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At and University
At the University of Chicago she studied Whitman and Shelley, and became a Socialist.
At Charlottesville, Va., shoot Monticello and the beautiful buildings of the University.
At the University of Washington Medical School, the electronics group has developed the `` Respiratory Gas Analyzer '' shown in Fig. 3.
At this Women's University we find a monument to a courageous family who believed that Japanese women also should be educated.
At the University of Notre Dame, he trained as an engineer and began working for a lighting company in Chicago.
At Home with Andre and Simone Weil by Sylvie Weil, translated by Benjamin Ivry ; ISBN 978-0-8101-2704-3, Northwestern University Press, 2010.
At Acadia University, students have access to the Student Union Building which serves as a hub for students and houses many Student Union organizations.
At the beginning of 1236, he entered the Franciscan order ( he was at least 50 ) and was the first Franciscan to hold a chair at the University of Paris.
At age 14, he passed the Preliminary Examination of the University of Copenhagen with distinction, after receiving dispensation to take it because he was younger than the usual minimum age.
At a time when scientific research in the United States was still in its infancy, George Ellery Hale, a solar astronomer from the University of Chicago, founded the Mount Wilson Observatory in 1904.
At the request of his Poznań University professor, Zdzisław Krygowski, on arriving at Göttingen Rejewski laid flowers on Gauss's grave.
At the age of 18, Clement received a bachelor's degree from Transvaal University College in Pretoria ( now the University of Pretoria ).
At Moscow, Sun Yat-sen University Portraits of Chiang were hung on the walls ; and, in the Soviet May Day Parades that year, Chiang's portrait was to be carried along with the portraits of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and other socialist leaders.
At the age of 23, he received a Ph. D. in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University.
At the University, he founded a lecture course on sociology, maintaining it until his retirement.
At the age of 14, he enrolled at Madison University ( now Colgate University ) where he became a member of Delta Upsilon fraternity.
At the primary school level Corsican is taught up to a fixed number of hours per week ( three in the year 2000 ) and is a voluntary subject at the secondary school level, but is required at the University of Corsica.
* The Dover Boys At Pimento University, or The Rivals Of Roquefort Hall ( 1942 )
At the same time, the Grundlegung systematically integrated previous specialized work done at Free University of Berlin in the ' 70s by critical psychologists who also had been influenced by Marx, Leontyev and Seve.
At the University of Göttingen, Hilbert was surrounded by a social circle of some of the most important mathematicians of the 20th century, such as Emmy Noether and Alonzo Church.
* 1982 – At the University of Utah, Barney Clark becomes the first person to receive a permanent artificial heart.
At the age of 12, David was sent to the University of Edinburgh ( graduating MA in 1800 ), being intended for the clergy.
At the University of Michigan and Indiana University, he co-authored, with Melanie Mitchell, a computational model of " high-level perception " – Copycat – and several other models of analogy-making and cognition, including the Tabletop project, co-developed with Robert M. French.

At and Bologna
At Bologna, he was known as " il Tedeschino " (" the Little German ") on account of his devotion to Mozart.
At the age of fourteen he entered the Dominican Order, taking the name Michele, passing from the monastery of Voghera to that of Vigevano, and thence to Bologna.
At its greatest extent, in the 18th century, the Papal States included most of Central Italy — Latium, Umbria, Marche and the Legations of Ravenna, Ferrara and Bologna extending north into the Romagna.
At the same time, other insurrections arose in the Papal Legations of Bologna, Forlì, Ravenna, Imola, Ferrara, Pesaro and Urbino.
At the age of 10 and seeing 1908 Circuit di Bologna, he decided to become a driver of race cars.
At Bologna, Novara was assisted by Copernicus, with whom he observed a lunar occultation of Aldebaran.
At the Bologna university the students ran everything — a fact that often put teachers under great pressure and disadvantage.
At Bologna, Pisa, Naples and numerous other Italian cities, they freely exercised the Jewish religion again.
At a memorial concert for Italian composer Giuseppe Martucci on May 14, 1931 at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna, he was ordered to begin by playing Giovinezza but he refused even though the fascist foreign minister Galeazzo Ciano was present in the audience.
At the city government level during the course of the post-war period, the PCI demonstrated ( in cities like Bologna and Florence ) their capacity for uncorrupt, efficient, and clean government.
At the monastery of Santo Stefano at Bologna a group of connected chapels was constructed as early as the 5th century, by St. Petronius, Bishop of Bologna, which was intended to represent the more important shrines of Jerusalem, and in consequence, this monastery became familiarly known as " Hierusalem.
At this stage, with the slow progress on the Adriatic front, Clark decided that Bologna would be too far west along Route 9 to trap the German 10th Army.
At the age of sixteen he went to Bologna to study philosophy and medicine, and he graduated with much éclat as doctor in both faculties three years later, in 1701.
At this period he enjoyed a high repute in Bologna ; he was made president of the Academia Enquietorum when in his twenty-fourth year, and he is said to have signalized his tenure of the presidential chair by discouraging abstract speculations, and by setting the fashion towards exact anatomical observation and reasoning.
At Bologna, milestone 78 was found in the bed of the river Reno.
At the 2006 Bologna Motor Show, Volkswagen released the third Cross vehicle designed by Volkswagen Individual GmbH.
At Swiss universities, until the adoption of the Bologna Convention, the Lizentiat / licence was the equivalent of a Master's degree ( there being no prior degrees ) and qualified the holder for doctoral studies.
At birth she was given the title Princess of Bologna by Napoléon, and later she was also made Duchess of Galliera.
At his demand and under his direction a public botanic garden was created in Bologna in 1568, now the Orto Botanico dell ' Università di Bologna.
At the end of his career he moved to Italy and played for Sinudyne Bologna for two seasons.
At the University of Bologna, he studied under Oliverius Jontus of Montegallorum, a teacher there from 1494 to 1498.
At one point the small factory in Bologna had up to three daily flights sending mopeds to its five different importers who were paying more in air shipping than what the mopeds cost to make.

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