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Cleveland and became
When the merger took place, all ten AFL franchises became part of the merged league's new American Football Conference ( AFC ), with three teams from the original 16-team NFL ( the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, and Baltimore Colts ) joining them.
Established in 1927 near Panama City, on the Florida panhandle, Bob Jones College moved to Cleveland, Tennessee in 1933, and to its present campus in Greenville, South Carolina in 1947, where it became Bob Jones University.
The outrage and controversy that erupted, as well as the NFL's desire to keep a team in Cleveland, led to an agreement whereby Modell was cleared to move his team ( which became the Baltimore Ravens ) but relinquished ownership of the Browns ' name, colors, logos and history.
The National League required distinct colors for the 1882 season, so the Cleveland Forest Citys became the Cleveland Blues.
The Cleveland ball club, named the Spiders ( supposedly inspired by their " skinny and spindly " players ) slowly became a power in the league.
As a lawyer, Cleveland became known for his single-minded concentration and dedication to hard work.
Following his sensational discovery, Howard Carter retired from archaeology and became a part-time agent for collectors and museums, including the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Detroit Institute of Arts.
Sometimes fierce waves springing up unexpectedly have led to dramatic rescues ; in one instance, a Cleveland resident trying to measure the dock near his house became trapped but was rescued by a fire department diver from Avon Lake, Ohio:
In the United States, the New York parade became an annual event that year, and in 1894 was adopted by American president Grover Cleveland to compete with International Workers ' Day ( May Day ).
The Browns took the ball back and drove to the Denver 8-yard line, but the drive ended with a play that became known as The Fumble resulting more bad luck in Cleveland professional sports lore: Denver defensive back Jeremiah Castille stripped the football from Browns running back Ernest Byner and recovered the ensuing fumble as Byner was rushing in for the potential tying touchdown, securing the Broncos ' win.
The financial Panic of 1893 intensified the debates, and when Democratic President Grover Cleveland continued to support the gold standard against the will of much of his party, activists became determined to take over the Democratic Party organization and nominate a silver-supporting candidate in 1896.
Cleveland also became the first Democrat to be nominated by his party three consecutive times, a distinction that would be equaled only by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940 and then exceeded by him in 1944.
# Charles Fitzroy ( 1662 – 1730 ), created Duke of Southampton ( 1675 ), became 2nd Duke of Cleveland ( 1709 )
His responsibilities in the party grew rapidly, and in 1939 he became the CPUSA leader for the city of Cleveland.
* Cleveland Bluebirds ( became the Cleveland Indians in 1915 )
Gordon and George Gund III became minority owners of the Seals in 1974, and were instrumental in their move to Cleveland in 1976 and a 1978 merger with the Minnesota North Stars, which they purchased that year.
In 1899, after a year of unhappy, initial employment at the College for Women of Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, Ohio, he became an instructor in psychology at Teachers College at Columbia University, where he remained for the rest of his career, studying human learning, education, and mental testing.
After the passage of the Organic Act in 1890, Cleveland County was organized as County 3 and Norman became the county seat.
He became the 18th and 20th Governor of Indiana and was appointed Minster to Mexico by President Grover Cleveland.
Anthony Celebrezze became mayor of Cleveland in 1953, and was later appointed Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare in the Kennedy administration.
He became private and military secretary with the honorary rank of colonel on the governor ’ s staff the same year, and continued in his service after Cleveland became president in 1885.

Cleveland and first
I certainly hope this will be the impression left in the minds of readers, rather than the comment by Cleveland Amory in his first of the month column.
It might be rough on Edythe at first, but Linda and John between them could make a settlement handsome enough to soothe her, to send her back to Cleveland or anywhere.
* 1914 – In Cleveland, Ohio, the first electric traffic light is installed.
* 1929 – Babe Ruth becomes the first baseball player to hit 500 home runs in his career with a home run at League Park in Cleveland, Ohio.
* 1975 – Frank Robinson manages the Cleveland Indians in his first game as major league baseball's first African American manager.
President Grover Cleveland appointed Thomas M. Cooley, a railroad ally, as its first chairman and a permit system was used to deny access to new entrants and legalize price fixing.
In 1858, he published in The Plain Dealer ( Cleveland, Ohio ) the first of the " Artemus Ward " series, which, in a collected form, achieved great popularity in both America and England.
Cleveland won the league championship in its first NFL season, followed by two more in 1954 and 1955.
The squad included seven future members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Browns ' first regular-season game took place September 6, 1946 at Cleveland Municipal Stadium against the Miami Seahawks before a record crowd of 60, 135.
One of the new ownership group's first acts was to assure Cleveland fans they would give Brown the same kind of leeway.
Cleveland was coming off a series of bad drafts, including in 1954, when the team selected quarterback Bobby Garrett with the first pick.
In 1957's draft, however, Cleveland took fullback Jim Brown out of Syracuse University in the first round.
On the game's first play from scrimmage, Brown raced 65 yards for a touchdown, giving Cleveland a 7-0 lead.
During the 1869 season, Cleveland was among several cities which established professional baseball teams following the success of the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings, the first fully professional team.
With just a few games left in the season, and Cleveland and Chicago neck-and-neck for first place at 94 – 54 and 95 – 56 respectively, the Chicago owner suspended eight players.
Cleveland finished 2 games ahead of Chicago and 3 games ahead of the Yankees to win its first pennant, led by Speaker's. 388 hitting, Jim Bagby's 30 victories and solid performances from Steve O ' Neill and Stan Coveleski.
Cleveland went on to defeat the Brooklyn Robins 5 – 2 in the World Series for their first title, winning four games in a row after the Robins took a 2 – 1 Series lead.
In, Cleveland broke another color barrier with the hiring of Frank Robinson as Major League Baseball's first African American manager.
Cleveland's struggles over the 30-year span were highlighted in the 1989 film Major League, which comically depicted a hapless Cleveland ball club going from worst to first by the end of the film.
Having contended for the division in the aborted 1994 season, Cleveland sprinted to a 100 – 44 record ( 18 games were lost to player / owner negotiations ) in 1995 winning its first ever divisional title.
After defeating the Boston Red Sox in the Division Series and the Seattle Mariners in the ALCS, Cleveland clinched a World Series berth, for the first time since 1954.
This time, Cleveland did not make it past the first round, losing the Division Series to the Red Sox, despite taking a 2-0 lead in the series.
Seattle and Cleveland met in the first round of the playoffs, however the Mariners won the series 3-2.

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