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Both and timing
Both types depend on special fuels ( easily obtainable in such limited quantities ) for their ignition timing.
Both engines have timing belt driven camshafts.
Both left cranks have spiders and chainrings to be connected by a timing chain, and only one of the right cranks has a spider for the drive chain.
Both of these chips failed due to memory timing constraints ( both required very fast and thus expensive SRAM, making them unsuitable for mass production ).
# Transparency of Succession Expectations and Timeline — Both parties must understand whether the COO desires the CEO job, whether the COO is in consideration for the top job, and what the timing might be for such a transition.
Both featuring the latest technology in variable valve timing ( 1. 4 " VVT ") and direct fuel injection ( 1. 6 " GDI ").
Both seasons can be watched on Netflix, but with occasional slight timing issues with the subtitles.
Both sets again include material that was originally cut for reasons of timing.
Both versions were later available with a top fairing ( carrying the name " Limited " on the model name ), and later " V " variations had an optional variable inlet timing.
Both offer variable cam timing, though only the turbo version varies both the intake and exhaust valves.
Both acquire the stats, abilities, and the Dragoon Spirit of the character they replace, although Albert uses different timing from Lavitz for his Additions.
) Both the proposed amendment and the timing of the referendum were contentious but the result was decisively in favour of the proposal ; 79 % of those voting voted yes, on a turnout of 59 %.

Both and system
Both shudder at the thought of proceeding too far beyond the sewage system and the electric light lines.
Both sides publicly call for the resolution of intercommunal differences and creation of a new federal system ( Greek Cypriot position ) or confederate system ( Turkish Cypriot position ) of government.
Both the DSM-I and the DSM-II reflected the predominant psychodynamic psychiatry, although they also included biological perspectives and concepts from Kraepelin's system of classification.
Both the Pope and the German princes had surfaced as major players in the political system of the Empire.
* Both algorithms complemented each other and helped constructing a large-scale ontology for the machine translation system.
Both rivers are fed by numerous tributaries, and the entire river system drains a vast mountainous region.
Both were on horseback when they " came to an overturned tree with a large root system at a turn in the creek, almost as high as a room.
Both could run either TOPS-10 or TOPS-20 microcode and thus the corresponding operating system.
Both Hsp27 and Hsp90 — chaperone proteins have been implicated in increasing the activity of the ubiquitin-proteasome system, though they are not direct participants in the process.
This ' Commonwealth of Both Nations ' ensured that the state of affairs surrounding the ' three estates ' system ' continued, with the Sejm, Senate and King each being referred to as an ' estate ' and supreme deliberating body of the state.
Both of these changes are highly influential on the Japanese people's relationship to the natural world, and likely development of a more complex system of religion.
Both Marx and Weber agreed that social stratification was undesirable, however where Marx believed that stratification would only disappear along with capitalism and private property, Weber believed that the solution lay in providing " equal opportunity " within a competitive, capitalist system.
Both countries continued to deploy a single ABM site ; the US briefly deployed a single site under their Safeguard Program, while the Soviets deployed A35 / A135 missile defense system around Moscow.
Both approaches share the goal of finding causal dependencies between a hazard on system level and failures of individual components.
Both the Dyarchic and the Tetrarchic system ensured that an emperor was nearby to every crisis area to personally direct and remain in control of campaigns simultaneously on more than just one front.
Both Trident versions are three-stage, solid-propellant, inertially guided missiles, and both guidance systems use a star sighting to improve overall weapons system accuracy.
Both are located near the solar system and are physically similar to the Sun.
Both carried on with the economic structural reforms initiated after the reinstatement of democracy and other important reforms were aimed at improving the electoral system, social security, education, and public safety.
Both use a virtual machine to hide operating system and hardware differences, and both use programs written to that virtual machine to provide cross-platform support.
Both flow into a terminal lakes: the Helmand into a swamp in the Iranian plateau ( the extended wetland and lake system of Hamun-i-Helmand ).
Both machines can be expanded to, although only could be used by the operating system.
Both signal and noise power must be measured at the same or equivalent points in a system, and within the same system bandwidth.

Both and transmission
Both diesel models come with a 6-speed manual transmission only.
Both SONET and SDH can be used to encapsulate earlier digital transmission standards, such as the PDH standard, or they can be used to directly support either Asynchronous Transfer Mode ( ATM ) or so-called packet over SONET / SDH ( POS ) networking.
Both pieces of equipment are needed at both ends of a transmission link because most communications systems transmit in both directions.
Both engines are mated to a six speed manual transmission.
Both Vega-1 and Vega-2 balloons operated for more than 46 hrs from injection to the final transmission.
Both Type A and Type B cards use the same transmission protocol described in Part 4.
Both prototype series used the same turret design from Krupp ; the main differences were in the hull, transmission, suspension and automotive features.
Both of these instruments can be used on their own or in conjunction with one of the observatory's two transmission gratings.
Both V8s were paired with a 3-speed automatic transmission.
Both a three-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission and a five-speed manual were available with all inline-4 engines, including the turbocharged 2. 5 L ( this was a rare combination ).
Both ATV World and TVB Pearl are permitted by the Broadcasting Authority of Hong Kong to broadcast non-English programmes for up to 20 % of their daily transmission time, outside peak viewing time.
Both models had 5-speed manual transmission ( as opposed to the standard 4-speed ) as standard, with 3-speed automatic transmission as an option.
Both versions were powered by the overhead camshaft carbureted 1. 3-liter B3 engine with the five-speed manual transmission ; a three-speed automatic was optional for the five-door.
Both models use electric power steering rather than hydraulic, and a revised five-speed automatic transmission featuring shift paddles on the steering wheel is standard equipment for both models.
Both engines displaced 1. 7 L, DIN-rated at with the manual transmission and with the automatic.
Both beams will have undergone a phase shift of ( wavelength + k ) due to two front-side reflections and one transmission through a glass plate.
Both 455s used the Turbo Hydra-matic 400 transmission, while the 350 was mated to the Turbo 350.
Both models featured a five-speed automatic transmission with the GS 400 receiving steering wheel shift buttons.
Both models were offered with either a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission.
Both local and hosted application delivery methods in XenApp use existing network transmission protocols including TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMB and CIFS.
Both three-and four-speed manual transmissions were offered in 1973, but the greatest majority of Cutlasses ( including Supremes ) were built with the three-speed Turbo Hydra-matic automatic transmission which became standard equipment in 1974, along with variable-ratio power steering.
Both engines were available with the 4L60E four-speed automatic transmission.
Both engines were joined to a 4-speed automatic, but only the 1996 and 1997 TSi with its 3. 5 had the 4-speed autostick option, with no option of a real manual transmission.

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