College of New Jersey ( now Princeton University ), relied heavily on Hutcheson's views in his own lectures on moral philosophy.
Another, RGD, indicated whether or not that PE was currently active.
Another enzyme, Vitamin K epoxide reductase, ( VKORC ) reduces vitamin K back to its active form.
Another study suggested that the sea cucumber contains all the fatty acids necessary to play a potentially active role in tissue repair.
" Another time, when KAOS arranges for the Chief to be recalled to active duty in the US Navy ( as a common seaman with Smart as his commanding officer ), his official name is John Doe.
Another addition to this rule is the " two-man touch ," which penalizes the defense for being unaware of their assignments and teammates by making all players who touch the active quarterback stick to him, removing a defender from the field temporarily.
Another scene depicts an active Indiana limestone quarry.
Another company was contracted to conduct opinion polls, which identified " older, less-educated males from larger households who are not typically active information-seekers " and " younger, lower-income women " as " good targets for radio advertisements " that would " directly attack the proponents of global warming.
Another label active in Chicago in the mid-to-late ' 70s was Chi-Sound Records, under the production aegis of Carl Davis.

Another and research
Another author stated that " the practice of evidence-based medicine means integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research ".
Another research indicates there is a strong link between essential tremor in males and the amount of meat consumed, but the exact mechanism is yet unknown.
Another important collection of research materials housed in Fenwick is the Government Documents collection.
Another replication came from Ronald Inglehart's research into national opinions based on the World Values Survey, although Inglehart's research described the values of countries rather than individuals or groups of individuals within nations.
Another wave of research followed, this time more tightly controlled.
Another reaction to the aerial bombing was the creation of a back-up research test range near Blizna, Poland.
Another definition of research is given by Creswell who states-" Research is a process of steps used to collect and analyze information to increase our understanding of a topic or issue ".
Another form which lives in rotting logs and is often used in research is Physarum polycephalum.
Another research effort revealed that between 1. 5 million and 1. 8 million individuals are trafficked either internally or internationally each year, 500, 000 to 600, 000 of whom are sex trafficking victims.
Another research in northeastern Japan shows that there is one warm / humid interval from AD 750 to 1200, and two cold / dry intervals from AD 1 to 750 and 1200 to present.
Another example of data mining in science and engineering is found in educational research, where data mining has been used to study the factors leading students to choose to engage in behaviors which reduce their learning ,< ref >
Another theory for the decline might be, as research shows, that species from the Southern Hemisphere are on average 4. 6 million years old, compared to an average 2. 9 million years old for the Northern Hemisphere: Researchers believe this age difference is because of the history of severe Ice Ages in the Northern Hemisphere, which may drive older species to extinction.
Another part-time job he took on was being the director of psychological research at the Boston Psychopathic Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts.
Another line of research has focused on the proximate effects of circulating testosterone on the nervous system, as mediated by local metabolism within the brain.
Another translation found through research says the name " Teka-mah " comes from the Egyptian or Arabic language and means " bloody battlefield.
Another notable medical establishment in Greenwood is the Genetic Center, a nonprofit institute, organized to provide clinical genetic services and laboratory testing, to develop educational programs and materials, and to conduct research in the field of medical genetics.
Another aspect of Trevor-Roper ’ s general outlook on history and on scholarly research that has inspired controversy is his viewpoint on historical experiences of pre-literate societies.
Another longitudinal research found several insights regarding the relations between creativity and emotion at work.
Grameen Foundation has released two papers summarizing the state of research on the impact of microfinance on poverty: " Measuring the Impact of Microfinance, Taking Stock of What We Know " by Nathanael Goldberg ( now with Innovations for Poverty Action ) and an update, " Measuring the Impact of Microfinance: Taking Another Look " by Professor Kathleen Odell.
Another of Fabyan's pet projects was research into secret messages which Sir Francis Bacon had allegedly hidden in various texts during the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I.
Another drawback to resistance is that depending on the host pathogen system, resistance is sometimes not long lasting as new pathogen strains quickly develop, and further research and breeding is constantly needed.

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