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Before and American
Before WWII British ' social anthropology ' and American ' cultural anthropology ' were still distinct traditions.
* Gentry, Kenneth L., Jr. ( 1998 ) Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation, Powder Springs, Georgia: American Vision, ISBN 0-915815-43-5.
Before U-27 came round Nicosians bow, Baralong hauled down the American flag, hoisted the Royal Navy's White Ensign, and unmasked her guns.
Before there was an official standard for C, many users and implementors relied on an informal specification contained in a book by Ritchie and Brian Kernighan ; that version is generally referred to as " K & R " C. In 1989 the American National Standards Institute published a standard for C ( generally called " ANSI C " or " C89 ").
Chris Sarandon ( born July 24, 1942 ) is an American actor who is best known for playing Prince Humperdinck in the film The Princess Bride, the vampire Jerry Dandridge in Fright Night and Detective Mike Norris in the first entry of the Child's Play series, and providing the speaking voice of Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Before the entry into the American market in 1958, Nissan did not produce cars under the Nissan brand name, but only trucks.
Before the snap of the ball, in the American game, backfield players may only move parallel to the line of scrimmage, only one back may be in motion at any given time, and if forward motion has occurred, the back must be still for a full second before the snap.
Before that day, the flag had served mostly as a military ensign or a convenient marking of American territory, flown from forts, embassies, and ships, and displayed on special occasions like the Fourth of July.
Before Hawks was called for active duty, he took the opportunity to go back to Hollywood and by the end of April 1917 was working on Cecil B. DeMille's The Little American, where he met and befriended the then eighteen-year-old slate boy James Wong Howe.
Before 1820, Adams was best known as an exponent of American nationalism.
Before the 1950s, jazz dance referred to dance styles that originated from African American vernacular dance.
Some Louisiana urban environments have a multicultural, multilingual heritage, being so strongly influenced by an admixture of 18th century French, Spanish, Native American ( Indian ) and African cultures that they are considered to be somewhat exceptional in the U. S. Before the American influx and statehood at the beginning of the 19th century, the territory of current Louisiana State had been a Spanish and French colony.
Before the American company could begin their operations, however, the island was occupied by an Australian company under British license.
Before shooting began in the American War of Independence, American revolutionaries took control of the militia system, reinvigorating training and excluding men with Loyalist inclinations.
Before election to the papacy, Pacelli served as secretary of the Department of Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs, papal nuncio to Germany ( 1917 – 1929 ), and Cardinal Secretary of State, in which capacity he worked to conclude treaties with European and Latin American nations, most notably the Reichskonkordat with Nazi Germany.
Before Independence, American merchant ships were protected from the Barbary pirates by the naval and diplomatic influence of Great Britain.
Before being elected President, Jefferson had opposed funds for a Navy to be used for anything more than a coastal defense, however the continued pirate attacks on American shipping interests in the Atlantic and Mediterranean and the systematic kidnapping of American crew members could no longer be ignored.
Before the 1980s, the North American phrase " trick-or-treat " was little known in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland and when introduced was often regarded as an unusual and even unwelcome import.
Before 1931, other songs served as the hymns of American officialdom.
* Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America Before 1700 by Frederick Lewis Weis ; Line 244-7
Before guns are fired, the 1889 Apia cyclone blows in and sinks all the ships, American and German.
Before the onset of World War II, CBS recruited Edmund A. Chester from his position as Bureau Chief for Latin America at Associated Press to serve as Director of Latin American Relations and Director of Short Wave Broadcasts for the CBS radio network ( 1940 ).

Before and Revolution
Before the opening of the Salon, the French Revolution had begun.
Before the Industrial Revolution in the mid-to-late 19th century, demand for oriental goods remained the driving force behind European imperialism, and ( with the important exception of British East India Company rule in India ) the European stake in Asia remained confined largely to trading stations and strategic outposts necessary to protect trade.
In Becoming America: The Revolution Before 1776, Jon Butler of Yale University argues against a Europeanized or predominantly British identity of colonial America, and underlines contributions by Igbo, Ashanti, Yoruba, Catawba, and Lenape.
Before the Industrial Revolution, the workday varied between 11 and 14 hours.
Before the Revolution, despite supporting political reform ( including Bolsheviks elected to the Duma, when opportune ), Lenin proposed that capitalism could ultimately only be overthrown with revolution, not with gradual reforms — from within ( Fabianism ) and from without ( social democracy ) — which would fail, because the ruling capitalist social class, who hold economic power ( the means of production ), determine the nature of political power in a bourgeois society.
Before the " Glorious Revolution " of 1688 the Sovereign wore the Crown and exercised the powers it symbolises.
Before that, the German question ruptured this " German unity " after the ' 48 Revolution before it was achieved, however ; Austria-Hungary as a multinational state could not become part of the new " German empire ", and nationality conflicts in Prussia with the Prussian Poles arose (" We can never be Germans-Prussians, every time!
Before the Revolution of 1932, the kingdom had no written constitution.
Urras before the settlement of Anarres is the setting for the short story The Day Before the Revolution.
The short novel The Word for World is Forest and the short story " The Day Before the Revolution " have also won awards.
Before the French Revolution it had as suffragan sees Carpentras, Vaison and Cavaillon, which were united by the Napoleonic Concordat of 1801 to Avignon, together with the Diocese of Apt, a suffragan of Aix-en-Provence.
Before the French Revolution, France gained territory gradually through the annexation of a mosaic of independent entities.
* Before the Industrial Revolution, most manufacturing occurred in rural areas, where household-based manufacturing served as a supplemental subsistence strategy to agriculture ( and continues to do so in places ).
In 1973 Renfrew published Before Civilisation: The Radiocarbon Revolution and Prehistoric Europe in which he challenged the assumption that prehistoric cultural innovation originated in the Near East and then spread to Europe.
* Renfrew, A. C., 1973, Before Civilisation, the Radiocarbon Revolution and Prehistoric Europe, London: Pimlico.
Before the Industrial Revolution, the most common pressure measurement device was a hydrostatic manometer, which is not practical for measuring high pressures.
Before the Industrial Revolution, the range of color available for art and decorative uses was technically limited.
Before the Industrial Revolution, many pigments were known by the location where they were produced.
The film which shortly followed was his acclaimed Before the Revolution ( Prima della rivoluzione, 1964 ).
Before the Saur Revolution, the Parcham faction had been the favored faction.
Before his death, Tarleton had achieved the military rank of General, equal to that held by the overall British Commanders during the American Revolution, and became a baronet and a member of the British Parliament.
" The Early Research of John B. Watson: Before the Behavioral Revolution.
Before the Industrial Revolution, much of the area was farmland, providing food for the City of London and surrounding population centres ; and with particular specialisms, such as growing lavender on Lavender Hill ( nowadays denoted by the road of the same name ), asparagus, sold as " Battersea Bundles " or pig breeding on Pig Hill ( later the site of the Shaftesbury Park Estate ).
Before the American Revolution, this area was controlled by both the Cayuga tribe and the Seneca tribe.
Before the American Revolution, the area for centuries had been the territory of the Onondaga Nation.

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