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young and man
The rest of the time I devoted to painting or to those other activities a young and healthy man just out of college finds interesting.
The patrolman said to no one in particular as he pushed between the fat man in the baseball cap and a young boy in levis.
He was a huge young man of twenty-four, clothed in muscle, immensely strong, with a habitual gentleness and diffidence of manner that was submerged under his present agitation.
With all respect to a fine young man, Mr. Roy is not able to provide these necessaries ''.
`` Another young man, my dear??
Thorpe came to Louisiana from the East as a young man prepared to find in the new country the setting of romantic adventure and idealized beauty.
A smart, shrewd and ambitious young man, well connected, and with a knack for getting in the good graces of important people, he was bound to go far.
so Cyrus Adler became interested in her friend Racie Friedenwald, and Joe Jastrow -- the only young man who when he wrote had the temerity to address her as Henrietta, and signed himself Joe -- fell in love with pretty sister Rachel.
One thing Papa had not taught Henrietta was how to handle a young man as high-spirited and opinionated as herself.
and, as in the March home, any young man who called on the Szolds found himself confronted with a phalanx of femininity which made it rather difficult to direct his particular attention to any one of them.
and when a young man like Morris Jastrow had enjoyed the Szold hospitality, he felt obliged to send his respects and his gifts not merely to Henrietta, in whom he was really interested, but to all the Szold girls and Mamma.
Miriam Noel disregarded the free advice of her departing counselor, and appointed a heavy-faced young man named Harold Jackson to take his place.
`` Yes '', Gross went on, `` Bang-Jensen was an up-and-coming young man.
I remember one day when Mr. Hearst ( and I never knew why he liked me, either ) sent the Hetman a telegram: `` Please find some more reporters like that young man from Denver ''.
At that moment, up walked a tall young man with glasses who announced himself as a world citizen from Basel, Switzerland.
He was then a slightly built young man of pleasing appearance, medium stature, and handsome face.
The House was his habitat and there he flourished, first as a young representative, then as a forceful committee chairman, and finally in the post for which he seemed intended from birth, Speaker of the House, and second most powerful man in Washington.
She has studied and observed and she is convinced that her young man is going to be endlessly enchanting.
`` We have just returned from Roswell, N.M., where we were defeated, 34 to 9 '', the young man noted.
`` Husky young man '', he said with mock distaste.
Therefore, he decided he was unfair to the young man and should make an effort to understand and sympathize with his point of view.
This young man had so little time to learn he had to be curious ; ;
Wilson again went downtown to a different banker, an intelligent young white man who seemed rather sympathetic, but he shook his head.
That other Jew, a young man too, had left that greatcoat behind, in a rich house, and marched away.
What had that man, that other young Jew, felt as he stood in the twilight and heard other men, far away, singing together??

young and Nobel
Through his father, Alfred Nobel was a descendant of the Swedish scientist Olaus Rudbeck ( 1630 – 1702 ), and in his turn the boy was interested in engineering, particularly explosives, learning the basic principles from his father at a young age.
Also notable are young Holocaust victim Petr Ginz, whose drawing of the planet Earth as viewed from the moon was carried aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia, and Daniel Bovet, the recipient of the 1957 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
Central to Fromm's world view was his interpretation of the Talmud, which he began studying as a young man under Rabbi J. Horowitz and later studied under Rabbi Salman Baruch Rabinkow while working towards his doctorate in sociology at the University of Heidelberg and under Nehemia Nobel and Ludwig Krause while studying in Frankfurt.
IEEE in 1984 ( for their centennial issue, where they note the research most likely would have won a Nobel prize, had not the author died young ) and again in 1998, for the first centennial of radio.
Terespol features in a novel by the Yiddish Nobel Prize-winning writer Isaac Bashevis Singer, The Family Moskat ( 1950 ), in which the young protagonist, Asa Heshel Bennet, comes to Warsaw from his hometown of Terespol Minor to study.
* Sloan Fellowship, a research grant to young scientists and scholars who show significant potential ; many recipients have subsequently won a Nobel Prize
Another of Pelouze's students was the young Alfred Nobel, who returned to the Nobel family's defunct armaments factory and began experimenting with the material around 1860 ; it did, indeed prove to be very difficult to discover how to handle it safely.
Also in the city that day was another young man who would become a giant of 20th century Latin-American history: Colombian writer and Nobel Prize Laureate Gabriel García Márquez.
During its 87 year working life, the laboratory had an extremely distinguished career ; it can claim a stake in shaping the scientific careers of two Nobel Laureates, namely Lord Todd ( 1957 ) and Sir John W. Cornforth ( 1975 ) who passed their formative years as young chemists in the laboratories.
During the events of that story, Jo falls in love with Professor Clifford Jones ( Stewart Bevan ), a young, Nobel Prize-winning scientist leading an environmentalist group.
In Desert and Wilderness () is a popular novel for young people by Polish author and Nobel Prize-winning novelist Henryk Sienkiewicz, written in 1912.
Friends and colleagues report that they were amazed watching this polite and deferring young person ' pestering ' Nobel Prize winners and other giants of the economics profession to endorse, become involved in, and support this initiative, and succeeding.
They had four children ( although the Nobel website for James B. Sumner indicated that they had six children, one of whom died young ).
The invited young scientists also participate in a number of activities over the course of the Nobel week.
In 1966 he changed his name to Brian Blaine Reynolds, and founded the Academy of Achievement, bringing young people together with statesmen and Nobel Prize winners.
* Austrian physicist Wolfgang Pauli ( also a Nobel Prize winner ), known as the conscience of the physics world, was shown a young physicist's paper and lamented, " is so bad, it is not even wrong.

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