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Contemporary and western
During the 1930s, he co-founded the group GATCPAC ( Grup d ' Artistes i Tècnics Catalans per al Progrés de l ' Arquitectura Contemporània, i. e. Group of Catalan Artists and Technicians for the Progress of Contemporary Architecture ), which later became, with the addition of the western and north groups, the GATEPAC ( Grupo de Artistas y Técnicos Españoles para el Progreso de l ' Arquitectura Contemporánea ), which was in turn the Spanish branch of the Congrès International d ' Architecture Moderne ( CIAM ).
Contemporary western gunslingers have also caught attention, though not branded as gunslingers.
It began in 1919 with " Contemporary Civilization ," about the origins of western civilization.
Contemporary Indo-Aryans are spread over most of the northern, western, central and eastern regions of the Indian subcontinent, Hyderabad in southern India, and in most parts of Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
Contemporary Korean painting demands an understanding of Korean ceramics and Korean pottery as the glazes used in these works and the textures of the glazes make Korean art more in the tradition of ceramic art, than of western painterly traditions, even if the subjects appear to be of western origin.

Contemporary and bisexual
Contemporary scientific research suggests that the majority of the human population is bisexual, adhering to a fluid sexual scale rather than a category, as Western society typically views sexual nature.

Contemporary and /
Contemporary a cappella includes many vocal groups and bands who add vocal percussion or beatboxing to create a pop / rock sound, in some cases very similar to bands with instruments.
Grant received her first Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Gospel Performance, as well as two GMA Dove Awards for Gospel Artist of the Year and Pop / Contemporary Album of the Year.
* 1983: Pop / Contemporary Album of the Year – Age to Age
* 1985: Pop / Contemporary Album of the Year – Straight Ahead
* 1989: Pop / Contemporary Album of the Year – Lead Me On
* 1998: Pop / Contemporary Album of the Year – Behind the Eyes
Contemporary derived words include Boiorix (" king of the Boii ", one of the chieftains of the Cimbri ) and Boiodurum (" gate / fort of the Boii ", modern Passau ) in Germany.
: a philosophical response / AQ: Journal of Contemporary Analysis.
* Daniel Breazeale and Thomas Rockmore ( eds ) Fichte: Historical Contexts / Contemporary Controversies.
* Contemporary Educational Psychology / Chapter 2: The Learning Process
* David Coulter, Multi-Instrumentalist and Producer / Music Supervisor ; ex-member of Test Dept and The Pogues, has played Musical Saw on numerous albums and live with a who's who of Contemporary Popular Music: Damon Albarn, Gorillaz, Tom Waits, Hal Willner, Richard Hawley, Jarvis Cocker, Marianne Faithfull, Tim Robbins, The Tiger Lillies.
" The First Cut is the Deepest " earned her two American Music Awards for Best Pop / Rock Artist and Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year, respectively.
Therefore the genre field and some categories have been renamed as Gospel / Contemporary Christian Music.
Contemporary proponents of identity politics, including feminism, gay rights, and / or racial equality activists, generally take constructionist viewpoints ,.
* WNWN 1560-Portage / Kalamazoo-Urban Adult Contemporary ( daytime only ; 24 hour FM translator at 95. 5 )
The album sold very well and went on to earn a Grammy award for " Best Pop / Contemporary Gospel Album ".
The Long Fall Back To Earth was nominated for the Grammy to the " Best Pop / Contemporary Gospel Album ", though they didn't win in the category.
* CMU, a / k / a Contemporary Music Unit, a musical group from the early 1970s
; Contemporary Westerns / Neo-Westerns
Contemporary classical music sometimes uses computer-generated sounds, either pre-recorded or generated / manipulated live, in conjunction or juxtaposition with classical acoustic instruments.
A History of Digital Subcultures in Europe during the 1980s, in: Zeithistorische Forschungen / Studies in Contemporary History, Online-Ausgabe, 9 ( 2012 ), H. 2
Contemporary & avant-garde music, where different sounds are sought, will often use friction mallets ( producing squeals & harmonics ), bass bows ( producing long tones and high overtones ), and various striking implements ( wood / plastic / metal ) to produce the desired tones.

Contemporary and fluid
Contemporary women's health literature summarises what is considered factual as being that the amount of fluid varies greatly and may be unnoticeable, occurs with or without vaginal stimulation, and may accompany orgasm or merely intense sexual pleasure, and orgasm may occur without ejaculation.

Contemporary and culture
Susan J. Napier argues, in her book Anime from Akira to Princess Mononoke: Experiencing Contemporary Japanese Animation, that anime increasingly " exists at a nexus point in global culture … an amorphous new media territory that crosses and intermingles national boundaries ".
Contemporary indigenous culture in the park is much changed from that of pre-colonial Central Queensland ; however strong Indigenous links to the landscapes within Carnarvon National Park are maintained through traditional owner involvement in the protection and preservation of the Park's cultural sites.
Downtown also is home of the Texas Surf Museum, which explores the history of surfing and focuses on surf culture along Texas ' coast, as well as K Space Contemporary, a non-profit art organization dedicated to promoting and presenting local, regional and national contemporary art. Texas State Aquarium.
Contemporary forms of popular culture, much like the traditional forms, provide not only entertainment but also an escape for the contemporary Japanese from the problems of an industrial world.
Contemporary genre hybrids with world music elements naturally proliferate in proportion to the globalization of music culture on the whole.
* Contemporary culture of South Korea
* McCulloch, S. ( 1999 ) Contemporary Aboriginal Art: A guide to the rebirth of an ancient culture, St Leonards ( Sydney ): Allen & Unwin,
Both Contemporary Contexts and East Meets West involve taking integrated classes during normal semester then traveling abroad during ' Mayterm ', exploring the roots of Western culture.
The company's web site states: Contemporary art in the workplace has been part of Neuberger Berman ’ s corporate culture since 1939, when renowned collector Roy Neuberger co-founded the investment firm.
* Contemporary culture of South Korea
* Contemporary culture of South Korea
* Contemporary culture of South Korea
Contemporary Uruguayan culture is diverse in its nature since the nation's population is one of multicultural origins.
* Contemporary culture of South Korea
* Contemporary culture of South Korea
* Contemporary culture of South Korea
* Contemporary culture of South Korea
* Contemporary culture of South Korea
* Contemporary culture of South Korea
* Carl Beam October 29, 2011 – April 15, 2012 Contemporary culture and colonialism juxtaposed in the work of an Ojibwe master artist.
Contemporary tunes continue to be composed based on the Peranakan culture, such as " Bunga Sayang ", a theme song from Dick Lee's musical " Kampung Amber ".
The Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts is a forum for leading-edge contemporary culture.
* Contemporary culture of South Korea
* Contemporary culture of South Korea
* Contemporary culture of South Korea

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