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Another and part
Another part of their structure is polar or hydrophilic (" water-loving ") and will tend to associate with polar solvents like water.
Another noticeable trait is his sense of humor, largely absent in the comics and movies but very much a part of Howard's original vision of the character, particularly apparent in " Xuthal of the Dusk ", also known as " The Slithering Shadow.
Another trend in Western scholarship of China has been to move away from " grand theories " of history, toward an understanding of a narrow part of China.
Another similar program is the National Civilian Community Corps, part of the AmeriCorps program, a team-based national service program to which 18-to 24-year-olds dedicate 10 months of their time annually.
Another technique is to represent the sinusoids in terms of the real part of a more complex expression, and perform the manipulations on the complex expression.
Another example is the strongly oblique convergent plate boundary between the Arabian and Eurasian plates where it runs through the northwestern part of the Zagros mountains.
Another view is that Zwingli did not pay much attention to Luther's theology and in fact he considered it as part of the humanist reform movement.
Another theory occasionally encountered is a derivation from the phrase thog mi an èigh / eugh () " I raised the cry ", which in pronunciation bears a certain resemblance to Hogmanay, as part of the rhymes traditionally recited at New Year but it is unclear if this is simply a case of folk etymology.
Another debate that gained a lot of attention at the birth of Jazz was how it would affect the appearance of African Americans, in particular, who were a part of it.
Another example of the textual arguments against the Testimonium is that it uses the Greek term poietes to mean " doer " ( as part of the phrase " doer of wonderful works ") but elsewhere in his works, Josephus only uses the term poietes to mean " poet ," whereas this use of " poietes " seems consistent with the Greek of Eusebius.
Another theory is that Wimsey was based, at least in part, on Eric Whelpton, who was a close friend of Sayers at Oxford.
Another tradition, but not part of the nine are the mages of Ahl-i-Batin ( also known as The Subtle Ones ).
Another historic part filled by Amyraut was in the negotiations originated by Pierre le Gouz de la Berchère ( 1600 – 1653 ), first president of the parlement of Grenoble, when exiled to Saumur, for a reconciliation and reunion of the Catholics of France with the French Protestants.
Another clause of the treaty was that Germany would not interfere with the Soviet Union's actions towards Bessarabia, then part of Romania ; as the result, Bessarabia was joined to the Moldovan ASSR, and become the Moldovan SSR under control of Moscow.
Another reviewer, however, stated that Davis plays her part well, and " does well with what she has to work with ".
Another area of considerable diversity appears to have been the Southeast ; however, many of these languages became extinct from European contact and as a result they are, for the most part, absent from the historical record.
Another British Royal Navy attempt on the pole, part of the British Arctic Expedition, by Commander Albert H. Markham reached a then-record 83 ° 20 ' 26 " North in May 1876 before turning back.
Another renowned part of the coronation was the lighting of a bundle of flax at the top of a gilded pole, which would flare brightly for a moment and then promptly extinguish, with the admonition Sic transit gloria mundi (" Thus passes worldly glory ").
Another important decision of Clement XI was in regard to the Chinese Rites controversy: the Jesuit missionaries were forbidden to take part in honors paid to Confucius or the ancestors of the Emperors of China, which Clement XI identified as " idolatrous and barbaric ", and to accommodate Christian language to pagan ideas under plea of conciliating the heathen.
Another, more psychological factor that has played a part here is that a long-standing mutual distrust or antipathy felt between former East Berliners and West Berliners ( Ossis and Wessis according to the well-known slang terms ), is still very much in evidence in the city and elsewhere in Germany, and bold civil engineering projects and architectural statements are not going to make it go away by themselves.
Appearing in Chrono Cross are " Gale ", " Frozen Flame ", " Viper Manor ", " Far Promise ~ Dream Shore " ( as part of " On the Beach of Dreams ~ Another World ", " The Dream that Time Dreams "), " The Girl who Stole the Stars ", and " Epilogue ~ Dream Shore " ( as part of " Jellyfish Sea ").
Another factor in the demise of the rotary was the fundamentally inefficient use of fuel and lubricating oil caused in part by the need for the fuel / air mixture to be aspirated through the hollow crankshaft and crankcase, as in a two-stroke engine.
Another is the various " incorporeal hereditaments ," such as profits-à-prendre, where an individual may have the right to take crops from land that is part of another's estate.
Another management practice developed by CERT, which is part of the SEI, is the Resiliency Management Model ( RMM ).

Another and intellectual
Another source of intellectual stimulus was opened to her at that time by the founding of Johns Hopkins University within walking distance of home.
Another factor influencing the biotechnology sector's success is improved intellectual property rights legislation — and enforcement — worldwide, as well as strengthened demand for medical and pharmaceutical products to cope with an ageing, and ailing, U. S. population.
Another widely debated issue is the relationship between copyrights and other forms of " intellectual property ", and material property.
Another well-publicized incident from October 2000, usually referred to as the " Mystere incident ", involved Verant banning a player for creating controversial fan fiction, causing outrage among Everquest players and sparking a major industry-wide debate about players ' rights and the line between roleplaying and intellectual property infringement.
Another prominent target was the philosopher and public intellectual Jean-Paul Sartre, who supported the FLN.
Another sympathiser, David Frawley, said about Goel that he was " modern India ’ s greatest intellectual kshatriya ", and " one of India ’ s most important thinkers in the post-independence era ".
Another anecdote from the late 1940s tells how the socialist intellectual G. D. H. Cole got into a third-class compartment on the train back from Oxford to London, to break off conversation with Simon ; to his dismay Simon followed suit, only for both men to produce first class tickets when the inspector did his rounds.
Another noted intellectual, who was once part of Alain de Benoist's GRECE, is Dr. Guillaume Faye.
Another theme analyzed using the Metaphysics of Quality is the interaction between intellectual and social patterns.
Another proponent of Guevarism was the French intellectual Régis Debray, who could be seen as attempting to establish a coherent, unitary theoretical framework on these grounds.
Another example concerns intellectual property.
Another course, V-201, which focused on mechanisms for intellectual property protection for inventors, also had a taped version, which is expected to be transcribed into future volumes.
Another model of Torah Umadda, less emphasized in Modern Orthodox literature, de-stresses the intellectual role of Madda.
Another concern is with the intellectual fall of Germany in the time leading up to World War II.
Another wealthy poet-librettist in the Venice milieu was Giovanni Francesco Busenello ( 1598 – 1659 ), like Badoaro a member of the intellectual society Accademia degli Incogniti.
Another subplot involves a screenwriter who is trying to gain his intellectual property back from a major studio that is a parody of Miramax, ending with a climax that reveals that the major characters of the story have been involved in a scam of massive proportions, at the height of which several studio executives are killed during a re-creation of the parting of the Red Sea.
Another anarchist and French intellectual with a dedication to post-structuralism is Daniel Colson who published Petit lexique philosophique de l ' anarchisme de Proudhon à Deleuze in 2001.

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