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At and age
At age seventy-four, he became what he shyly terms a `` pupil '' of Andres Segovia, the great guitarist of the Western world.
At about the age of twelve I became a Spencerian liberal, and I have always considered myself a liberal of some kind even though the definition has changed repeatedly since Spencer became a reactionary.
At the age of 17 he became an apprentice machinist at the shop of Walcott & Harris in Valley Falls, Rhode Island, and following two or three other jobs in quick succession after graduation, he went into business for himself in 1831, making lathes and small tools.
At the age of ten, when he was working as a newsboy in the Loop, he was knocked down by a streetcar which resulted in his permanently shortened leg.
At the time the will was drawn Mr. Hohlbein mentioned to me how mentally alert she seemed for her age, knowing just what changes she wanted made and so forth ''.
At about the age of eighteen, he went to Athens to continue his education at Plato's Academy.
At the start of a new industrial age in the 18th century, it was believed that " people are the riches of the nation ", and there was a general faith in an economy that paid its workers low wages because high wages meant workers would work less.
While Miss Marple is described as ' an old lady ' in many of the stories, her age is mentioned in " At Bertram's Hotel ", where it is said she visited the hotel when she was 14 and almost 60 years have passed since then.
At the age of 30, in 1905, Schweitzer answered the call of " The Society of the Evangelist Missions of Paris " which was looking for a medical doctor.
At the age of 13, Mackenzie's father died, and he was forced to end his formal education in order to help support his family.
At the age of 16 he apprenticed as a stonemason and by the age of 20 he had reached journeyman status in this field.
At age six, young Bronson began his formal education in a one-room schoolhouse in the center of town but learned how to read at home with the help of his mother.
The school taught only reading, writing, and spelling and he left this school at the age of 10. At age 13, his uncle, Reverend Tillotson Bronson, invited Alcott into his home in Cheshire, Connecticut to be educated and prepared for college.
At age 17, Alcott passed the exam for a teaching certificate but had trouble finding work as a teacher.
At the age of eleven, he joined his father on a ship as an apprentice ; his seagoing career would be marked by headstrong disobedience.
At age 12 he was whiter than ivory, had hair lighter than gold, and could lift 10 bear skins at once.
At age 16 or 17, Johnson left his apprenticeship and ran away with his brother William.
At the age of 18, Johnson married 16-year-old Eliza McCardle in 1827 ; she was the daughter of a local shoemaker.
At the age of fourteen he entered the Camaldolese Order in the Monastery of St. Mary of the Angels in Florence, and rapidly became a leading theologian and Hellenist.
At the age of 13 he entered the Göttingen Gymnasium, residing at the home of one of the professors.
At age 18, the youth began a rapid advancement through the company, becoming the superintendent of the Pittsburgh Division.
At the age of 19 she left Haworth and worked as a governess between 1839 and 1845.

At and 25
At the same time the African and Oceanic collections that had been temporarily housed in 6 Burlington Gardens were given a new gallery in the North Wing funded by the Sainsbury family-with the donation valued at £ 25 million.
At 25 ° C and atmospheric pressure, one liter of water dissolves 3. 26 g or 1. 125 L of gaseous chlorine.
At room temperature the magnitude of this fractionation is roughly 0. 25 ‰ ( 0. 025 %) per atomic mass unit ( AMU ).
At the Battle of Jena-Auerstedt on October 14, 1806 – when Napoleon invaded Prussia and defeated the massed Prussian-Saxon army commanded by Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick – he was captured, one of the 25, 000 prisoners captured that day as the Prussian army disintegrated.
At the 9 August 2008 Legislative Assembly general election it gained a significant swing, gaining 11 out of the 25 seats.
At the Central Committee plenum of 25 January 1955, Khrushchev accused Malenkov of ideological deviations at the same level as former, anti-Stalinist Bukharin and Alexey Rykov of the 1920s.
At least 525, 000 people — more than 12 % of El Salvador's population at the time and perhaps 25 % of the rural poor — benefited from agrarian reform, and more than 22 % of El Salvador's total farmland was transferred to those who previously worked the land but did not own it.
At any one moment, about 25 % of the plasma membrane of a fibroblast is made up of coated pits.
At each end is a goal 2. 14 m ( 7 feet ) high and 3. 66 m ( 12 ft ) wide measured from the inner sides of the posts and crossbar, and an approximately semi-circular area 14. 63 m ( 16 yd ) from the goal known as the shooting circle ( or D or arc ), bounded by a solid line, with a dotted line 5 m ( 5 yd 6 in — this marking was not established until after metric conversion ) from that, as well as lines across the field 22. 90 m ( 25 yd ) from each end-line ( generally referred to as the 23 m lines ) and in the center of the field.
At the 2011 general election, Fine Gael gained 25 seats bringing them to a total of 76.
At the same time, several of Madero's allies denounced him for being overly reconciliatory with the Porfirians and with not moving aggressively forward with reforms: thus, on 25 November 1911, Emiliano Zapata issued his Plan of Ayala, denouncing Madero for being uninterested in pursuing land reform.
At the same time, employees were given a further discount between 25 and 29 percent on selected models.
At independence in 1980, the Zimbabwe dollar ( ZWD ) was worth about USD 1. 25.
At the 1999 World Cup, Cronje finished with 98 runs at 12. 25 as South Africa was eliminated after the famous tied semi-final against Australia at Edgbaston.
At the end of 2009 financial year, the IKEA group had 267 stores in 25 countries.
At the 1928 Reichstag elections, the Nazis polled less than 2 % of the vote in Berlin compared with 33 % for the Social Democrats and 25 % for the Communists.
At 25, he came into a small inheritance from his mother and used a portion of it to repay De Warens for her financial support of him.
At the beginning of the decade, he contracted to paint 25 works in return for a monthly stipend for the next three years and in 1865, another patron, Emile Gavet, began commissioning pastels for a collection that would eventually include 90 works.
At the Supper itself his place was next to Christ on Whose breast he leaned ( John 13: 23, 25 ).
At the age of 25, in the summer of 1835, Carson attended an annual mountain man rendezvous, which was held along the Green River in southwestern Wyoming.
At least 25 titles were recorded, from Kit Carson, Prince of the Gold Hunters ( 1849 ) through Kit Carson, King of Scouts ( 1923 ).
At that time Intel's President, Luke J. Valenter, stated that the microcontroller was one of the most successful in the company's history, and expanded the division's budget over 25 %.
At least 25 regions worldwide yielded metazoan fossils prior to the classical Cambrian boundary.
At 9: 03: 25 am CST, the first of over 1, 800 9-1-1 calls related to the bombing was received by Emergency Medical Services Authority ( EMSA ).

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