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By and 1935
By 1935 Wills had added horn, reed players as well as drums to the Playboys.
By 1935, the only significant independent nation that did not possess a central bank was Brazil, which subsequently developed a precursor thereto in 1945 and the present central bank twenty years later.
By 1935, the company had established a true production line, following the example of Ford, and were producing a car closely resembling the Austin 7.
By 1920, it was 47. 946 ; by 1925 it was 63. 870 and in 1935 that had ballooned to 103. 030.
By October 1935 his flat-mates had moved out and he was struggling to pay the rent on his own.
By 1935 Lord Peter is in continental Europe, acting as an unofficial attaché to the British Foreign Office.
By the time a ceasefire was negotiated on 12 June 1935, Paraguay had seized control of most of the region, as was later recognized by the 1938 truce.
By 1935, Beria was one of Stalin's most trusted subordinates.
By 1935, the school was about to close because of its poor financial condition.
By the end of the year, people again tired of Warner Bros. musicals, and the studio – after the huge profits made by the 1935 film Captain Blood – shifted its focus on producing Errol Flynn swashbucklers.
By 1935 economic conditions had improved somewhat, and the new government had more positive financial conditions.
By 1935, Wright had completed his first novel, Cesspool, published as Lawd Today ( 1963 ), and in January 1936 his story " Big Boy Leaves Home " was accepted for publication in New Caravan.
By decision of the Ministry of Defense-Air Force, in 10 December 1975 the airport was named Tito Minniti, first pilot crashed in East Africa December 26, 1935 during the Ethiopian war.
Among the most notable are Jumbo ( 1935 ), On Your Toes ( 1936, which included the ballet " Slaughter on Tenth Avenue ", choreographed by George Balanchine ), Babes in Arms ( 1937 ), I Married an Angel ( 1938 ), The Boys from Syracuse ( 1938 ), Pal Joey ( 1940 ), and their last original work, By Jupiter ( 1942 ).
By 1935, there were 3, 500, 000 African Americans ( men, women and children ) on relief, almost 35 percent of the African-American population ; plus another 250, 000 African-American adults were working on WPA projects.
By signing this act on August 14, 1935, President Roosevelt became the first president to advocate federal assistance for the elderly.
By 1935 the Japanese pearl industry was facing oversupply issues and plummeting prices for Japanese cultured pearls.
By 1935 he claimed that the Comintern had fallen irredeemably into the hands of the Stalinist bureaucracy.
By 1935 a hard wired cable-based radio network was later deployed throughout the country to broadcast the Rediffusion service directly from London to homes and business across Barbados.
By 1935, rerecording of vocals by the original or different actors in postproduction, a process known as " looping ", had become practical.
By 1935, recognizing the limitations of her " lovely red Vega " in long, transoceanic flights, Earhart contemplated, in her own words, a new " prize ... one flight which I most wanted to attempt – a circumnavigation of the globe as near its waistline as could be.
By the time of the earthquake on 31 May 1935 Quetta had developed into a bustling city with a number of multistory buildings.
By 1935, the society had over 7. 5 million members in 27, 000 clubs across the country.
By 1935, Long's most recent consolidation of personal power led to talk of armed opposition from his enemies.
By the middle of the decade Renoir was associated with the Popular Front, and several of his films, such as The Crime of Monsieur Lange ( Le Crime de Monsieur Lange, 1935 ), Life Belongs to Us ( 1936 ) and La Marseillaise ( 1938 ), reflect the movement's politics.

By and Charles
By then they had probably developed a taste for Madeira wine, and on 29 September near Cape Charles all they took from the Betty of Virginia was her cargo of Madeira, before they scuttled her with the remaining cargo.
By contrast, the British press were jubilant ; many newspapers sought to portray the battle as a victory for Britain over anarchy, and the success was used to attack the supposedly pro-republican Whig politicians Charles James Fox and Richard Brinsley Sheridan.
By 1604, Charles was three and a half and was by then able to walk the length of the great hall at Dunfermline Palace unaided.
By the mid — 18th century the French chemist Charles François de Cisternay du Fay had discovered two types of static electricity, and that like charges repel each other whilst unlike charges attract.
By Samuel R. Driver, Alfred Plummer, Charles A. Briggs.
" By Charles Churchyard.
* Narrative of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains By John Charles Frémont.
By John Charles Frémont.
By the 1970s, the idea that the game had been created solely by Charles Darrow had become popular folklore: it was printed in the game's instructions and even in the 1974 book The Monopoly Book: Strategy and Tactics of the World's Most Popular Game by Maxine Brady.
By 1858 attention had swung back to local issues with a land dispute in New Plymouth prompting Governor Thomas Gore Brown to call out its Militia under Captain Charles Brown.
By most accounts, he first hailed the flag as " Old Glory ," when he left harbor for a trip around the world in 1831-1832, as commander of the whaling vessel Charles Doggett.
By the turn of the 20th century, the last group of passenger pigeons, all descended from the same pair, was kept by Professor Charles O. Whitman at the University of Chicago.
By 1544, a peace between Francis I and Charles V had put a temporary end to the alliance between France and the Ottoman Empire.
In the US, the new novels Moscow Club ( 1991 ) by Joseph Finder, Masquerade ( 1996 ) by Gayle Lynds, and The Unlikely Spy ( 1996 ) by Daniel Silva, and in the UK, A Spy By Nature ( 2001 ) by Charles Cumming and Remembrance Day ( 2000 ) by Henry Porter, maintained the spy novel in the post – Cold War world.
Charles Darwin's theory of how evolution works (" By Means of Natural Selection ") is explicitly competitive (" survival of the fittest "), Malthusian (" struggle for existence "), even gladiatorial (" nature, red in tooth and claw ").
By 1927, Charles Mintz had married Margaret Winkler and assumed control of her business.
By then Charles Konig, an assistant curator of the British Museum, had already suggested the name Ichthyosaurus ( fish lizard ) for the specimen and that name stuck.
By the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, Frederick V's son, Charles Louis was restored to the Lower Palatinate, and given a new electoral title, also called " Elector Palatine ", but lower in precedence than the other electorates.
By marrying his son Philip the Handsome to the future Queen Joanna of Castile in 1498, Maximilian established the Habsburg dynasty in Spain and allowed his grandson Charles to hold the throne of both León-Castile and Aragon, thus making him the first de jure King of Spain.
By the later part of the reign of Charles I, few new plays were being written for the public theatres, which sustained themselves on the accumulated works of the previous decades.
By 1800, Hamilton had come to realize that Adams was too independent and chose to support Charles Cotesworth Pinckney of South Carolina.
By the end of the 19th century, some French organists ( e. g., Charles-Marie Widor and his students Charles Tournemire and Louis Vierne ) named some of their organ compositions symphony: Their instruments ( many built by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll ) allowed an orchestral approach ( Kaye 2001 ; Smith 2001 ; Thomson 2001 ).
By her marriage to Charles VIII, she made Brittany a part of France.
By the time Edward arrived at Tunis, Charles had already signed a treaty with the emir, and there was little else to do but return to Sicily.
By Spring 1646, his father was losing the war, and Charles left England due to fears for his safety, going first to the Isles of Scilly, then to Jersey, and finally to France, where his mother was already living in exile and his first cousin, eight-year-old Louis XIV, was king.

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