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By and way
By distinguishing superlunary ( celestial ) and sublunary ( terrestrial ) existence, and reinforcing this with the four-element physics of Empedocles, Aristotle came to speak of the stars as perfect bodies, which moved in only a perfect way, viz. in a perfect circle.
By dealing with common landscape in an uncommon way, Roy Mason has found a particular niche in American landscape art.
`` By the way '', said Mr. Blatz, packing his tools into a battered carrier, `` them power tools needs extra voltage.
By the end of the spring of 1961, assuming that a general business recovery gets under way, interest rates should begin to edge upward again, depending upon the vigor of the recovery and the determination with which the monetary authorities move to restrain credit availability.
By early summer, he wrote from Laramie that he was suffering from the wound inflicted in the ambush and was in a bad way financially, so Pels sent him a draft for $100, warning that it was still not wise for him to return.
By means of charts showing wave-travel times and depths in the ocean at various locations, it is possible to estimate the rate of approach and probable time of arrival at Hawaii of a tsunami getting under way at any spot in the Pacific.
By the theory of minute constituents of things, and his emphasis on mechanical processes in the formation of order, he paved the way for the atomic theory.
By allowing a new kind of equality among citizens this opened the way to democracy, which in turn called for a new means, chattel slavery, to at least partially equalise the availability of leisure between rich and poor.
By 1980, the way the game was played had changed dramatically due to innovative coaching tactics, with the phasing out of many of the game's kicking styles and the increasing use of handball ; whilst presentation was influenced by television.
By 1972, however, with only a minimum of work done on the I-95 right of way and none on the potentially massively disruptive Inner Belt, Governor Francis Sargent put a moratorium on highway construction within the MA-128 corridor, except for a short stretch of Interstate 93.
By early 2000 there had been the beginning of an economic recovery, with the export sector leading the way, as it enjoyed the benefit of the more competitive exchange rate, as well as strong prices for petroleum, Colombia's leading export product.
By 0. 3 Mya, Canis lupus ( the gray wolf ) was fully developed and had spread throughout Europe and northern Asia ; and Beringia offered a way to North America.
By 1996, other engineers had joined in, because it was clear that Cygwin would be a useful way to provide Cygnus ' embedded tools hosted on Windows systems ( the previous strategy had been to use DJGPP ).
By Stalin's death in 1953, the Central Committee had become largely a symbolic organ, which was responsible to the Politburo, and not the other way around.
By way of contrast, when introduced in 1985, the Amiga had compared favorably against 286-based systems with EGA graphics and rudimentary sound capabilities that frequently cost 2 – 3 times as much.
By 1827, construction on the Dayton-Cincinnati canal began as a way to better transport goods from Dayton to Cincinnati.
By the age of Augustus, poets like Virgil closely adhered to the rules of the meter and approached it in a highly rhetorical way, looking for effects that can be exploited in skilled recitation.
By 2003 the line had been restored from Massawa all the way through to Asmara.
By no means do all Greek epigrams behave this way ; many are simply descriptive.
By way of comparison, the routes départementales cover a total distance of 365, 000 km.
* By the convolution theorem, Fourier transforms turn the complicated convolution operation into simple multiplication, which means that they provide an efficient way to compute convolution-based operations such as polynomial multiplication and multiplying large numbers.
By the end of the 1990s, 11 fishing farms were registered in Guadeloupe and experiments are under way to catch and market fish in order to respond to growing demand.
By granting land to the abbotts and bishops he appointed, Otto actually made these bishops into " princes of the Empire " ( Reichsfürsten ); in this way, Otto was able to establish a national church.
By 1988, Hungary had developed a two-tier banking system and had enacted significant corporate legislation which paved the way for the ambitious market-oriented reforms of the post-communist years.

By and explanation
By 1918 we can find a shot of the sky being used to reflect the mood of one of the characters without specific explanation in The Gun Woman ( Frank Borzage ), but it must be emphasized that these examples are very rare, and did not either then, or within the next several years, constitute regular practice in the American cinema.
By way of a folk memorial, he is recalled in the Australian vernacular expression " do a Harold Holt " ( or " do the Harry "), rhyming slang for " do a bolt " meaning " to disappear suddenly and without explanation ", although this is usually employed in the context of disappearance from a social gathering rather than a case of presumed death.
* Mukto-mona. com, an Indian Skeptic's explanation of miracles: By Yuktibaadi, compiled by Basava Premanand
By May 1896, after other experiments involving non-phosphorescent uranium salts, he arrived at the correct explanation, namely that the penetrating radiation came from the uranium itself, without any need of excitation by an external energy source.
We have to study each ethnological specimen individually in its history and in its medium .... By regarding a single implement outside of its surroundings, outside of other inventions of the people to whom it belongs, and outside of other phenomena affecting that people and its productions, we cannot understand its meanings .... Our objection ... is, that classification is not explanation.
* By portraying the leaders of the 1930s as real people attempting to deal with real problems, he made the first strides towards attempting an explanation of the actions of the appeasers rather than merely condemning them.
By imagining an ultimate intended meaning of a piece of literature one could infer an ultimate explanation for it.
By 1908, newspapers as serious as The Times used it, although with careful explanation: " A ' flapper ', we may explain, is a young lady who has not yet been promoted to long frocks and the wearing of her hair ' up '".
" By the time of Mabo in 1992, terra nullius was the only explanation for the British settlement of Australia.
By way of explanationthe native reeds used in this form of basketry are soaked in water and the weavers create their handiwork with their hands and raw materials completely submerged in water throughout the process of manufacture ".
By excluding scientific explanation in their understanding of why and how things occur, he asserts modern religious practitioners are rudimentary.
By contrast, proponents of the five-factor approach assume a role of genetics and environment but offer no explicit causal explanation.
By contrast, in science and logic, the " relative strength of an explanation " is based upon its ability to be tested, proven to be due to the stated cause, and verified under neutral conditions in a manner that other researchers will agree has been performed competently, and can check for themselves.
By taking N to be the Avogadro constant N < sub > A </ sub >, and using the relation R = N < sub > A </ sub > k < sub > B </ sub > between the gas constant R and the Boltzmann constant k < sub > B </ sub >, this provides an explanation for the Dulong – Petit law of specific heat capacities of solids, which stated that the specific heat capacity ( per unit mass ) of a solid element is inversely proportional to its atomic weight.
By now Captain Haddock was an important part of Tintin's world and he was therefore added to the conclusion of the story ( although no explanation as to how he suddenly turns up to rescue Tintin in Müller's bunker is given ).
By 1983, she was gone completely, without explanation.
By late 1987, without explanation, one set of parents disappeared ( Cuddles '), and the toddlers were said to be twins.
By 1942, the present crest was in circulation and was adopted, the explanation behind its heraldry being rather less imposing than its appearance.
By doing this, Gogol was playing on the assumptions of readers, who may happily seek absurd stories, but at the same time still having the desire for a normal explanation.
By this reading, Koresh should have written or recorded his explanation of the seven seals.
By as late as 1985, the story had entered urban folklore, with suggestions that there had never been any explanation of the broadcast.
By the end of the season, however, Harrison's character was deemed obsolete, and with no explanation, Cindy Snow disappeared from the series.
By relying on models as the basis for explanation, the theory will never be able to identify the system that actually instantiates the mathematical results.
By way of explanation:

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