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Another and sub-genre
Another sub-genre is the Edenic Pastoral, which alludes to the perfect relationship between God, man, and nature in the Garden of Eden.
Another sub-genre of Miami bass is car audio bass, which features an even more stripped down and bass heavy sound, tending to focus on either extremely hard 909 kicks combined with sine waves or the classic 808 kick, or sometimes simply the sine wave by itself.
Another sub-genre, Doo Wop, entered the pop charts in the 1950s.
Another sub-genre, invented in the 19th century, is the guide book.

Another and reality
Another closely related explanation is that reality is devoid of sensory mediation and conception, or empty, and therefore language itself is a priori inadequate without direct experience.
Another type of hacker is now called a reality hacker.
Another description of supervenience does away with levels altogether and rather pictures reality as a matrix or mosaic, upon which we imply different patterns ( the old levels ) but emphasising that all patterns are variations of the same implicit reality.
Another name that was popular during this period was the term Tausendjähriges Reich (" Thousand-Year Reich "), the millennial connotations of which suggested that Nazi Germany would last for a thousand years to come ; in reality it was ousted after a mere 12 years.
Another such speculation has been written up on how to reach ultimate happiness via virtual reality.
Another type of reality program is the social experiment that produces drama, conflict, and sometimes transformation.
Another type of reality programming features hidden cameras rolling when random passers-by encounter a staged situation.
Another example of the legend occasionally overshadowing reality was the famed " barbed wire jump " in the 1962 film " The Great Escape " -- a stunt performed by McQueen's good friend and champion motorcycle racer Bud Ekins.
Another explanation for Rego's depiction of women as unfeminine, animalistic or brutal beings is that this reflects the physical reality of a woman as a human being in the physical world, and not idealised types in the minds of men.
In Die Another Day she puts on Q's virtual reality glasses and sees Bond walking casually into her room and tossing his hat on the hook.
Another misrepresentation of the reality of memory loss in the movies can be seen in Clean Slate ( 1994 ) and 50 First Dates ( 2004 ) where the characters are able to encode memory during the day but lose all memory of that day at night, while sleeping.
Another category of devices used in Chinese are the modal particles ( 语气助词 yǔqì zhùcí ), used to express mood, or an expression of how a statement relates to reality and / or intent.
Another reality saw Madelyne Pryor as a member of an " X-Men " team formed by Mr. Sinister alongside Cyclops ( Scott Summers ), Havok ( Alex Summers ), and Sabretooth.
Another test of the reality of the Land is the fact that Covenant enters the Land after sustaining damage ( e. g. collapsing on asphalt as he is about to be hit by a car in the first book, bashing his head on a coffee table corner in the second and a series of incidents at the start of the third including cutting his gums on razor blades hidden in bread buns, falling down a stony hill, and sucking snake poison from the wound of a young girl ) but he is always returned to the same state that he entered shortly before leaving, such as the wound on his forehead that he sustains bashing it on a coffee table before entering the Land is healed, only to be wounded again after being attacked with a staff by Hile Troy ( who claims to be another traveller from the " real " world to the Land.
Another common feature of Kross novels is a comparison, sometimes overt but usually covert, between various historical epochs and the present day, which for much of Kross ' writing life consisted of Soviet reality, including censorship, an inability to travel freely abroad, a dearth of consumer goods, the ever-watchful eye of the KGB and informers, etc.
Another example of this was when he was sent into an alternate reality where the Shredder ruled the world, Splinter and Casey were both dead and the turtles had fallen apart.
Another definition is " a state of openness to a more expansive reality and the application of this state in one's life ".
Another child Franklin fathers with Rachel ( in a reality that only slightly diverges from Earth-811 ) is known as Dream Summers.
Another grievance was that Ireland, although nominally a sovereign kingdom governed by the monarch and Parliament of the island, in reality had less independence than most of Britain's North American colonies, due to a series of laws enacted by the English, such as Poynings ' law of 1494 and the Declaratory Act of 1720, the former of which gave the English veto power over Irish legislation, and the latter of which gave the British the right to legislate for the kingdom.
Another question that he brings up is the reality of the Christian belief in life after death and what form this life will take.
Another example parodied advertisements for reality TV shows, by showing a couple getting married, and getting disgruntled at living in a tiny house ( the punchline: a voiceover saying " The drama may be real, but it won't save you any money on car insurance ", followed by the wife asking her spouse in their tiny hot tub " Why haven't you called GEICO?

Another and TV
* Another World ( TV series ), an American soap opera
Another potential source of competition in the future will be TV over broadband internet connections ; this is known as Internet Protocol television ( IPTV ).
Another way is IPTV, that is receiving TV via Internet Protocol, relying on Digital Subscriber Line ( DSL ) or optical cable line.
Another TV show, Tell It To Groucho, premiered January 11, 1962 on CBS, but only lasted five months.
Another method is to use a TV camera — using either visible light or infra-red — in order to see the target.
Another Turkish electronics brand, Profilo-Telra, was Europe's third largest TV producer in 2005.
Another variation that is sometimes shown on TV shows is done by performing a normal ' Balducci ', filming the audience reaction, then later returning and performing the illusion with the aid of wires to get more height or to get a shot from the front or underneath.
Another of his sons, by Mavis de Vere Cole, is the television director Tristan de Vere Cole noted for his contributions to TV series from the Sixties to the Eighties.
Another ABC Television Movie, Battlestar Galactica, which spawned the 1978 television series of the same name, was seen by 64 million people and at the time was the most expensive TV movie ever made.
Another television adaptation, a TV film, was produced by STV Productions ( then known as " SMG TV Productions ") in 2002.
* Michael Reston: Another district attorney played by David Ogden Stiers in several of the TV movies listed below.
In the Portuguese version of El Chavo del Ocho, Don Ramón ( Seu Madruga ) suggests that they do as the TV series of Pede Mais Um ( Ask For Another One ).
Another regional channel, now gone, was the Canal 8 UCV TV.
It can be seen in the opening scene of The Golden Compass, Brideshead Revisited ( 1981 TV serial ), Another Country ( 1984 ), The Madness of King George III ( 1994 ), and the first two Harry Potter films, in which the Divinity School doubles as the Hogwarts hospital wing and Duke Humfrey's Library as the Hogwarts library.
* Somerset ( TV series ), a 1970s spinoff of Another World
Another notable TV series, The Rogues, starred Boyer with David Niven and Gig Young ; the show lasted through the 1964 – 1965 season.
Another frequent sparring partner on TV for Taylor was the writer Malcolm Muggeridge.
Another application is in live TV programs, where streams of audio and video need to be seamlessly merged and transitioned from one to the other to avoid silent airtime or excessive overlap.
Another original character design sheet showed the characters in a stylised 1950s style ( not unlike that of the live-action Adventures of Superman TV series ), suggesting that the producers were also considering having the series set during that period, or possibly end up like Batman: The Animated Series ( set during modern time, but with an Art Deco feel ).
Another drawback of SECAM is that comb filtering, allowing better color separation, is not possible in TV receivers.
Another time, he disproved a critic who had written that it is impossible to spend several minutes on TV just cracking nuts.
Another popular and critically acclaimed TV movie was 1971's Duel, written by Richard Matheson, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Dennis Weaver.
Another example is the TV movie Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, which launched the TV show of the same name, and used the same actress Melissa Joan Hart for the lead role in both.

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