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Atomic and services
Buck was impressed with a version of " Atomic Power " that the band played, and offered his services for their next album.

Atomic and started
Development of such engines started under the aegis of the Atomic Energy Commission in 1955 as Project Rover, with work on a suitable reactor starting at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Area 25 in the Nevada Test Site.
* In Judge Dredd ( in the comic 2000 AD ) 2070 was the year President Robert L. Booth started the Atomic Wars.
In 1956 a secret Committee for the Military Applications of Atomic Energy was formed and a development program for delivery vehicles was started.
Haas later declared the theory of neofunctionalism obsolete, after the process of European integration started stalling in the 1960s, when Charles de Gaulle's " empty chair " politics paralyzed the institutions of the European Coal and Steel Community, European Economic Community, and European Atomic Energy Community.
Pakistan's nuclear energy programme was established and started in 1956 following the establishment of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission ( PAEC ).
Thus the Atomic Energy Establishment Trombay ( AEET ) started functioning in 1954.
Since 1998, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency started planning an Underground Research Laboratory at Honorobe to be able to conduct tests on the suitability of sedimentary rock for use as a deep geological repository for Japan's spent nuclear fuel ( a similar research facility in crystalline rock is also being constructed at Mizunami in Gifu Prefecture ).. Excavation began in 2003, and is scheduled for completion in 2017.
In 1981, Atomic started production in the Bulgarian city of Chepelare, becoming the first west-block company to open a plant in the eastern-block countries.
The Atomic Bitchwax is a stoner rock band started in 1992 in New Jersey.
A proposal by Duquesne Light Company was accepted by Admiral Rickover and the plans for the Shippingport Atomic Power Station started.
At about the same time, the Atomic Energy Commission started looking for a system able to store 1 terabit for online access by supercomputers running simulations.
He finally started the Atomic Wars in 2070 in response to international opposition, having convinced the population ( and himself ) that America's nuclear screens could keep out retaliatory strikes.
The Philippine nuclear program started in 1958 with the creation of the Philippine Atomic Energy Commission ( PAEC ) under Republic Act 2067.
According to a news note in the December 1955 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, " Construction of the ' package ' or portable reactor has been started at Fort Belvoir, VA. Alco Products is the contractor for the Defense Department and the AEC.

Atomic and 1955
The " Greenwich Atomic " ( GA ) scale began in 1955 at the Royal Greenwich Observatory.
From August 8 to August 20, 1955, the United Nations held the International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy in Geneva, Switzerland.
* 19 October 1955 – Franz Josef Strauss ( CSU ) becomes Minister of Atomic Affairs
It was not until after the 1955 United Nations International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy in Geneva that programs were declassified and international scientific collaboration could take place.
Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Lewis Strauss was quoted in the Chicago Daily Tribune on February 12, 1955, saying " I hope it will be known as Strauss ' law.
* Atomic Energy Council, Republic of China ( 1955 – present )
Beadle was a member of several learned societies, among which the National Academy of Sciences ( Chairman of Committee on Genetic Effects of Atomic Radiation ), the Genetics Society of America ( President in 1946 ), the American Association for the Advancement of Science ( President in 1955 ), the American Cancer Society ( Chairman of Scientific Advisory Council ), the Royal Society of London, and the Danish Royal Academy of Science.
* R. D. Evans, The Atomic Nucleus, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1955, pp. 674 – 676.
After graduating from Princeton, Spiers became a foreign affairs specialist with the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission, serving until 1955, when he began his career with the U. S. Foreign Service, in the Bureau of International Organization Affairs.
In 1955 the base was transferred to the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, which used it until the 1960s.
In the 1950s, Bhabha represented India in IAEA conferences, and served as President of the United Nations Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy in Geneva, Switzerland in 1955.
He represented India in International Atomic Energy Forums, and as President of the United Nations Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, in Geneva, Switzerland in 1955.
The CNC was established on 1 April 2005, replacing the former Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary established in 1955.
General Atomics ( GA ) was founded July 18, 1955 in San Diego, California as the General Atomic division of General Dynamics " for the purpose of harnessing the power of nuclear technologies for the benefit of mankind ".
Atomic was founded by Alois Rohrmoser in 1955.
The Atoms for Peace symbol mounted over the door to the American swimming pool reactor building during the 1955 International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy in Geneva, often called the Atoms for Peace conference.
* Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Feb 1955, statements of Condon, Corning Glass, and the Atomic Scientists of Chicago, concerning Condon's resignation from Corning
The ministry was founded in 1955 as Federal Ministry for Atomic Issues, concentrating on research in the peaceful use of nuclear energy.
The center was established as the Instituto de Física de Bariloche on April 22, 1955, as a joint project of the National Atomic Energy Commission and the National University of Cuyo ; the former administers the Bariloche Atomic Centre, whose work led to the first research reactor in Latin America ( 1957 ), as well as the region's first commercial reactor, Atucha I, in 1974.

Atomic and using
; Atomic operations: Shared data are accessed by using atomic operations which cannot be interrupted by other threads.
In addition to Quincy Jones, Basie was using arrangers such as Benny Carter ( Kansas City Suite ), Neal Hefti ( The Atomic Mr Basie ), and Sammy Nestico ( Basie-Straight Ahead ).
Keyboard-oriented power trios using electronic organ ( or synthesizer in the 1970s ) also emerged, such as Atomic Rooster, the guitar-less incarnations of Soft Machine and The Nice, and progressive rock band Emerson, Lake & Palmer.
There have also been numerous clones made ( and are still being made ) such as Atomic Tanks, Nasty Armoured Tanks of War, xscorch ( Open Source clone ), Scorched 3D, which attempt to modernize the gameplay and graphics, and others such as Charred Dirt that take a different approach by using a unique graphical style.
Nuclear propulsion includes a wide variety of propulsion methods that fulfill the promise of the Atomic Age by using some form of nuclear reaction as their primary power source.
Atomic Cartoons, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, writes and produces the animation for the series using Adobe Flash.
In the 1960s-1970s Odum was also chairman of the International Biological Program's Tropical Biome planning committee and was supported by large contracts with the United States Atomic Energy Commission with nearly 100 scientists, which involved radiation studies of a tropical rainforest His featured project at University of Florida in the 1970s was on recycling treated sewage into cypress swamps, one of the first projects that began the now widespread approach of using wetlands as water quality improvement ecosystems.
From then on, the premise of the strip every week would be that Cliff is suddenly transported into a dangerous situation by the spies, using the Atomic Matter Transmitter.
In issue # 2, Dan Turpin, acting on a tip from the Mad Hatter, travels by bus to the city, where he sees the Atomic Knights, and is later led to the Command-D Bunker, which is revealed to be a new version of the Evil Factory, which Darkseid's minions are using as a base of operations on Earth.
The Mars Sol Date is defined mathematically as MSD = ( Julian Date using International Atomic Time-2451549. 5 + k )/ 1. 02749125 + 44796. 0, where k is a small correction of approximately 0. 00014 d ( or 12 s ) due to uncertainty in the exact geographical position of the prime meridian at Airy-0 crater.
He tries to contact the Atomic Energy Commission with his ideas for using atomic power to create a utopia.
Still others, such as the Adams Atomic Engine ( using nitrogen ), the Romawa Nereus ( using helium ), and General Atomics GT-MHR ( using helium ) have favored simplification of the high-temperature gas-cooled reactor concept as much as possible, down to practically a reactor and a gas turbine linked together with the reactor using a right-sized, inherently safe core with no water used in the plant design.
Atomic diffusion in polycrystalline materials is therefore often modeled using an effective diffusion coefficient, which is a combination of lattice, and grain boundary diffusion coefficients.

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