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abhorred and ),
Possessed himself of extraordinary manipulative skill, he abhorred rough and clumsy work, and he insisted that experiments on animals should be planned and prepared with the utmost care, not only to avoid the infliction of pain ( which was also guarded against by the use of an anesthetic ), but to ensure that the deductions drawn from them should have their full scientific value.

abhorred and also
Not only had he largely excluded them from the often lucrative levers of government, but he also enacted the country's first income tax, fostered the growth of labor unions, and suggested that voodoo be considered as a religion equivalent to Roman Catholicism — a notion that the Europeanized elite abhorred.
The Punisher also acquired an arch-nemesis in the form of the Kingpin, a longtime Spider-Man and Daredevil foe, and developed enmity with Daredevil himself, who likewise abhorred and fought against the Punisher's brutal methods.
However, the idea of reforms in the Commonwealth was viewed with growing suspicion not only by the magnates, but also by neighboring countries, which were content with the Commonwealth's contemporary state of affairs and abhorred the thought of a resurgent and democratic power on their borders.
The ongoing revelation of God is also the reason why Pope Benedict XVI puts so much emphasis on sacred liturgy, and why he abhorred often tasteless experiments with it.
Jews and heretics are to be abhorred, and players who draw people's minds away to worldly pleasure ; dances and tournaments are also condemned, and he has a word of blame for the women's vanity and proneness to gossip.
After several weeks, however, the films were pulled from theaters as the German and Italian governments, which abhorred communism, found out the story also carried an anti-fascist message.
Soe also abhorred the fact that too many students appeared to others as advocates of positive change, who in fact were just taking advantage of the political situation to make personal gain.

abhorred and all
Of the handful of fragments of his defence treatise that have survived, he refers to the doctrine and “ heresies of the Nicolaitan ;... most of all hated and abhorred of God himself ... the common received faith contained in those three inventions of man, commonly called the Three Creeds ... the, Nicene and Athanasius Creed, which faith within these 1600 years past hath prevailed in the world .”
Stridently anti-Romantic, concerned to keep humanity in its place as just one of earth ’ s species, he did not believe that an especially harmonious world was possible, and he abhorred all attempts to escape the world, whether through mystical or poetical exaltations.
Four of these Clans abhorred magic, and abandoned it, and their goddess answered their prayer for a homeland by transforming the glass bowl into the Dhorisha Plains, eliminating all of the Mage-Gift save but for the rarest who should become her Shamans, and charged them with the task of protecting the Dhorisha Shin ' a-the Plains of Sacrifice-and named them Shin ' a ' in-People of the Plains-and the ravaged remains of Urtho's Tower.

abhorred and one
Frederick Douglass generally abhorred blackface and was one of the first people to write against the institution of blackface minstrelsy, condemning it as racist in nature, with inauthentic, northern, white origins.

abhorred and nature
Dissenters such as John Wesley abhorred slavery and privilege, and had a bleaker view of nature than Paley.

abhorred and who
Capitoline Jupiter finds himself in a delicate position: he represents a continuity of royal power from the Regal period, and confers power on the magistrates who pay their respects to him ; at the same time he embodies that which is now forbidden, abhorred, and scorned.
The Queen, who abhorred Calvinism, asked some of the Catholic nobles for advice, and it was suggested to call Father Abercromby, who, with some other Jesuits, was secretly working among the Scottish Catholics and winning many illustrious converts to the Church.
This provided Louis Stanislas, who abhorred the radical reforms proposed by Calonne, the opportunity he had long been waiting for to establish himself in politics.
Their existence in the Known Worlds is abhorred by the Than who attack any vessel carrying them.
" It was Atropos who chose the mechanism of death and ended the life of each mortal by cutting their thread with her " abhorred shears.
McSween, who abhorred violence, took steps to punish Tunstall's murderers through legal means ; he obtained warrants for their arrests from the local justice of the peace, John B. Wilson.
The Empress is now thought to have been a non-conformist who abhorred conventional court protocol, as well as a free spirit, who valued an individual sense of freedom above anything else.
Allan himself stands alongside Eliade's male characters, whose focus is on action, sensation and experience — his chaste contacts with Maitreyi are encouraged by Sen, who hopes for a marriage which is nonetheless abhorred by his would-be European son-in-law.
The two Green River dams would have submerged more than of canyons in the federally protected Dinosaur National Monument, a move abhorred by environmentalists who did not want to see a repeat of the 1924 O ' Shaughnessy Dam controversy, when a dam was built in a scenic valley in Yosemite National Park.
They are a now a permanent feature of the Inner Sphere and are abhorred by many of the Crusader Clans, who view them as traitors to Kerensky.
Crane later turned into something of an inspiration for Scarecrow, who admired some of his qualities but abhorred his cowardice.
It depends on a comparison between the books of the New Testament which cannot be made here, but see Paul of Tarsus, and the claims of Ultradispensationalists such as E. W. Bullinger who view the distinction abhorred by the Ebionites as positive and essential doctrine.
The phrase came into existence by those political groups who abhorred the results of the expansion of the political franchise, and who wanted to get those people out of office.
The original Duluth Ripsaw was founded by John L. Morrison, a puritanical Christian who abhorred alcohol, gambling and prostitution.
Augusta, who clearly abhorred war, founded the National Women's Association in 1864, which looked after wounded and ill soldiers and convened with Florence Nightingale for ideas.
Poets like Vachel Lindsay ( who actually abhorred the " primitive " sound of jazz music ) and Mina Loy wrote poetry in this vein.

abhorred and most
I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy: he hath borne me on his back a thousand times ; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is!
Though does not offer any solutions, he again makes incredibly astute commentary that could be considered a type of proto-feminist or proto-egalitarianist philosophy: “ Whence proceed the most abhorred villainies, but from a masculine unblushing impudence?

abhorred and upon
This charter had been granted under duress, and Nicholas abhorred its restrictions upon his power, which he had sworn at his coronation to pass on to his son.

abhorred and earth
They insisted that the Puritans conform to religious practices that they abhorred, removing their ministers from office and threatening them with " extirpation from the earth " if they did not fall in line.

abhorred and when
She chose the manner of each person's death ; and when their time was come, she cut their life-thread with " her abhorred shears ".
" Basinger has said that even as a model, when others relished looking in the mirror before appearing, she abhorred it and would avoid mirrors out of insecurity.
Even these connections with the League were transient, Gair indeed abhorred anti-Semitism and had not realised this undercurrent of the League when he first associated with it.
The Kempeitai were abhorred in Japan's mainland, too, especially during World War II when Prime Minister Hideki Tōjō, formerly the Commander of the Kempeitai of the Japanese Army in Manchuria from 1935 to 1937, used the Kempeitai extensively to make sure that everyone was loyal to the war.
He abhorred guns and when he took his rifle training he made sure that he always missed the target.

abhorred and .
Much as he abhorred slavery, Lincoln was always willing to concede to each `` slave state '' the right to decide independently whether to continue or end it.
The early members of this movement abhorred the name " Anabaptist ", claiming that since infant baptism was unscriptural and null and void, the baptizing of believers was not a " re-baptism " but in fact the first baptism for them.
He supported the American Revolution but abhorred the violence of the French Revolution.
Although he has become something of a political legend, Donald would have abhorred any attempt to turn him into some kind of secular saint.
Ancient Romans abhorred the name Rex (" king "), and it was critical to the political order to maintain the forms and pretenses of republican rule.
Albania's leaders abhorred the People's Republic of China's contacts with the United States in the early 1970s, and its press and radio ignored President Richard Nixon's trip to Beijing in 1972.
Vayiqra ( Leviticus ) forbids sexual intercourse between males, classifying it as a to ' eivah ( something abhorred or detested ) that can be subject to capital punishment under Jewish law, although Halakhic courts are not authorized to administer capital punishment in the absence of a Temple in Jerusalem and the entire judicial system as mandated by Jewish Law.
He claimed to have abhorred Lee Strasberg's teachings: " After I had some success, Lee Strasberg tried to take credit for teaching me how to act.
Anti-Federalist Americans aligned themselves with the French, abhorred the British, and believed a strong central government to be inherently dangerous to democracy.
He abhorred waste.
He abhorred the visible brushstroke and made no recourse to the shifting effects of colour and light on which the Romantic school depended ; he preferred local colours only faintly modelled in light by half tones.
Conservative in his social attitudes, he abhorred the scandal created by the exhibitions, as well as the publicity and advertising that his colleagues sought.
Cromwell feared the influence of the Orangist faction and English exiles in the Republic because the stadtholders had always supported the Stuarts ; the Dutch abhorred the decapitation of Charles I.
In the Baltic, the power structure was completely different, with a German-descended nobility that used serfs, something that Charles abhorred and wanted to abolish but was unable to.
Two close friends of Charles Whitman named John and Fran Morgan later told the Texas Department of Public Safety that Whitman had confided in them that he had struck Kathy on a total of three occasions, adding that Whitman had abhorred himself for having done so and had confessed to having been " mortally afraid of being like his father.

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