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no and president
Ironically no president we have had would have regretted more than President Eisenhower the possibility to which his own words, in the press conference held at the beginning of August, testified: that unable as he was himself to say his running was best for the country, unconsciously he had placed his party before his nation.
The president expects faculty members to remember, in exercising their autonomy, that they share no collective responsibility for the university's income nor are they personally accountable for top-level decisions.
-- Alfred Hayes, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, said Tuesday `` there is no present need for far-reaching reforms '' which would basically alter the international financial system.
With almost no support in the South, Lincoln swept the North and was elected president in 1860.
There were no president, no executive agencies, no judiciary and no tax base.
Some black activists were also offended, claiming Clinton used his knowledge of black culture to exploit black people like no other president before for political gain, while not serving black interests.
Libya was previously one of the former president Patassé's closest allies, providing him with strong military support when he no longer trusted his own military or France.
To end the opposition from labor unions ( which wanted no training programs started when so many of their men were unemployed ) Roosevelt chose Robert Fechner, vice president of the American Machinists Union, as director of the corps.
According to Orthodox teaching the position of “ First Among Equals ” gives no additional power or authority to the bishop that holds it, but rather that this person sits as organizational head of a council of equals ( like a president ).
Bongo was elected President in February 1973 ; in April 1975, the office of vice president was abolished and replaced by the office of prime minister, who had no right to automatic succession.
In April 1975, the office of vice president was abolished and replaced by the office of prime minister, who has no right to automatic succession.
Prakash, who is the director of the Center for Plant Biotechnology Research at Tuskegee University and is president of the AgBioWorld Foundation expressed the opinion that, " ritics condemned biotechnology as something that is purely for profit, that is being pursued only in the West, and with no benefits to the consumer.
As biographer Allan Nevins wrote, " probably no man in the country, on March 4, 1881, had less thought than this limited, simple, sturdy attorney of Buffalo that four years later he would be standing in Washington and taking the oath as president of the United States.
The novel unfolds against the backdrop of rebellion wherein seven southern states, Georgia among them, have declared their secession from the United States ( the " Union ") and formed the Confederate States of America ( the " Confederacy "), after Abraham Lincoln was elected president with no ballots from ten Southern states where slavery was legal.
Furthermore, the United States persuaded El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua to join in declaring that, under the 1923 treaty provision, no leader of the recent revolution would be recognized as president for the coming term.
While it is not forbidden by law, no president has ever served two terms.
The collapse of the Federalists left Monroe with no organized opposition at the end of his first term, and he ran for reelection unopposed, the only president other than Washington to do so.
In June 2008, the Kiribati president Anote Tong said that the country has reached " the point of no return "; he added: " To plan for the day when you no longer have a country is indeed painful but I think we have to do that.
In the 1997 mid-term elections, no party held majority in the Chamber of Deputies, and in 2000 the first opposition party president was sworn in office since 1929.
Rayleigh and Ramsay received the 1904 Nobel Prizes in Physics and in Chemistry, respectively, for their discovery of the noble gases ; in the words of J. E. Cederblom, then president of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, " the discovery of an entirely new group of elements, of which no single representative had been known with any certainty, is something utterly unique in the history of chemistry, being intrinsically an advance in science of peculiar significance ".
At that time, North Korea had no secretary-general in the party nor a president.

no and Executive
IEEE Executive Director Daniel J. Senese stated that approval voting was abandoned because " few of our members were using it and it was felt that it was no longer needed.
# The Executive branch had too much power, and that there was no check on him.
Executive power is exercised by the government which consists of no more than 15 cabinet ministers, inclusive of the Taoiseach and Tánaiste ( deputy prime minister ).
On 28 March, the ( anti-Treaty ) IRA Executive issued statement stating that Minister of Defence ( Richard Mulcahy ) and the Chief-of-Staff ( Eoin O ' Duffy ) no longer exercised any control over the IRA.
Although the Basic Law states that the Macau SAR government may " when necessary " ask the central government to allow the garrison to assist in maintaining public order or disaster relief, Chief Executive Ho has said that, in keeping with the Basic Law the garrison will play no role in internal security.
The PLO has no central decision-making or mechanism that enables it to directly control its factions, but they are supposed to follow the PLO charter and Executive Committee decisions.
Should there be a dispute between the Executive and Judiciary, the Executive has no authority to direct the Judiciary, or its individual members.
The vesting clause in Article II places no limits on the Executive branch, simply stating that, " The Executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.
Facing the possibility of impeachment after federal investigators probed his having allegedly received kickbacks from Maryland contractors when he was serving as County Executive of Baltimore County, he instead resigned and pleaded no contest to a single count of income tax evasion.
In 1949, Tom C. Clark placed the IWW on the Attorney General's List of Subversive Organizations in the category of " organizations seeking to change the government by unconstitutional means " under Executive Order 9835 ( revoked in 1953 ), which offers no means of appeal, and which excludes all IWW members from Federal employment and even federally subsidized housing.
ASIS was created as a result of an Executive Order in 1952, and as such, had no legislative basis.
The email appeared to suggest that Griffin believed the only reasonable solution was to extend the operation of the shuttle beyond 2010, but noted that Executive Policy ( i. e., the White House ) is firm that there will be no extension of the shuttle retirement date, and thus no U. S. capability to launch crews into orbit until the Ares I / Orion system becomes operational in 2014 at the very earliest.
Agnew ran for election as Baltimore County Executive in 1962, seeking office in a predominantly Democratic county that had seen no Republican elected to that position in the 20th century, with only one ( Roger B. Hayden ) earning victory after he left.
no: Executive Office of the President
His was a one-man Executive that would in no way be encumbered by the 19 man Legislative Corps, that had no powers apart from the Pensionary.
To ensure that there would be no shift of power to elected officials, the governor remained the head of the Court of Policy ; the executive duties of the Court of Policy were transferred to a new Executive Council, which the governor and planters dominated.
To avert this calamity, I shall make no endeavor to maintain my authority as Chief Executive of this State, except by the peaceful exercise of my functions ... " He was evicted from his office on March 16, 1861, for refusing to take an oath of loyalty to the Confederacy, writing,
" Sun died in 1925 with no clear successor and leadership of the government, now named the Nationalist Government, rested in a series of Leninist-style dual party and state committees, the most powerful of which was the policy-making Central Executive Committee of the Kuomintang.
There is currently no constitutional provision for a succession list beyond the possibility that the vice president of the Executive Yuan might succeed to the presidency.

no and Yuan
Fears that the DPP would one day take control of the legislature led then-President Lee Teng-hui to push through a series of amendments to strengthen presidential power ( for example, Taiwan's premier would no longer have to be confirmed by the Legislative Yuan ).
The Yuan rulers whom Polo served, as well as the preceding Jin and Liao Empires controlled territories both north and south of today's wall, and would have no reasons to maintain any fortifications that may have remained there from the earlier dynasties.
After the dynastic head of the Red Turbans suspiciously died in 1367 while a guest of Zhu, there was no one left who was remotely capable of contesting his march to the throne, and he made his imperial ambitions known by sending an army toward the Yuan capital Dadu ( present-day Beijing ) in 1368.
no: Yuan Shikai
The ill and weakened Song soldiers were no match for the Yuan troops in close combat, and the chaotic environment made battle command impossible.
However, they soon realised that Liu Bei was no longer in Yuan Shao's territory and had already left for Runan.
Yuan Shu was very impressed with Sun Ce and often lamented that he had no son like him.
Because the majority of seats in the Legislative Yuan were held by delegates elected in 1947, pending the promised retaking of mainland China, the Tangwai movement had no possibility of seizing power, but they were able to use the legislature as a forum for debating the ruling Kuomintang.
no: Yuan T. Lee
Unlike the paper bills and the copper coins, the silver dollars had no communist symbols and instead, they were the direct copy of other silver dollars produced by other mints in China, including the most popular Chinese silver dollar with Yuan Shikai's head engraved, and the eagle silver dollar of the Mexican peso.
He overcame Liu Bei in an extremely short period of time, leaving Yuan Shao no chance to aid Liu on second thought.
In traditional Chinese theater, prior to Yuan Dynasty, no plays were performed in vernacular Chinese or without singing.
Further, by that point, Emperor Ping's grandfather, Emperor Yuan had no surviving male issue.
In a widely cited account of the war, Wei Yuan wrote that about 40 % of the Zunghar households were killed by smallpox, 20 % fled to Russia or Kazakh tribes, and 30 % were killed by the army, leaving no yurts in an area of several thousands li except those of the surrendered.
However, he soon panicked at the prospect of losing, and at the suggestion of Chao Cuo's enemy Yuan Ang, he executed Chao to try to appease the seven princes, to no avail.
Emperor Ping's grandfather, Emperor Yuan, had no surviving male issue — of his three sons, Emperor Cheng had no issue, and sons of the other two, Prince Kang of Dingtao ( 劉康 ) and Prince Xing of Zhongshan ( 劉興 ), had succeeded to the imperial throne ( as Emperor Ai and Emperor Ping, respectively ) and died without issue.
Yuan Shao and Cao Cao, then in command of the palace guards, saw that they could no longer control their forces, which had been so intimidated by the stronger Liang Province forces that they were not following orders, fled the capital.
They were, however, no more than military outposts, and it was not until the Yuan ( Mongol ) invasion of southwest China in 1279 that the area was made the seat of an army and a " pacification office.
The secretary-general and the deputy secretary-general of the Executive Yuan also attend, as well as heads of other Executive Yuan organizations by invitation, but they have no vote.
no: Qu Yuan

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