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Before and 1971
Before 1971 ( when the Scubapro company commercialized the first stabiliser jacket ) all scuba breathing sets came with a plain harness of straps with buckles like on a rucksack or spray-tank-pack.
Before it started, Hendrix " called this tour The Cry of Love, because that's what it is " in an interview ; this is the only mention of that name, prior to the posthumous LP of that name ( 1971 ), and the group itself was still referred to in all ads, articles, promos, bookings, introductions, etc.
* Before the Rally ( Przed rajdem 1971 )
Before the tree became protected by law in 1971, there were lumber-mills in Araucanía Region which specialized in Araucarias.
Before 1971, the shoreline of what was then called Town Lake was mostly a mixture of weeds, unkempt bushes, and trash.
Before the energy crisis, large, heavy, and powerful cars were the standard in the U. S. By 1971, the standard engine in a Chevrolet Caprice was a 400-cubic inch ( 6. 5 liter ) V8.
Before the MAPL system was established in 1971, Canadian music was regarded with indifference by Canadian radio.
Before they reached 1957, 1971, the semi-finals, as well as 1958, 1974, 1981, 1982, 1987 the quarterfinals of the European Cup.
Note: Before committing suicide in 1971, Lew Welch left a note naming Donald Allen his literary executor.
Before the departure of Green, Blackpool enjoyed a successful venture into Europe, winning the Anglo-Italian Cup in June 1971.
Before I-478 was moved to the Westway project in 1971, that project was planned as I-695, which would have continued north along the Henry Hudson Parkway to the George Washington Bridge ( Interstate 95 ).
Before Amtrak's formation in 1971, the train was operated by the Illinois Central Railroad along the same route ( though changes have been made since then ).
Before coming to Georgia Tech in 1999, she was a Senior Research Scientist in the Center for Educational Computing Initiatives at MIT, where she taught humanities and led advanced interactive design projects since 1971.
Before 1971, this village was three villages, Dantumawoude, Akkerwoude and Murmerwoude.
Before the municipal mergers in 1971, Pervijze was an independent municipality.
Before entering Australian politics Evans was a Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer, in Law at the University of Melbourne, teaching constitutional and civil liberties law, crime and torts, from 1971 to 1976.
Before that, it launched its famous Christmas and New Year holiday campaign, A Festa é Sua, in November 1971.
Before 1971, Pakistan's nuclear development was peaceful but an effective deterrence against India, as Benazir Bhutto maintained in 1995.
Before being appointed an apostle, he spent over six years ( December 6, 1964 – July 11, 1971 ) as a stake president in Salt Lake City, during which time Joseph B. Wirthlin served as his second counselor.
* Beautiful Lies You Could Live In ( 1971, Reprise ) ( Tom Rapp / Pearls Before Swine )
Before 1969 it was a small appellation covering less than 100 hectares, but in 1971 it was decided to expand the appellation to it present size.
Before 1971, the term Cabinet or Kabinett often followed the name of the grape varietal, for example, a wine might be a " Trockenbeerenauslese Cabinet ".
Before 1971, the terms Naturwein ( natural wine ) or Natuerrein ( naturally pure ) were used in place of Kabinett.
Before entering public life, he was involved with a family business, Glen Dunlop Plumbing, Heating and Supplies ( which he first joined in 1971 ).

Before and municipality
Before 2011 it held the same position in the administrative hierarchy, according to Law 2539 of 1997, the Kapodistrias Plan, except that Ithomi was an independent municipality and Ancient Messene was a local division ( topiko diamerisma ) within it.
Before 1 January 2003, Oostburg was also the name of a municipality.
Before the 14th century Nederweert was part of the municipality of Weert.
Before 2005, Dinxperlo was a separate municipality, covering the town of Dinxperlo itself and the village of De Heurne.
Before 2011 there was also a municipality, since 2011 Lith is a part of Oss.
Before its merger, it was the smallest municipality in the Netherlands, covering an area of only 1. 75 km².
Before its merger with Jacobswoude, the municipality covered an area of 30. 91 km² ( 11. 93 mile² ) of which 3. 94 km² ( 1. 52 mile² ) is water.
Before the merger with Alkemade, the municipality covered an area of 41. 37 km² ( 25. 71 mile² ) of which 4. 88 km² ( 3. 03 mile² ) is water, mainly the lakes Braassemermeer and Wijde Aa.
Before 2007, the municipality covered an area of 38. 50 km² ( 14. 86 mile² ) of which 8. 69 km² ( 3. 36 mile² ) is water.
Before that, the municipality covered an area of 6. 07 km² ( 2. 34 mile² ) of which 0. 21 km² ( 0. 08 mile² ) is water, and had a population of 14851 inhabitants on 1 June 2005.
Before the Kommunalreformen (" The Municipality Reform " of 2007 ), Aabybro Municipality was a municipality ( Danish, kommune ) in North Jutland County on the island of Vendsyssel-Thy, part of the Jutland peninsula, in northern Denmark.
Before January 1, 2007, Blåvandshuk was also the name of a municipality ( Danish, kommune ) that contained the headland.
Before its existence as an independent municipality in 1868, De Pinte was a part of Nazareth.
Before World War II, the municipality was mayored by Nils Tveit from 1916 to 1940.
Before 1908, the parish ( but not the municipality ) of Lyngdal was called Aa.
Before 1865, the parish and municipality were named Vaagø.
Before the merger Lillestrøm municipality had a population of 10, 840.
Before the merger the municipality of Harmelen had about 8000 inhabitants.
Before 2011, 48, 000 citizens lived in the city and 94, 158 in the municipality.
Before the 1999 Kosovo War, the municipality had a population estimated by the OSCE to comprise some 116, 500 people, 81 % of them Kosovo Albanian, 10 % Serb and the remainder other ethnicities ( notably Roma ).
Before 1648 it controlled about twice the land area as is currently part of the municipality.
Before the reform the municipality was part of Viborg County.
Before 1770, Pateros was only a barrio of Pasig until the Spanish Governor-General in the Philippines issued a decree making Pateros an independent municipality.

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