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Another and term
Another occasionally used term for the genre is " allohistory " ( literally " other history ").
: Another example is the term " end-gaining ".
Another relatively early use of the term in a German-language work was in a book by Fritz Sternberg, a Jewish Marxist political economist who was a refugee from the Third Reich.
The Origin of the term " Blitzkrieg ": Another view.
Another frequent application of the term is to distinguish political groups in areas of mixed religious backgrounds.
Another useful term is the heat of combustion, which is the energy released due to a combustion reaction and often applied in the study of fuels.
Another problem is where people use a different address at different times e. g. students living at their place of education in term time but returning to a family home during vacations or children whose parents have separated who effectively have two family homes.
Another term which is commonly associated to Swap is Swaption which is basically an option on the forward Swap.
Another etymology links it directly to the Irish term Geab ar ais ( pron.
Another unscientific term for semi-precious gemstones used in art history and archaeology is hardstone.
Another term used is habit, the form the gem is usually found in.
Another term for them is spike harps.
Another term used is Old Horny, in reference to the deity's horns and also to his sexual nature.
Another example of the textual arguments against the Testimonium is that it uses the Greek term poietes to mean " doer " ( as part of the phrase " doer of wonderful works ") but elsewhere in his works, Josephus only uses the term poietes to mean " poet ," whereas this use of " poietes " seems consistent with the Greek of Eusebius.
Another hypothesis for the origin of the term dates back to 1907, " when John Brandtjen convinced two young machinists from Oslo, Norway named Abel and Eneval Kluge to service and install presses for his fledgling printing equipment firm " ( see external link, history of the Kluge Platen Press ).
Another trend in art which has been associated with the term postmodern is the use of a number of different media together.
Another possible source of confusion is that some older textbooks use the term " molecular weight " to mean the molar mass.
Another cause of manatee deaths is the red tide, a term used for the proliferation, or " blooms ", of the microscopic marine algae of the species Karenia brevis, a member of the dinoflagellates that produces brevetoxins that can have toxic effects on the central nervous systems of creatures in the area of the algae bloom.
Another term, polyphyletic, fell outside of the definition of monophyly.
Another view is that, since the Hebrew term for egg matzah is matzah ashirah (, literally, " enriched matzah " or " rich matzah "), it cannot be used to fulfill the requirement of eating matzah at the Passover Seder.
Another possibility is the first use of the term by Édouard Le Roy, who together with Teilhard was listening to lectures of Vladimir Vernadsky at Sorbonne.
Another early usage of the term, was by the American artist, mystic, and philosopher Walter Russell, who spoke of "... this New Age philosophy of the spiritual re-awakening of man ... Man's purpose in this New Age is to acquire more and more knowledge ..." in his essay " Power Through Knowledge ," which was also published in 1944.
Another example is the term civil war, which is not an oxymoron, but can be claimed to be so for humorous effect, if civil is construed as meaning polite rather than between citizens of the same state.

Another and often
Another difficulty is that manuscripts of early writers were often incomplete: it is apparent that Bede had access to Pliny's Encyclopedia, for example, but it seems that the version he had was missing book xviii, as he would almost certainly have quoted from it in his De temporum ratione.
Another utility knife often used for cutting open boxes consists of a simple sleeve around a rectangular handle into which single-edge utility blades can be inserted.
Another recurring gag was for other characters to mispronounce his name, often, particularly in the case of rivals, deliberately.
Another game often played as a drinking game is Toepen, quite popular in the Netherlands.
Another problem with solid tumors is the fact that the chemotherapeutic agent often does not reach the core of the tumor.
Another American writer in a similar vein was Thorne Smith, whose works ( such as Topper and The Night Life of the Gods ) were popular and influential, and often adapted for film and television.
( Another pseudonym, one Moore often employed for works that involved little or no collaboration, was " Lawrence O ’ Donnell ".
Another form of sterile endocarditis, is termed Libman-Sacks endocarditis ; this form occurs more often in patients with lupus erythematosus and is thought to be due to the deposition of immune complexes.
The root of this plant may be powdered and prepared as a hot drink called bulla ( Ge ' ez: ቡላ būlā ), which is often given to those who are tired or ill. Another typical Gurage preparation is coffee with butter ( kebbeh ).
Another nomenclature, often seen in science fiction, uses Roman numerals in the order of planets ' positions from the star.
Another example from computer science is that an expert system may be taught by a human and thereafter considered an expert, often outperforming human beings at particular tasks.
Another approach ( often used as well as thermally tracking bias voltages ) is to include small value resistors in series with the emitters.
Another often used model, especially in computational fluid dynamics, is to use the Euler equations away from the body and the boundary layer equations, which incorporates viscosity, in a region close to the body.
Another possibility is that more than one of these theories is correct, since writers very often base their characters on a composite of several people ( real or equally fictitious ) of whom they have knowledge.
Another polynomial viewpoint is exploited by the Winograd algorithm, which factorizes into cyclotomic polynomials — these often have coefficients of 1, 0, or − 1, and therefore require few ( if any ) multiplications, so Winograd can be used to obtain minimal-multiplication FFTs and is often used to find efficient algorithms for small factors.
Another reason to be interested in S < sub > 1 / T </ sub >( ƒ ) is that it often provides insight into the amount of aliasing caused by the sampling process.
Another way was used to keep this clandestine correspondence flowing: letters were sent in merchant ships between London and Amsterdam or Rotterdam, with outward bound letters often put on board below Gravesend, as this would be after the final customs clearance.
Another tribute band called Yada Yada is still active in The Netherlands, often appearing with original members of the Wild Romance ( Dany Lademacher, Ramon Rambeaux ).
Another development in the nineteenth century was the treatment of historical subjects, often on a large scale, with the values of genre painting, the depiction of scenes of everyday life, and anecdote.
Another means for the spread of innovation was by the network of informal philosophical societies, like the Lunar Society of Birmingham, in which members met to discuss ' natural philosophy ' ( i. e. science ) and often its application to manufacturing.
Another type of interconnection of networks often occurs within enterprises at the Link Layer of the networking model, i. e. at the hardware-centric layer below the level of the TCP / IP logical interfaces.
Another malnutrition syndrome includes cachexia, although it is often caused by underlying illnesses.
Another approach is embedded phonics instruction, used more often in whole language reading instruction, in which novice readers learn about the individual letters in words on a just-in-time, just-in-place basis that is tailored to meet each student's reading and writing learning needs.

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