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from Brown Corpus
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Another and reason
Another evidence of the spreading rule of reason was provided from Mexico City with the daily hijacking of an American plane by a demented Algerian with a gun.
Another reason for using this
Another reason was that York was not a wealthy see, and Worcester was.
Another frequent reason for purchasing coins is as an investment.
Another reason for the irritation was that most of FACA consisted of soldiers from Kolingba ’ s ethnic group, the Yakoma.
Another possible explanation for the origins of obligatory celibacy revolves around more practical reason, " the need to avoid claims on church property by priests ' offspring ".
Another reason for doubting the literal nature of these early genealogies is that the etymology of the names of several early members of the dynasty do not appear to be Germanic, which is the origin of these peoples.
* Another reason given in the 1987 story " The Secret Revealed " was the public simply does not know that Superman has a secret identity, considering he does not wear a mask, which implies to most that he has nothing to hide.
Another reason for the increase in accidents was the unreliability of the lamps themselves.
Another reason to be interested in S < sub > 1 / T </ sub >( ƒ ) is that it often provides insight into the amount of aliasing caused by the sampling process.
Another reason for the efforts ' failures was the Gracchi's idealism ; they were deaf to the baser notes of human nature and failed to recognize how corrupt and selfish all sections of Roman society had become.
Another reason for gun ownership is collecting.
Another reason not to use hot dip zinc coating is that for bolts and nuts size M10 ( US 3 / 8 ") or smaller, the thick hot-dipped coating fills in too much of the threads, which reduces strength ( because the dimension of the steel prior to coating must be reduced for the fasteners to fit together ).
Another reason for discontent was that the state offered large tax subsidies and environmental investments, which sometimes cost more than the selling price of the company.
" Another reason cited for this continued distinction is that Lamarck created a precedent through his classifications which is now difficult to escape from.
Another major theme is the tension between free will and biological determinism, or reason and sexual desire.
Another reason can be seen by looking at the formula for the kurtosis of the sum of random variables.
Another reason for negative reviews was a puff piece written by Byron about the Christabel publication.
Another reason was the MPPC's overestimation of the efficiency of controlling the motion picture industry through patent litigation and the exclusion of independents from licensing.
Another reason minimum wage may not affect employment in certain industries is that the demand for the product the employees produce is highly inelastic ; For example, if management is forced to increase wages, management can pass on the increase in wage to consumers in the form of higher prices.
Another reason for Weber's decision was that Troeltsch's work already achieved what he desired in that area: laying the groundwork for a comparative analysis of religion and society.
Another reason that law enforcement agencies use machine pistols in hostage rescue situations is that the low-powered pistol ammunition loses its energy quickly, which means that the bullets are less likely to go through walls and injure innocent parties.
Another reason that the spin of the proton and neutron is important is because it is the source of nuclear spin in larger nuclei.
Another reason given by current PDVSA management is that with rising crude oil prices, it has been found that mixing or diluting Orinoco bitumen ( extra-heavy oil ) with a lighter crude oil can make this blend more profitable as a crude oil on the world market than by selling it as Orimulsion.

Another and study
Another public interest group is the commission of laymen or educators which is appointed to study an educational problem and to make recommendations.
Another study found more cooperative behavior the greater the number the perceived kin in a group.
Another study suggested that mouthwashes based on essential oils could be more effective than traditional mouthwashes.
Another study has demonstrated that daily use of an alum-containing mouthrinse was safe and produced a significant effect on plaque that supplemented the benefits of daily toothbrushing.
Another study found it also effective for healing limb ulcers caused by peripheral vascular disease.
Another study confirmed the seriousness of the disorder as " the standardized all-cause mortality ratio among patients with bipolar disorder is increased approximately two-fold.
Another example is the word (" study, learn ").
Another tool for understanding structure formation is simulations, which cosmologists use to study the gravitational aggregation of matter in the universe, as it clusters into filaments, superclusters and voids.
Another approach would be to study the firings of individual neurons while a person is trying to remember the phone number.
Another issue with verbal report as a criterion is that it restricts the field of study to humans who have language: this approach cannot be used to study consciousness in other species, pre-linguistic children, or people with types of brain damage that impair language.
Another approach applies specifically to the study of self-awareness, that is, the ability to distinguish oneself from others.
Another useful term is the heat of combustion, which is the energy released due to a combustion reaction and often applied in the study of fuels.
LiveScience. com recaps new evidence showing that the most dangerous sport for high school and college females is cheerleading: Another study found that between 1982 and 2007, there were 103 fatal, disabling or serious injuries recorded among female high school athletes, with the vast majority ( 67 ) occurring in cheerleading.
Another study shows that people who experience SWS during the first half of their sleep cycle compared to subjects who did not, showed better recall of information.
Another study found that middle aged people compared to young group had a worse retrieval of memories.
Another study was started to see if a new RISC architecture could be defined that could directly support the VMS operating system.
Another infamous study found that when participants contorted their facial muscles into distinct facial expressions ( e. g. disgust ), they reported subjective and physiological experiences that matched the distinct facial expressions.
Another recent study suggests a correlation between oral sex and throat cancer.
Another area of focus in the study of hadith is biographical analysis (‘ ilm al-rijāl, lit.
Another study has demonstrated that a color hallucination suggestion given to subjects in hypnosis activated color-processing regions of the occipital cortex.
Another study revealed that how long an item spends in short-term memory is not the key determinant in its strength in long-term memory.
Another central branch of metaphysics is cosmology, the study of the totality of all phenomena within the universe.
One study has demonstrated that UP can delay ovulation .< sup > 81 </ sup >... Another study found that UPA altered the endometrium, but whether this change would inhibit implantation is unknown .< sup > 82 </ sup > p.

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