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By and French
By the middle of the 19th century, industrialisation swept away most of the city's medieval rules of production and commerce, although the entirely corrupt remains of the city's mediæval constitution was kept in place ( compare the famous remarks of Georg Forster in his Ansichten vom Niederrhein ) until 1801, when Aachen became the " chef-lieu du département de la Roer " in Napoléon's First French Empire.
By Mid-March 1798 Aarau was occupied by French troops.
By 1700, approximately 20 percent of Berlin's residents were French, and their cultural influence on the city was immense.
By 16: 00, with the enemy troops besieged in Blenheim and Oberglau, the Allied centre of 81 squadrons ( nine squadrons had been transferred from Cutts ' column ), supported by 18 battalions was firmly planted amidst the French line of 64 squadrons and nine battalions of raw recruits.
By the time Marlborough had closed down the Ramillies campaign he had denied the French most of the Spanish Netherlands west of the Meuse and north of the Sambre it was an unsurpassed operational triumph for the English Duke.
" By 24 July his fleet was resupplied and, having determined that the French must be somewhere in the Eastern Mediterranean, Nelson sailed again in the direction of Morea.
By 16: 00, Alexander and Swiftsure were also in sight, although some distance from the main British fleet, and Brueys gave orders to abandon the plan to remain at anchor and instead for his line to set sails, although Blanquet protested the order on the grounds that there were not enough men aboard the French ships to both sail the ships and man the guns.
By the mid-19th century, Bayonne had declined somewhat with the centralisation of power to Paris and to the new département capital, non-Basque Pau, after the 1789 French Revolution, and with Wellington's bombardment.
By the end of the year, all French and Zairian troops were withdrawn.
By 1700, it had been reprinted 15 times in Italian, and was translated in Dutch, English, French, German, Russian and Spanish.
By the mid — 18th century the French chemist Charles François de Cisternay du Fay had discovered two types of static electricity, and that like charges repel each other whilst unlike charges attract.
By 1569, relations with the Habsburgs had deteriorated, and Elizabeth considered marriage to two French Valois princes in turn, first Henry, Duke of Anjou, and later, from 1572 to 1581, his brother Francis, Duke of Anjou, formerly Duke of Alençon.
By 1910, the French film companies were starting to make films as long as two, or even three reels, though most were still one reel long.
By the late 1850s, one of these mentions the term " French fried potatoes ".
By 1918, two French mathematicians, Pierre Fatou and Gaston Julia, though working independently, arrived essentially simultaneously at results describing what are now seen as fractal behaviour associated with mapping complex numbers and iterative functions and leading to further ideas about attractors and repellors ( i. e., points that attract or repel other points ), which have become very important in the study of fractals ( see Figure 3 and Figure 4 ).
By 1909 after the failure of a syndicalist general strike in France, Sorel and his supporters left the radical left and went to the radical right, where they sought to merge militant Catholicism and French patriotism with their views-advocating anti-republican Christian French patriots as ideal revolutionaries.
By this time, Necker had earned the enmity of many members of the French court for his overt manipulation of public opinion.
By the beginning of the 18th century, the name " Grenada ", or " la Grenade " in French, was in common use.
By 1793, the execution of the French king and the onset of the Terror disillusioned the Bildungsbürgertum ( educated middle classes ).
By November, when Leclerc died of yellow fever, 24 000 French soldiers were dead and 8, 000 were hospitalized, the majority from disease.
By the end of his life, he could converse in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Italian, Greek, Latin, Russian, Arabic, and Turkish as well as German.
By these means he consolidated a system of absolute monarchical rule in France that endured until the French Revolution.
By early September they were within 40 miles of Paris, and the French government had relocated to Bordeaux.

By and aristocrat
By mid-460s, Arcadia and Zeno had been living at Constantinople for some time, where also Lallis and Longinus lived, the latter married to a Valeria, possibly a woman of aristocrat rank.
By approving the dramatization for the theatre of Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover-thought to be based partly on her own relationship as an aristocrat with the working class Lawrence-it became his only novel ever to be staged.
By far the most famous of these is " Baron " Joachim von Glasenapp, a Prussian aristocrat who inherited the castle Holtmuhle in the 18th century.
By nature somewhat of an aristocrat and reserved in manner, he was never what some might call a " good mixer ".
By his marriage to Cleofa Malatesta, an Italian aristocrat, Theodore II Palaiologos had at least one daughter:

By and de
By 1913, Ferdinand Lot could begin an article subtitled `` La Conquete De La Grande-Bretagne par Les Saxons '' with the words, `` Il est difficile aujourd'hui d'entretenir des illusions sur la valeur du recit traditionnel de la conquete de la Grande-Bretagne.
By Béatrice Noon he had Juana Alfonsa Milán y Quiñones de León ( 19 April 1916 16 May 2005 )
By the 1950s, the development of civil jets grew, beginning with the de Havilland Comet, though the first widely-used passenger jet was the Boeing 707, because it was much more economical than other planes at the time.
By August 1954 Malenkov's role as de facto head of government was over ; Nikolai Bulganin began signing Council of Ministers decrees ( a right beholden to the Chairman ) and the Presidium gave in to Khrushchev's wishes to replace Malenkov.
By the early 1840s, instructions for crochet were being published in England, particularly by Eleanor Riego de la Blanchardiere and Frances Lambert.
By 1405, de Pizan had completed her most successful literary works, The Book of the City of Ladies and The Treasure of the City of Ladies, or The Book of the Three Virtues.
By 1534 the Spanish crown had determined to split the region in two parallel lines, forming the governorship of " Nueva Castilla " ( from the 1 ° to the 14 ° latitude, close to Pisco ), and that of " Nueva Toledo " ( from the 14 ° to the 25 ° latitude, in Taltal, Chile ), assigning the first to Francisco Pizarro and the second to Diego de Almagro.
By this time, the forces of independence had grown continental in scope and were organized into two principal armies, one under the Venezuelan Simón Bolívar in the north and the other under the Argentine José de San Martín in the south.
By comparison, electron microscopes are limited by the de Broglie wavelength of the electron.
By this time, Goebbels had gained the position he had wanted so long at the side of Hitler, albeit only because of his subservience to Bormann, who was the Führers de facto deputy.
The award is named for Alice B. Sheldon, who wrote under the pseudonym James Tiptree, Jr. By choosing a masculine nom de plume, having her stories accepted under that name and winning awards with them, Sheldon helped demonstrate that the division between male and female science fiction writing was illusory.
By the mid-18th century there was an increasing number of proposals to create a public gallery, with the art critic La Font de Saint-Yenne publishing, in 1747, a call for a display of the royal collection '.
By 1826 de Lassaras described 12 species in three sections, and by 1848 eighteen species were known.
By the Treaty of Paris in 1814, the " Isle de France " which was renamed Mauritius was ceded to Great Britain, together with Rodrigues and the Seychelles.
By 1951 the work of Schaeffer, composer-percussionist Pierre Henry, and sound engineer Jacques Poullin had received official recognition and The Groupe de Recherches de Musique Concrète, Club d ' Essai de la Radiodiffusion-Télévision Franglaise
By 1912, the Sisters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul recognized the need to offer greater opportunity through university education and adopted a progressive plan to establish a college for young women.
By the end of the Byzantine period, it had been almost totally destroyed ; when Ciriaco de ' Pizzicolli ( Cyriacus of Ancona ) visited Athens in 1436 he found only 21 of the original 104 columns still standing.

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