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Another and notable
Another notable script is Elder Futhark, which is believed to have evolved out of one of the Old Italic alphabets.
Another notable measure is the use of a body double, a person who looks like the leader and who pretends to be the leader to draw attention away from the intended target.
Another notable book on the subject is Willy Ley's Exotic Zoology ( 1959 ).
Another notable park, SunWatch Indian Village / Archaeological Park is located on the south end of Dayton.
Another notable honorable mention was given to the two men who attempted to burgle the home of footballer Duncan Ferguson ( who had four convictions for assault and had served six months in Glasgow's Barlinnie prison ) in 2001, with one burglar requiring three days ' hospitalization after being confronted by the player.
Another notable building dating from around this time, the Clockhouse belfy or Clock Tower, built between 1403 and 1412, seems to have been intended both as a visible and audible statement of the town's continuing civic ambitions against the power of the Abbot.
Another notable ( and defiant ) phrase in the speech was also spoken in German, " Lass ' sie nach Berlin kommen " (" Let them come to Berlin ")-- addressed at those who claimed " we can work with the Communists ", a remark which Nikita Khrushchev scoffed at only days later.
Another notable retrospective praise came in 2003 from the British magazine, NME, which rated Forever Changes No. 6 on their list of greatest albums of all time.
Another notable wrist spinner is Michael Bevan from Australia, who was known for his speed and bounce.
Another notable softsynth is the TS-404 synthesizer found bundled with FL Studio.
Another notable title was the cult-classic Snatcher, a cyberpunk digital comic released by Konami and designed by Hideo Kojima.
Another of Loyd's notable puzzles was the " Trick Donkeys ".
Another notable change is that in the latter half of the novel events were specified as taking place around Dorian Gray's 32nd birthday, on 7 November.
Another notable feature of the system was its approach to combat: a table outlined the effectiveness of the attacker's superpower ( for example, an energy blast ) against all of the defender's powers, reflecting in theory the interplay of attack and defense powers.
Another notable hardware change is a color screen which can display album art.
Another notable antecedent was put forth by the philosopher John Stuart Mill with his harm principle in the 19th century.
Another notable reference is in the third X-Men film, when asked by Callisto: " If you're so proud of being a mutant, then where's your mark?
Another notable composer from this period was Emilio Arrieta.
Another form of market socialism was promoted by critics of central planning and general equilibrium theory, the most notable economists being Alec Nove and Janos Kornai.
Another notable feature of Bdellovibrio is the sheath that covers its flagellum.
Another notable peak is the Kehlstein mountain ( 1835 m ) with its Kehlsteinhaus ( Eagle's Nest ), which offers spectacular views to its visitors.
Another notable track from Jazz, " Don't Stop Me Now ", provides another example of the band's exuberant vocal harmonies.
Another notable film in this period was the short rock music performance film Three Directions In Australian Pop Music ( 1972 ), which featured in-concert colour footage of three of the most significant Melbourne rock acts of the period, Spectrum, The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band and Wendy Saddington.
Another notable collection is the collaboration with the National Palace Museum of Taiwan, a collection of various kitchenware products with Asian themes.

Another and modified
Another factor was that the 8088 allowed the computer to be based on a modified 8085 design, as it could easily interface with most nMOS chips with 8-bit databuses, i. e. existing and mature, and therefore economical, components.
Another potential security vulnerability in using asymmetric keys is the possibility of a " man-in-the-middle " attack, in which the communication of public keys is intercepted by a third party ( the " man in the middle ") and then modified to provide different public keys instead.
Another specialized term is also used for Cucurbitaceae fruits, which are modified to have a hard outer rind, and are given the special name pepo.
Another measure of insulin resistance is the modified insulin suppression test developed by Gerald Reaven at Stanford University.
Another example is Ten, the arsonist cousin of Lum, that in the manga appeared from the seventh volume, but in the anime he appeared since the third episode, so many tales are modified to include him.
Another hundred have been modified in their strokes, but are still easily recognizable, as is nü ' woman ' above.
Another, similar, alternative is the relativistic modified gravity ( MOG ) theory, also called scalar – tensor – vector gravity ( STVG ), of John Moffat.
For example, YACC ( Yet Another Compiler Compiler ) takes input in Backus-Naur form and converts it to a parser in C. Though it was originally created for automatic generation of a parser for a compiler, yacc is also often used to automate writing code that needs to be modified each time specifications are changed.
Another popular inline-twin two-stroke engine was the Cuyuna 430-D, also a modified snowmobile unit which produced.
Another, " Bookshop Sketch ," was recorded in modified form for Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album.
Another popular booby trap was the " Grenade in a Can ", a grenade with the safety pin removed in a container and a string attached, sometimes with the grenade's fuse mechanism modified to give a much shorter delay than the four to seven seconds typical with grenade fuses.
Another extension, TDCC, or turbo DCC, removes the acknowledgements, but requires a slightly modified handshake and is not widely supported.
Another example was Scilab prior to version 5, which called itself " the open source platform for numerical computation " but had a license that forbade commercial redistribution of modified versions.
Another technique adds modified whey to better approximate the composition of mare's milk.
Another approach, the toggle mode, uses a multi-step write with a modified multi-layer cell.
Another change in government control in 1970 was followed by the publication of a white paper in 1971 implementing the commission's reforms in a modified form.
Another more recent " Super Chipmunk " was converted by air show performer, Jim " Fang " Maroney who similarly modified an ex-RCAF example by strengthening the airframe, replacing the original engine with a version incorporating an inverted fuel and oil system, clipping three feet off the wings and adding 30 % more rudder and 10 % more elevator.
Another similarly modified " Super Chipmunk ", N1804Q, is owned and flown by air show pilot Greg Aldridge.
Another view is that a later copyist, aware of the 2 Kings passage, modified it and inserted it into the text of Ezekiel.
Another common procedure is the modified barium swallow study during which barium-impregnated liquids and solids are ingested by the patient.
Another specification named DPMS specifically addresses requirements to easily relocate modified DOS driver software into extended memory and run them in protected mode, thereby reducing their conventional memory footprint downto small stubs.
Another Nintendo game, Metroid Fusion, is potentially built on a modified version of the engine used in Wario Land 4.
Another change came when its longtime jingle — " Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man " — was modified with the more gender-neutral " folks " replacing " man.
Another way of expressing C is in terms of the modified duration D:

1.837 seconds.